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Playing With Missing Summery Improved My Pageviews

Updated on January 26, 2014

I have recently completed 2 Years on Hubpages but not active contributor on Hubpages.I was concentrating only on my blogs and websites.I thought contributing on Hubpages will help me to pay atleast my website hosting fees so again started contributing on Hubpages.

Since I was not active contributor here, I have around 1 hubs.When I checked My Hub Statistic page, I found there is capital A latter at the end of my titles of each hubs.Since I was not aware of the thing I searched it on Hubpages what does the A character want to say me.Finally I got Answer for it.

I found the answer that It was the summery what I missed to add on my hubs.When I was newbie I did not filled up summery on my hubs, I edit my each of hubs and added summery to it.

I did this changes around a week ago.And to my surprise my hubs traffic has been increased.The red colored symbol was shown at the last of my article title and traffic as well as adsense earning improved.

What Does Summery Do in terms of SEO

Summery act as a meta description for your hubs & will appeared in Search Engine Result pages.Let me take an example of one of my recently published hub.The hub was regarding to useful android apps when traveling.

When I searched Recommended Android Smartphone Apps While Traveling in Google Search I got following results on Search Engine Result Page.

The red colored part will act as summery description you added to your hub.When anyone search some keyword on Google or other search engine, summery description will act as meta tag & will fetch your page to top position on Search Engine Results page.

So the conclusion is that : Good summary with appropriate keywords with description will help your hub article easily found in Search Engine Results Page as it is used to populate the content metatag.

Where to Write Hub Summery

Well, the exact answer for your question is here.You need to edit the hubs which says A latter at the end of tittle on your hub statistic pages.Then you will find hub summery option at the side bar of your hub editor.

Hubpages recommend us to add at least 2-3 sentence line on hub summery to get good traffic from organic visitors.It is also advised to add some popular keywords to your hub in order to get more traffic from search engine as well as hubpages.

I have played a lot with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tricks since last two years so have a good experience about it.If you have any query regarding SEO for your hub, you can leave your comment below on the comment section.I will try my best to help you.

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    • eaglecreek profile image

      Jason 5 years ago from Vilonia , Arkansas

      great article BK, i am glad i found it and read this info.

    • thilanwij profile image

      thilanwij 6 years ago from California

      I just found that out on accident yesterday the same way you did, too!

    • saitam profile image

      saitam 6 years ago from Lisbon

      Nice to see a practical example of the benefits of having a summary