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RCRumple wrote a powerfully compelling article about the Connecticut Shooting

Updated on May 6, 2013

RCrumple's article that pack's a powerful message

Humanity One World:  Grieving Must Bring Change - Follow Hubpages link (below)
Humanity One World: Grieving Must Bring Change - Follow Hubpages link (below) | Source

Christmas is upon us folks, Seasons Greetings!

We need Jesus Christ to return, as he once did which prompted us to begin celebrating the day of his birth 1000's of years ago, humanity needs to change today
We need Jesus Christ to return, as he once did which prompted us to begin celebrating the day of his birth 1000's of years ago, humanity needs to change today | Source

Hub response to RCrumple

Rcrumple, you know how I feel bro when it comes to children being raised properly and all. I wrote a single H.O.W. hub just four days ago titled "H.O.W. to achieve real sensible change in our lives as parents and role models.", and its all about us setting the right example for our children, our family members/relatives and mostly about parents thinking long and hard about their own bad habits they do indeed pass on, to their kids as you wrote as well.

I also wrote a massive article titled "Bad examples in life kids pick up from Parents - A Powerful guide and way out", and this one is about alerting parents to ways of detecting then by reversing the process, and overall damages that's been done due to their own poor parenting skills.

I published that one around the time I first joined here on hubpages, close to a year and a half ago. This hub is identical to your hub in many ways, but the only difference is that I dig more into parental behaviors a slight bit more. So I 100% agree with your arguments you made on your article, and I feel that they are all valid ones indeed.

A rough reality today, please parents take care of your kids

All of our hearts here on hubpages goes out to the fallen victims in Newtown Connecticut

What was the articles intent?

My intentions with it all was to try and help parents worldwide as you've done as well RC, to understand things they might not notice, that may indeed be causing critical errors in their children's behavioral patterns, or psychological profiles. I came to those particular conclusions in its writings, mostly since I had a rough childhood myself due to parental neglect, selfishness and nonchalance on the part of my mother and step father at times being overly absorbed in their relationship issues and all.

It was written very intensely as yours was as well RC, and when it came to poor parenting, and all the bad habits that they tend to not notice they actually have transmitted non-verbally, verbally, or communicated to their children, while raising their kids or whatever they consider that they're in fact doing with their children today. (Not all parents fall short with parenting obviously, but a great deal do today and without realizing it much of the time)

It's a crying shame what this world has amounted to today, and I am completely ashamed to call myself human, or to even associate myself with that of this human race of people. Mainly because of all the facts that you've detailed there in your powerful message of a hub, and actually I don't look at your writings there as a rant like you think some folks might see it as.

I read it correctly bro, to me your article is nothing but the uncut truth that all peoples need to understand, and that is the very fact of this artificial commercial ways we live in are empty of true wholesome values, so I know your true inner voice has spoken, which also in my honest opinion is originating from your spirit within raging outwards for real change. (I hate the synthetic plastic coded ways of this world as well, and I know where all your thoughts were coming from indeed RCrumple.)


A single wish!

I wish the world could and would change for the better, I have given up on humanity before, and I feel that I am uniquely connected to everything so if I was to give up again, there possibly would be no chance for us all to ever change for the better (Which isn't the best way to think of it all, but it keep me focused on trying to help). So this is why I choose not to quit at making efforts to continue opening up hearts and minds myself. (I been crying since a child about this world going astray, about the children being lead astray, and about us not wising up to things as role models and instead following senseless stuff so aimlessly into the wrong patterns of life as human beings.)

Powerful hub bro, well illustrated, great pondering questions and thought provoking statements you offered up here, and I know if every parent was to read the very article you have indeed written there, we might just have a world of a change for things to get better then it is perceived of today (We all need to act now! on changing ourselves and how we raise kids, how we communicate to them, to each other, and all of our family members).

I know that death is a fact of life, but the way we go shouldn't be by force of hand in such a inhumane way in the 21st century when civilization should of evolved past such savage behaviors already. (Your hubs addresses that fact as well, when it comes to all the countless, and senseless murders as well as killings taken place, that your talks about)

Maybe the answer does indeed lie in the fact that our children are all over sensing things a great deal, and potentially things such as Television and video games which you stated here as well in your article, may have been part the reason. Brain washing and mind control is a huge problem I do believe, and many of my other hubs addresses and focuses on such a strong emphasis as well. I think overall you have clearly driven home a solid message, that people should at least think about if anything, because we all are running out of time.

