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Hubpages Review After a Thousand Views

Updated on May 8, 2014

Me At Lookout Point Oregon

 walking towards progress
walking towards progress | Source

Thousand Views is a Start

It could be you are a beginner and haven't reached a thousand views yet, and it could be that you are an experienced hubber that gets a thousand views per day. Either way, you have found yourself here to share in my small victory.

I want to thank Hubpages for being here and being understanding more than I even gave them credit for. This writing platform has been made great by individuals who write quality content because they take their writing seriously. There are many different places to write on the Internet, but Hubpages is one of the best.

I hit the thousand views mark today (4-25-14), after publishing my 11th hub. None of them are blockbusters, but some are consistently bringing in views and this adds up. A thousand views is a good start.

Have you reached a thousand views yet?

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Hubpages is a Great Opportunity

No matter what people say, Hubpages is a great opportunity to make money through writing. I don't know what the top earners are making, but I can guess they do it with a crafty system that includes affiliate marketing and plain experienced writing technique. After time, writing and writing, this stuff becomes more and more second nature.

The learning process is painful though and discouraging. Although I signed up 5 months ago, I didn't start writing seriously until a month ago. And because I have two blogs and a lawn care business to run, I haven't been able to knock out any big number of hubs. They are getting easier to make and practice is perfecting the craft to some degree.

I have just started to embrace the affiliate marketing with Amazon more and have been using it in my blogs and Hubpages more. This is very exciting as I expect this will elevate my earnings and possibilities to a new level. If a person can be a prolific writer, have unique ideas to market and topics to write about, then they can create for themselves an opportunity using Hubpages as a big tool in the process.

Hub pages is ranked 394 in the US and 589 globally in the Alexa rankings. Not a bad place to be and get some authority with back-links and even have the chance to catch fire and have a few popular hubs. This doesn't mean I will stray from what I'm comfortable with writing about, but still there may be a time when something I write becomes popular. Although the money we make from the Adprogram is a good rate and part of the incentive, the affiliate with Amazon and Ebay is really where the majority of the money can be made.

Harold Dog on Oregon Beach

running towards the goal
running towards the goal | Source

Every Writer Needs to Read Thoreau

Numbers and Letting Go

As writers, we like to sit and think a lot. This can turn into number crunching and planning to a degree that really boggles our minds. Writers used to be people who chose the wrong career, and were bound to be destitute long before they received a pittance of reward. Even I, at the young age of 35 was one of these sorts, not thinking writing was going to make me any money at all.

Things have changed somewhat, and I can now write online and have this possibility to make some money. It's a grand idea for me, and has given me hope that there is a way for me as a writer to make enough money to write full-time. I'm not saying only at Hubpages, but at many different places and avenues, the possibilities are there now.

So looking at the numbers here after my first thousand views, it looks like the Adprogram rate is about $4 per thousand. That isn't the exact to the penny amount, but very close. So, that gives me something to crunch, and you too. Although this number can change and isn't the same for everyone as far as I know.

It makes me think if I were to gather a thousand views a day, then I would make about $120/month from the Adprogram, and then whatever I could make from the affiliate links. Then all the money it helped me make through my other sites, like my blogs. After a little dreaming I could see this site alone making me what amounts to about $400/month in a matter of 6 months from now. Think I can do it?

Well, I do, but it won't happen if my head explodes cause I'm crunching numbers too much. It will happen if I get to work and put my ideas to practice. I learn more along the way and start hacking away at the large money tree which is the on-line success. Then I can make my lawn care business a part time job and writing can move up to full-time. What I'm saying is I have to let go of the numbers sometimes and hold on to the dream.


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    • AussieAdventure profile image

      Cassandra 2 years ago from Geelong VIC Australia

      You have some good ideas and I like your writing style. I hope that soon, one day, I will be able to make a bit of money from writing and sharing my stories. Cheers from Cassie

    • Lowdown0 profile image

      Robbie Newport 3 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Good advice I'm sure. Thanks for the kind words, it's really a blessing to be here on web pages and be able to express ourselves. I enjoy seeing the impact through numbers, but connecting with people like you is the real benefit.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 3 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      It was an interesting read and I enjoyed it well. Keep on writing. Just forget about views earnings and concentrate only on writing. You will eventually succeed and gain it all. Well written hub. Best of luck.