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RSS Submission :: RSS Feed URL Submit Process

Updated on February 20, 2015

RSS Feed URL Submission to RSS Feed Directories

OK, you have completed your preparation for the task of submitting your RSS feed URL's to RSS feed aggregators. You have created your RSS feeds using categories or tags. You have set up your spreadsheet ready to go and you have created titles, descriptions and tags for each of the RSS feeds you are going to submit to RSS feed aggregators. You have also considered and decided the registration information that you are going to use. You are now ready to start the process.

Here you will find a suggested sequence of events that will allow you to complete the process as efficiently as I can make it. This method will walk you through the submission process for manual submission of your RSS feeds. In this article , the first of three, you will find the submission sites that have the simplest submission process. Two other articles will progress the process to include those submission sites that require more information to be entered. A separate article will examine and progress you through automatic RSS feed submission services. The reason I am producing these articles in this order is because even the automatic services will require certain information and the probability that you will need to register with some of the RSS feed aggregator sites.

And so to begin.

Alexa Rankings

  • BlogPulse = 7
  • Blogdigger = 6
  • Icerocket = 6
  • Feedzie = 5
  • Feedplex = 4
  • Feedsee = 4
  • Readablog = 4
  • Sourceforge = 4
  • Feedgy = 3
  • Automotive Links = 3
  • RSSmotron = 2

RSS Feed URL Submission :: The Simplest Submission Process

Some RSS feed aggregators only require you to enter your RSS feed URL's. This is the easiest and quickest RSS feed submission process and is available for the RSS feed aggregator directories below. All that you will need to do is press the link against each of the RSS feed aggregator site headings, as below. A new window will open so that you can enter all of your RSS feed URL's to each of the websites. Once completed, close the window and you will return to this page, thus allowing you to enter the next RSS feed submission website.

  • BlogPulse - - you are able to enter up to nine of your RSS feed URL's after entering your e-mail address. I found that entering more than five gave me an error as it took too much time to process. However, some were processed even though the error message was given.
  • BlogDigger - - submit your RSS feed URL or ATOM feed. You are also offered the opportunity to "Steal this image!" by adding a BlogDigger badge to your blog to let others know that your blog is listed.
  • Codango - - submit your Resource RSS feed to their Content Support Team for free monthly monitoring. They will not automatically add everything that you put in your RSS feed. Each month they review the new resources you have added to your RSS feed. If they meet their standards for listing they will add them. The two most important standards they look for are that the resources are quality resources and that they are 100% relavent to the topic of the site.
  • DevASP - - enter your RSS feed URL one at a time. They will automatically check your RSS file every week and add new resources from your RSS file to their directory.
  • Feedgy - - add and submit your RSS feed or blog URL's to this RSS feed directory. After submitting, RSS feeds are updated daily and available for searching. This is a sister site of Golden RSS and ReadABlog.
  • FeedPlex - - enter your e-mail and then your RSS feed URL's and then repeat the process. Do not take any notice that it says enter URL this is where you enter your RSS feed URL address. They do not add all suggested URLs and do not make any guarantees about when or if they will appear.
  • FeedSee - - enter your RSS feed URL's or your ATOM news feeds one at a time and then enter all of the numbers shown to ensure you are a human being.
  • Feedzie - defunct - - you can enter your RSS feed URL's one at a time. You are required to enter your e-mail address also. They will only add your RSS feed URL once they have checked that it is not junk, ad-only and it is not a copy.
  • Golden RSS - - enter the RSS feed URL or blog URL. This is a sister site of Feedgy and ReadABlog.
  • IceRocket - - enter your RSS, blog or XML feed URL's (RSS, RDF and ATOM formats). If your feed URL points to a web page then they will discover your page for XML feeds.
  • ReadABlog - - enter your RSS feed URL's. There is a limit of three entries per day. This is a sister site of Feedgy and Golden RSS.
  • RSSMotron - - submit your RSS feed URL's.
  • SourceForge - - NGoid uses the SourceForge platform to offer their RSS feed directory. Enter your RSS feed URL's and set the polling interval time.
  • XMeta - - just enter each of your RSS feed URL's and then the security validation text and that's it!
  • AutomotiveLinks - - they offer a listing of automotive websites offering RSS feeds. Enter your automotive RSS feed or ATOM feed.

