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Updated on December 19, 2012

Why I Hub On Hubpages

For the joy of it!
For the joy of it! | Source


When I first started hubbing on hubpages I was looking for a way to make money from home on my down time from my regular job. Since I am a working mom I did not want to get another job where I would have to leave my children with a babysitter and have a set schedule requirement. When I was in highschool, I enjoyed writing. Life got busy with about six years of working my way through college, and then working and having children so that I never had time to myself and to writing. I found hubpages but since I was new at this whole thing, it took me a while to figure out the URL, links, tags, advertising etc. When I started I didn't even know what a widget was. I still don't use them and don't know if they serve a real useful purpose. I found other blogging sites and signed up for them but haven't had the time to write on them. I am not the most intelligent person when it comes to codes and internet stuff. I found hubpages to be the SIMPLEST and EASIEST format for me and I been able to continue blogging here and there. I have not made a great deal of money as I originally intended or hoped, but I have greatly enjoyed doing the writing and following the hubbing community. I have rediscovered my enjoyment of writing and are now mostly hubbing to satisfy my need to express myself. It has also become a family thing. My oldest girl who loves to read has enjoyed many of the hubbers articles and likes to scroll through the topics and the hubbers I follow as well. She also helps me edit, post pictures and gives me advice on my hubs. My husband sometimes reads my hubs. It has become a family affair.

"old" me all natural!, no makeup.
"old" me all natural!, no makeup. | Source


Before hubpages I had never used Twitter and was not a fan of Facebook. In order to drive traffic to my hubs I started a twitter account. I wasn't exactly sure what the point of twitter was at first since the twits are usually relatively short, but as my following has started to grow I have found some twitters to follow in my areas of interest. I have found it useful to not just drive traffic to my hubs but to be helpful in inspiring my life. How? Well I like quotes. I like quotes because they are short, inspiring and to the point, and time in my life is of short supply. I also like positive and inspiring blogs that help me in my intellectual or emotional development. I follow such sites and when I am in need of some positive reinforcement to lift up my spirits or just need a good laugh or an extra push in life. I look at my twitter and very quickly I will run into a quote that fits perfectly to my situation or mood. I also enjoy reading and replying to some twits that I can relate to from other moms and find it so amazing when there is a reply back from a perfect stranger half way around the world or across the nation whom I have never met and yet we have such similar experiences. I find it amazing that they take the time to reply back. It's awsome!I also started to Facebook as a way to drive traffic to my hubs but have since decided that it is more my private place. I now use it mostly to communicate with friends and family. Finding lost relatives left in other countries and states whom I had not had any contact with, but was aware of their existance. I use it alot more as a geneology site, so that my children know of all the family we have scattered around the world whom they have never met, and in many cases I have not met either--but I know they are family! Originally I thought of facebook as a place were people had private secret lives and ended flirting and cheating on eachother, and at one point had used it to take revenge on a certain cheating spouse humiliating him on his own page. Since then I repented, and started my page as a FAMILY page--It has mine and my husband's name and last name and is followed by the word family. I found it can have a good purpose and I mostly keep it private. I don't even like to play the games in order not to allow access to my personal info or my friends list. I enjoy keeping up with my relatives on a weekly basis and whenever else I can. My tween-ager says I should remove my husband and the family name from it and just make it my site since I am the one that mostly goes on it. She also says she can't believe "OLD" people (lol!)like me use it.


Since the rage started about Pinterest I have looked into setting an account. I came to find out that you need to have an invite to join. I signed up and got an invite which was in my mailbox maybe more then three days. As I was very buay that week I did not follow the link and set up the account thinking I would just do it later. I went back later and found the email had dissappeared. I couldn't find it anywhere, I even did a search and it wasn't there. Anyhow I went back to Pinterest and requested another invite. As of yet it has been over a week and I haven't gotten one. While I was on the site, I did browse through and found it fun and useful. I don't know if they will ever invite me back, but so far I hope so. Lesson learned, I will be good and sign up right away next time.


you must have an invite!
you must have an invite! | Source


My challenge with hubpages, twittering, facebook, and hopefully soon Pinterest is the issue of using pictures of my children. One of the first comments I ever got on my first hub was not to post pictures of my children. I posted some of them when they were just babies a long time ago and figured no one would recognize them, and another was of my oldest daughter with her hand across the face so I figured it was okay. Later I posted one of all three cuties at the beach and decided to remove it. My husband also was upset by the pictures and asked that I not do it. I am a little confused... many people on twitter post pictures of their children and some hubs. Is there really a true danger? I have the most beautiful children(I know you do too) and would love to share them with the world--they inspire many of my hubs. I currently only share them on facebook. This is one of the reasons why you will see partial pictures of me or my children. The other reason you will see partial pictures of me is that I have done mystery shopping and just in case I ever write a hub about it, I wish to conceal my identity. I'm almost tempted to change my profile name to mystery lady lol.

In addition, someone told me that I should MARK my original pictures. She told me there is a way to do it. As of yet I don't know how and I also wonder about COPYWRITE. I've seen some hubbers place a small COPYWRITE comment on their hubs and wonder if all you have to do is write it out on each individual hub? I also have questions about what other forms of advertising I am allowed to do, if there is a restriction as to what companies etc. I have more reading and learning to do, but so little time.

Another unforeseen challenge is my husband, he sometimes reads my hubs and decides that he must critique them and sometimes wants to sensor what I write. I have explained to him it is under a fictitious name and nobody knows my true identity. I have to watch him real good so he doesn't go and place comments of his own personal opinions on my site. Has anyone else faced this?? Anyway, I've wanted to write more hubs about our relationship as a learn what-not -to- do from what I did, or he did type-of-hub, but have not out of respect for his insecurities. So thus far I feel sensored by him.


In conclusion hubpages has changed me. It led me to discover twitter, facebook and now Pinterest. Together they effect my daily life, inspiring me, educating me, entertaining me, and helping me grow by pushing me to learn more about ecommerce, marketing, hubbing etc. even learn how to use my cell phone and mobile apps to take full advantage of it's capabilities and make better use of my time to hub, twitter, facebook, and soon Pinterest on the go. It has been a wonderful experience and we (my family) will continue to hub!-but mostly me...

and twittering. It has also led to rediscovering my enjoyment for writing just for fun...again.!/happyinlalaland

Inspiring me on twitter
Inspiring me on twitter | Source


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    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 4 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Great Hub.. I agree with you.. I love the hub.. so nice to meet you.. I am on Facebook to.. if you want to be friends


    • crazymom3 profile image

      crazymom3 4 years ago

      Thank you so's fun making friends.

    • Frangipanni profile image

      Frangipanni 4 years ago

      Great hub, I think you spoke for many mums in this hub. It does seem hard to make money but at least it's enjoyable with heaps of great, helpful and informative people. Voted up and following.

    • crazymom3 profile image

      crazymom3 4 years ago

      Thank you frangi. It is wonderful to see so many of us in the same boat. Happy sharing!

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