You, me, Billybuc and many other hubbers know this owe so well, as we all have merged and banned together on differing occasions to fight for justice and equality using our writers voice. Let's just hope and pray that the world is in fact listening to all of our collective voices, and that of many others globally that are tired of this sort of madness that happened there in Connecticut, and simply want it to stop. "God bless all the families who have suffered during this trying time, and please do know that our hearts are with you all."


Hubpages Author Mike Pugh aka Cloud Explorer


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks for that insightful comment@prairieprincess, yes indeed we all need to reach out a great deal to all of our family members, to see how they all are doing, to send hugs and not just Facebook ones neither.

      People are so disconnected and distant from family today (Even within our households and mainly due to technology addictions of all sorts), and it is much of the problems we all do indeed have, and no matter how money we all have, nor where we all reside.

      The children have always been the key to the worlds future, and they need to be focused upon for sure, by each and every parent as well as role model of today's world.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 

      5 years ago from Canada

      Mike, thank you for bringing my attention to this powerful hub by RC. I agree so strongly on his points, and with you, here, too. Family is such a strong powerful influence on us, and we to really reach out and love those close to us. Thanks again, Mike.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks for the comment @SilverGenes, oh yes indeed we all need to adhere to a different calling and its just like one that call us all back to our true inner and outer nature.

      Stopping the abusiveness of utilizing all or any of these technologies we have today is definitively the only sure fire way, that our children have a fighting chance to help change this world.

      They all need to learn to care as you stated when it comes to using religions as a mode of operandi, and it will also help them to become much more balanced as well. Let's hope the world's listening to such a calling!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Mike, you've done an outstanding job with this hub in support of Rich's article. Parenting is critical. There is no shame in turning off the TV and saying no to video games. It's a very difficult job to raise children in a world where other parents are not doing the same but it's our only hope. Media is there to make money and they feed a demand. There is no conscience involved. It is up to us to turn it off - that's the only way it will stop.

      Raising our children in church (any church!) is an excellent way to give them a solid foundation. Yes, they may toss it away as teens but the foundation of morality is there and at least we gave them something to toss. They can find their way back if and when they are ready. There is nothing worse than feeling like a piece of driftwood at sea and trying to find a shore when you have no rudder. Imagine if the shore is hostile and crumbling! That's what we are leaving for them if we do nothing.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @rcrumple, Thanks for making it here to your hub Hehe, yeah man I loved how you laid the truth out there so clear as day, and for all of the world to bear witness to, and you didn't hold any punches neither.

      I love it when people speak all the truth, and nothing but the real truth.

      The reason why I knew you had been speaking the truth RC, is because I always been thinking about these things ever since I was a child, and took a strong look at the true appearance of fakeness within all of what they consider to be reality, and consider to be society as a whole.

      You my friend have it right, you understand the truest issues that reside in this dieing decrepit system we all been somewhat forced to depend on for our survival, it has been flawed for years.

      Look at all the violent and destructive movies that are on approach bro! it doesn't look good where society is going to be headed after our children get to watching them on their Ipods, Game cubes, or what have you. Let's forget about the killer video games, the war movies and insanity shown to them on cartoons, that they listen to via music and all.

      We reap what we sew, and I even wrote an entire hub about that fact as well. Yikes all the answers are here on this hubpages network, and have been written by many of us all pretty much, because as writers of this new age, we are also activist and we will not quit at believing that humanity can and shall change!

      More power to you RC, I hope the message gets out, and billions of people can begin to wake up! until then we shall commence onwards with worded battles of a more positive and constructive message!!!!

    • rcrumple profile image


      5 years ago from Kentucky

      Mike - Thank you, sir! I apologize for the lateness in visiting, but my eyes still haven't healed from their recent medical trauma and I had to rest them. I've tried to catch up since my absence, but I'm about 300 emails behind right now.

      I know you speak from the heart, as do I. We've become such a blame shifting society that being responsible to our children only seems to include food, a roof over their heads, and a new X-Box (to keep them out of our hair.) We've got to get back to the basics of right and wrong, morality, and religion teaching. Sad thing is, many have never had that type of raising themselves, so they're completely sure it's not necessary. Today's political correctness has given them the "I'm right and everyone else is wrong" attitude, so change will be tough in getting started. Yet, if we don't become the responsible adults we should, the children will continue to have blurred vision as to the division line between right and wrong, and more tragedies will continue to occur. Mankind has got to recognize it's responsibilities to the youth of the world! It's a must!

      I sincerely appreciate you writing this and am humbled by it. Many thanks, my friend! Let's make tomorrow a better day for the kids!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Rich's article was the best argument I have heard since the massacre, and it certainly made the most sense. Thank you, Mike, for highlighting his points.


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