Alexa Rankings

  • Feedburner = 8
  • Yahoo! = 6
  • Feedmailer = 5
  • Feednuts = 5
  • Syndic8 = 5
  • Feedest = 4

RSS Feed URL Submission :: Aggregator's Requiring Registration

The RSS feed aggregator's below require you to create an account (register) before they allow you to submit your RSS feed URL's. Once registered the RSS feed submission process is as simple as for those submission sites above. For esch of the submission sites all you have to do is press the "to register" link and you will be taken to the registration page for that website. The "to register" link has a pop-up that will tell you the registration details that you will need before accessing the submission site.

  • FeedEst - to register - enter RSS feed URL's: - enter up to 10 feed URL's at a time. Your URL's will be automatically checked and validated. Any that are not already in the database will be crawled, added and indexed immediately. If you are logged into Feedest the feeds will be linked to your profile page. Tip: for greater exposure for your RSS feeds, tag the feed with relevant keywords and enter a comment
  • FeedMailer - to register - enter RSS feed URL's - - just add each RSS feed URL one at a time and let FeedMailer know how often you require updates on how your RSS feed is performing.
  • FeedNuts - to register go to new account - to enter your RSS feed URL's - - this RSS feed aggregator site generates a password for you so you will need to record this somewhere (it is available in the e-mail that is sent to you). I have not yet found a way of changing the password to my preferred password.
  • FeedBurner (Google) - - you will need to have a Google account which you should set up if you have not got one already as there are so many helpful applications available with a Google account. To access Feedburner all you need then to do is sign in with your Google Account details. Once logged in you can burn a feed straight-away. In addition you can create an OPML file (join a number of RSS feeds together to make a single OPML feed). You can also export statistic about your feeds in a CSV file.
  • Syndic8 - to register. To enter your RSS feed URL's, once registered:
  • Yahoo! Publisher Network - - you will need to have a Yahoo! account which you should set up if you have not got one already. Once you have an account you can enter your RSS feed URL's.

--- Remarks, Observations and/or Criticisms are Welcomed ---

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    • Allison Hope profile image

      Allison 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks for a useful hub, I'm still not sure I understand what RSS is but I'm willing to learn and read more. Allison :)

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      Thanks for a nice list of places to add RSS feeds, humagaia. Very helpful.

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      Thanks Very much for the valuable list of rss feeds

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      this is helpful thanks

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      Great info, thanks for sharing

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      برامج 6 years ago

      thank you very much

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      Webmerchant 7 years ago

      Great Information on RSS Feeds, RSS feeds have became more popular over the last couple of years. Something we all should take advantage of It's A Great Ttool...

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      Thanks for the list of links and the info. I love the RSS feature of hubpages. All I have to say is awesomeness!

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      openemr advocate 7 years ago

      Those are some great links. I've been thinking of installing on on my blog. I have to stay of top of things. This is going to save a bunch of time.

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      Jignesh 7 years ago

      Superb Post.

      This Information was really helpful.

      Thanks a ton.

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      Deepak 7 years ago

      Thank you for the above article. It helped a lot.

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      Eurostar Destinations 7 years ago

      Thanks for the such a valuable information...

    • humagaia profile image

      Charles Fox 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks Katerra I will check Feedzie and remove if it has disappeared. Unfortunately that is the way of the world for feed aggregators. Here one minute, gone the next. I hope you did not waste time trying to access the site. RSS feeds are made much easier to load if you have the information and the website links to hand.I created them so I could do the process easily.

    • Katerra profile image

      Katerra 7 years ago from East Coast US

      Thanks for an excellent resource. I voted this up and bookmarked it. My head is spinning form all the information you have on RSS resources. I did get a 404 on feedzie. Could be the site was having a bad day or has gone to the Web afterlife.

    • profile image

      praveenben 7 years ago

      There are two other articles in the RSS Feed Series that give full details of how to submit RSS feeds: these list the websites that require a greater amount of information to be entered and are more complex to use.

    • beebong profile image

      beebong 7 years ago from UK

      Excellent! this is very useful information thanks for making time to create this Hub.

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