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Power Shopping what is it really?

Updated on December 6, 2017
This is Yorkdale mall check it out if you are ever in Toronto
This is Yorkdale mall check it out if you are ever in Toronto

What is Power Shopping?

Shopping can be limitless in the number of things that you purchase can't it? Take Power shopping, for example, it can be limitless because of the speed that you use to shop. When you go shopping how do you go about it? If you have ever heard the expression "Power Shopping" what is the first thing that comes to mind? shopping can be limitless But have you ever thought of power shopping to be limitless? What is power shopping? Power shopping is going a million miles a minute through a store or shopping mall getting your shopping done. Isn’t it well that is my definition here is the real definition, power shopping- getting all your shopping done in a short period of time. When some people think of power shopping they think of running through the mall or whatever store they are in, going from either one aisle to the next quickly or from one store to the next quickly.

When you talk to someone about power shopping or that you have power shopped how do you describe it? This is how I would tell someone, “I just power shopped at the mall because I only had an hour.” Then they know that you went quickly without actually saying “I went quickly to the mall because I only had an hour.” When you shop are you one of the people who always power shop running through wherever to get what you need, or do you describe it as a sport? I know that some people describe it as a sport because that is how they burn calories and what better way to do it then to power shop.

Every shopper has their own way of shopping, to some people, it is an adventure and to others, it isn’t. But that depends on who you talk to. Is power shopping a science, isn’t it? I am in Toronto this weekend, it’s a girl shopping weekend. I have gone to Ikea for the second time, in my life on this girls trip Yorkdale, mall for the first time, it was fun. I saw designs for home offices if I want to put an office in my house. Then at Yorkdale mall which I have never been too, I saw that it was a huge and awesome experience. Although there was a lot of escalators which I hated I got through it. I didn’t buy anything until we went to Costco but I am waiting for Orfus street.

That is going to be another power shopping day. Orfus street is power shopping in its self. The reason I stay that is because it is a strip mall, and all the stores are always filled with limitless amounts of people. They are discount stores so they would wouldn’t you think? Orfus street has stores like roots, Nygard the cheese factory, Bluenotes, there are much more stores but it is so much better to see them in person. I have been to Orfus street twice, now. If we are going to compare selections with times I have been there I liked the first time, better than this time selection wise. It is nearing the end of the summer which means it is all picked over.

It was a power shopping, trip for some of us because of how many people were shopping on Orfus street. I don't really like crowds and there were many of them on Orfus street so for me our Toronto weekend was a power shopping weekend. I breezed through the stores to find what I wanted. If you get to Orfus and the mall early you beat the crowds. That happens at any mall, doesn’t it? But power shopping is fun.

Power Shopping What is it really?

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The Orfus road sign
The Orfus road sign

The Speed of shopping

Power shopping is limitless or at least it feels that way because when you power shop you are moving quickly through the stores. It feels like you aren't even stopping to look at things but you actually are, you just know how to look quickly and get what you want and get out. It is like running a marathon through the stores without stopping. Or at least that is what it feels like when you are finished shopping your legs and entire body burns because of how fast you were going. Or at least that is how it felt when I did it the first time, I have done power shopping a few times and each time is different, especially on orfus road you really have to look for what you want, because all the stores are discounted but it is good to go into them with an idea and then just look for that specific item.

Power shopping is different for each person though because of we all shop differently, some of us power shop limitlessly, which means every time we go shopping we power shop. I am the type of person who power shops limitlessly when I shop, even when I shop online it is limitlessly fast. Sometimes when you are shopping at a specific establishment you can't tell who is there to leisurely shop or power shop, because there is always a bit of both everywhere that people shop. Power shopping is just

Power shopping is just another word for deal hunting in my opinion because most people who hunt for deals do it fast. Which is the same way one would power shop? Most people when they go shopping now they either do it online or if they do go to a store they go in get what they need and get out. They don't look at everything that the store has because who has time for that anymore?

Power shopping is the type of shopping that a busy person would do when they don't have limitless amounts of time to be in a store or at the mall. Or at least that is what I like to think power shopping is, and that is also what I use it for. Power shopping is all about the speed in which you can get your shopping done. Some people really enjoy power shopping because that is all that they have time for and others don't enjoy it at all they like going slowly through the stores and looking at everything. I am not one of those people, Power shopping is fast shopping which I like better.

What Is Power Shopping

Power Shopping is shopping with a purpose and not just looking at things and not getting anything. Or at least that is what I think that it is. You go shopping with something in mind find what you want and get out of there without looking at a number of things that you don't need. That is what power shopping is.

What do you think Power Shopping is? Let's Discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      Thank you , I always power shop because I like getting in and out except when I'm some place new like Yorkdale mall

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      I feel the same about power shopping as I do power walking: I don't like it:-) I prefer to take my time and enjoy myself.

      Interesting read.