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Policing Your Hubs

Updated on March 11, 2015

Read Me!!!

The purpose of writing on line
is to get readers.

The more readers the better.

The more readers who engage by
leaving comments, the more popular
the Hub.

So we want people to read our
articles and leave comments.

The question is; the kind of comments and our reactions to them.


One should, daily if possible, check on one's Hubs and respond to every comment. This keeps the Hub alive and prevents the impression that it was written and abandoned.

Some comments are kudos and one should graciously accept the compliment with a thank you.

Some replies might indicate that your information is lacking, or there are flaws in your presentation. Read these very carefully and respond maturely and engage the writer.

Very often there might be errors in 'translation'. We may all think we speak and read English, but there are many differences in usage.

For example, I write British English. I have received comments....
"What is with you and all those 'U's? Colour? Labour?"

A friend of mine had written a fiction piece in which the protagonist said; "I threw another fag on the fire..." and was attacked for hate speech. (Fag, in Brit English is either a piece of wood or a cigarette)

These misunderstandings can be cleared up easily and should be.

Then comes the attacks; some honest, some not.

For example, America is having an election. There are those so incensed by the existence of Barack Obama they can't see straight. If one were to write a Pro-Obama item, be prepared for the entire Tea Party to arrive.

When comments are a matter of opinion one should allow them as a nod to
Freedom of Speech.

Opening a debate is a great way to bring traffic to your Hubs and people will
flock to participate.

This is different from the incursion of the Troll.

Trolls and Other Sub-Humans

There are many sick people with Internet Access.

They may suffer from severe inferiority complexes which encourages them to grasp the deindividualisation of the Internet with both claws.

Although when we think of Trolls our mental picture is of school boys, there is an
increasing incursion of miserable old men and abandoned women.

That vicious insulting troll may very well be an impotent old man or abandoned

He may be so full of violence he can be quite terrifying. She may be fixated on
a point in an article to the extent she sees nothing else

Nothing gives geriatric Trolls greater pleasure than to terriorise others.
They live on publishing sites where they feel empowered to attack other writers,
leaving comment after offensive comment.

The Abandoned Woman wants the attention of a response.

The Psuedo

There is also the psuedo intellectual.

This is one of the most Prized Comment Trolls on the 'Net. This is because s/he/it must always have the Last Word.

Graduating from Backside College in Boondocks, USA the Psuedo has taken three terms of psychology and is sure s/he knows Everything.

Having serious ego issues with him/herself, certain responses to comments can set the psuedo off. And that means a dozen comments. Because....s/he/it must always have the last word.

For example, suppose you wrote a fiction piece.
You pretended to be a casting director.

The psuedo is so caught in your prose s/he actually believes you are writing
a factual piece. S/he attacks, 'you were too hard on the actor' or should 'have
given the part to...'

You realise the error and try to explain to the psuedo that this is a work of fiction.
You are NOT a casting director, you did not chase Actor A off your set.

S/he, instead of accepting his/her gaffe goes on and on, attacking you for your attitude.

You may try again, you may try fifty times, but the psuedo is using your article as his/her soap box to 'prove' how brilliant s/he is.

Remember, the more comments, the more $$.
Feed this fool.
If you get one, do all you can to keep him/her/it posting.

Yeah, it may become a three times a day 'call and response' but hey!
You are being paid...
S/he/it is working out the psycho-drama.
It balances..,,sort of


This should be your last resort, not your first.

Read the comment and see if it doesn't just Prove your point.

For example, if you had written a Pro-Obama item and some one responds with racist remarks, you want to leave that there until the Mods demand you remove it. It adds to your article, it doesn't detract.

If you had written an item about another Writing site, and mentioned that there are Shills who race around attacking everyone who posts a warning about that site, and lo and behold, up posts a Shill attacking you, well, that confirms your item, and you want to leave it there.

Hence although your instant impression is to delete, withstand.


Often a Troll makes a vicious attack. Do not dive down to his level. Respond civilly as if he had written something intelligent. This will add to your status, detract from his.

A wise choice is often not to directly respond to the Troll post but add to your position.
Hence when the Troll posts his rubbish you don't walk in his cess pool.
You pass by and post further points which enhance your position.

It depends on how stupid he is how many times he will post. Most Trolls are very stupid.
They don't see that you are playing with them.
They don't get that when they post:

"You are a &^& and you don't know &%%*( aobut anything!"

And you respond:

"Of course the Question about the reaction to Katrina was live..."

The reader is left with no doubt who is the double digit IQ.

Further you get $ for each view and comment. You want a lot of comments.
The more comments the more popular your Hub is.


This form of Ignoring ties in with the previous heading of Response.

This is not simply walking by with your nose in the air, leaving the comment unanswered
this is ignoring the Troll post and writing what you desire.

When one writes an article after a few days or weeks, there is the appreciation that something might have been left out or a point was not as strongly made as believed, and one would like another bite of the cherry.

When one gets a rabid Troll the opportunity is granted to use the 'reply' section to enlarge on your post. Don't waste time reading what a known Troll writes. He is saying nothing.

Ignore the post entirely. You ought have crafted your statement off line so as to clarify the information you wish to impart. As soon as you see the Comment by the Troll, upload that statement.

Now it does depend on how mentally impaired the Troll is how many times he will post when it is clear that he is being ignored. Often Schoolers realise it by the third time. The older man, usually because of Alzheimer's, can not grasp he is making a fool of himself.

One then tries to delete his comments in pity, but often this has the reverse effect.

This article was posted on another site.
It is a real time example of how to deal
with a Comment Troll.

Note how the moronic brayings are allowed to stand.
These offense personal attacks do not in any way effect the credibility of the
writer or the validity of the article.
They prove the commentor is a Troll.

Notice how many of the attacks are not answered, but further elaboration
of the topic is given by the writer

It is clear that many of the comments made by the Troll were deleted;

NOTE: Trolls continue to post even when their comments are deleted once
they are led into a certain frenzy.

Always remember how many clicks one needs to made 1c and see how much
coin one can make from a Comment Troll.


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