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Quantity over quality? What is the best strategy for the hubber?

Updated on June 25, 2011

We would all love to believe that there is no choice between writing for quantity vs. writing with quality. We would love to believe we can churn out hub after hub and have them all be a singular work of art. However, I would love to believe I could stop the rain by wishing it away but I live in the real world so I guess I will be taking an umbrella to work today. In any event once you realize that there is a difference and you sit down to set your Hubpages goal, what is it you as a writer should focus on more. Should you focus on writing daily or should you focus instead on mechanics and editing. I don't count myself as an expert on hubbing, in fact I feel I am just learning the ropes but I think that this question can be answered by looking at a few factors.


There are advantages to setting a quantity goal. If you are a beginning a hubber or one that has allowed themselves to get out of the habit of daily writing, this may be a good goal for you. Setting a goal for yourself and commiting to it either personally or publicly such as enlisting in the "30 hubs in 30 days" program may be just what you need to establish the habit of daily writing. Many professional writers have also been quoted that their advice to any writer is to simply write, that setting a time daily to write making it a habit was the singular most important aspect of their succes. Making the practice of writing on a daily basis will help you to work writing into your daily life. It also will help focus your energy on the creative process of writing. When you have incorporated daily writing into your life a part of your mind is always working on it either consciously or unconsciously. I have found that once passing a certain point in quantity writing writer's block is no longer an issue for me. In fact, I have more writing ideas than I have time to do because my mine is always working on new ideas. Writing for quantity will also help a writer to learn to quickly and efficiently get their thoughts on paper. As with anything practice makes perfect and the sheer act of being able to outline and organize your thoughts will improve your overall writing.


So for the beginner writer it is appropriate to focus on quantity to establish writing as a daily habit and lean to quickly organize your thoughts. However, there is also an appropriate time to focus on quality over quantity. As a writer, you know that focus on quantity allows only so much time for proofing, editing and rewriting. Editing your own work is an important skill to cultivate though. So, once a writer has a firmly established habit of writing it is time to practice these skills as well. It is said that Benjamin Franklin spent not only a segment of his day writing but actively and daily would go back and rewrite papers written years earlier simply to improve his writing skills. Now we all may not be as disciplined as Mr. Franklin nor may we have the time available to be this meticulous. However , this tool or balanced focus is available to us in a different manner.

The best of both worlds.

In order to reap the benifits of both approaches a writer must simply be aware of the dual goals and incorporate them into their life. A writer could follow the example of Mr. Franklin by devoting daily time to writing while devoting a portion of the time to rewrites or you can simply shift your focus from time to time. For instance, as a writer you could devote your self to the 30 hubs in 30 days challenge one month. Then take a break and focus on the quality of your writing the next month, taking the time to focus on sentence structure, grammar or punctuation. You may also want to balance your writing by choosing projects that are longer or more research oriented in order to practice this aspect. I am not saying that this will make you more money as a hubber, in fact it may have the opposite effect at first, but it will make you a better writer and this in turn will draw more readers. There are many facets to writing and the writing process, the way to become a better writer is to allow yourself focused attention to improve each aspects, in order to improve the entire product.

As stated earlier I by no means consider myself an expert in the world of hubpages or writing in general. Over the years my own writing skills has changed dramatically. In college I became very good at long essays of contrast, on the job I became better at stating things clearly and concisely as a blogger I became better at telling stories or giving them a humorous twist. Now as I have gotten a little older I realize the complexities of writing either for pleasure or for profit. In order to improve the whole it is wise to systematically focus on the parts.This balanced approach allows not only for improvement over time of base skills but to sustain skills already acquired.

Thank you for taking the time to give me a read and I hope you enjoyed it, by the way I am cycling through a 30 hubs in 30 day challenge myself so I do practice what I preach. If curious about this challenge check out the forums sections under challenges for more information

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    • wendi_w profile image

      wendi_w 6 years ago from Midwest

      Thank you so much, I have only recently returned to Hubpages and am trying to get serious about it.I am hoping for it to be an outlet for me while in school to off set all the academic writing. for awhile I found myself hating writing and it became harder and harder I am hoping my work here helps me to rediscover the passion and joy I used to have.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Well, I make a habit of reading each hub I write three times before I publish it to be sure I catch any errors of any kind. So far, of my 34 hubs published, I have received one email from one person who found one error. So far so good! You've got some good advice here about being sure to cover both Q's, you get a vote-up for that.