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Reaching 400,000

Updated on December 19, 2011


Writing for my son

Why do I write? I write because I love my son and my family and I wish to do all I can for them. I have been trying to find a way to help my son who struggles with autism and my biggest concern is that we can provide him with adequate financial resources in his life so he will always be protected. As a father who has the responsibility of providing for my family and protecting them I have to plan and prepare for our son's future. We wish our son to have every opportunity he deserves and we want him to achieve success and develop self confidence and set goals and live his dreams. Every parent wants their child to go on to college and find their passion and live their dream. As a parent who had the support and love of family throughout my life I wish to provide the same for my son. I want my son to have a dream and to live it. I want to see him study for a college degree, graduate and do well in all his pursuits and to most of all find success, happiness, love, joy, hope, friendship, companionship and promise in his life.

As I see my son grow I am feeling very lucky to be a part of it and I hope I will be here with my wife to see our son achieve all his dreams. We have our own dreams for our son which is natural as every parent has hopes and dreams for their children. I also have to be realistic and plan for the unexpected so I know that life insurance is extremely important to maintain in the event something happened to me and I was no longer here for my family as a result of the inevitable, my death. We all will eventually face this time so it is very important that we protect our family with adequate coverage that will replace our income. I know it is not something I wish to dwell upon but it is something we all need to think about and plan for. The sad and very true reality is that I am worth more dead than I am alive and that is a very sobering thought because we all wish we could have peace of mind and wealth when we are all together as a family and are healthy than when we are on our death bed.

Planning for our son's college is another very important focus in our life and though we are not able to contribute a lot to the fund I am making a monthly contribution which is nominal but it is what I can do now and hopefully it will add up over time. I have all I can do right now to keep up with our mortgage, household costs and my son's medical costs which prevents me from saving. I have come to the conclusion that I will have to work for the rest of my life and I only hope that I will have such an opportunity so I can continue to provide for my family and see our son achieve his dreams. I also try to find ways to help alleviate some of the expenses we face given our son's medical costs which have become a considerable cost. We have tried to apply for SSI for our son but have been denied both times we have applied for it.

I often wonder what it would be like if we did not have financial worries. Would our lives be significantly enhanced? Would we be able to breathe a little easier? Would we be happier? I truly believe that we would feel more in control and not feel overwhelmed with insecurity. Life is too short and when you are consumed with financial worry it is hard to enjoy life. How can you really enjoy life when you are worrying so much about paying your bills? As a need to consider other options in earning financial security I happened upon programs that enable you to write and add links that can help in earning some additional financial income. If you have read my blog or any of my hub writings you would see I have included Amazon links in all my writings with the hope that interested readers would find something that might interest them and be helpful and if they used my link and made a purchase on Amazon I would earn a 4 % commission on the purchase once it is shipped. If it is subsequently returned then I would have to pay it back. If it is never returned then I keep the commission.

In doing the mathematics I tried to figure out how many people I would have to reach with my writings and how many people would need to use the link and actually make a purchase and when I think this through I start to realize that it is a dream and not reality. I am wondering how people really do make a steady stream of reliable income in using links because I don't see it. I also am not able to use Google AdSense because of an innocent action on my son's part in clicking on their links on a blog I had monetized through them. I tried to appeal to no avail and find they are very inflexible and unsympathetic. They have too much power and they are very unforgiving as a company and I only hope they will realize this one day. You would think a billion dollar company would have some compassion and not quibble over a few dollars. It really makes no sense.

I will try to illustrate in a simplistic way how many people I would have to reach and estimate potential buyers using my link enabling me to earn a commission that would go to help my son who needs financial support. If I miraculously reached an audience of 400,000 people who read my writing entries or my blog and they found my link beneficial and decided to make a purchase and the average price of their purchase was $15 and the average commission paid was 5% based on volume I would earn approximately $300,000 which would be quite a windfall. This prospect, however is unlikely but it would be quite an extraordinary gift that would help ease our financial worries. Now lets see if we had a more realistic view of this and I attracted approximately 250 people a month and 10 people decided to buy something using my link at an average price of $15 and an average commission rate of 4 % I would stand to earn $6. Annually this would come out to less than $100. This is my reality. I don't know how people are claiming they earn up to $300,000 a year with writing and using links. This seems so much of a pipe dream and if I attracted 400,000 people to my writings it is more than likely that not all of them would buy. Even if I attracted this many people a more realistic amount of people who would possibly buy is about 4%. With an average price of $15 per purchase and an average commission rate of 5% based on volume I would stand to earn $12,000. This would be very helpful in allowing me to pay my son's medical bills and I would be extremely happy but even this seems so unrealistic. I wish there was a way to help my son that would be practical and allow me to help others in the process. I thought writing and sharing links would be a good way to do this but it seems very difficult to reach an audience and provide them what they are truly looking for. If I knew the answer to this I would share it, believe me I would. So when others say they have I really wonder how so?

In the spirit of the Christmas season I welcome those who plan to shop and wish to avoid the crowds to consider using my links to Amazon on my blog which is titled A Father's Love My Son and Autism or my hubpage writings and maybe you will find something and if you do please buy what you wish to. In the process I will be very grateful because you will be helping my son in a way that is beyond words. You will have our eternal thanks. Wishing you all the joys and happiness this holiday season.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Autism and Healthcare

Writing therapy

Congress Debates Autism Bill


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    • ediann profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Dear Dedmoraz, Thank you for your kind words and for your encouragement. I am touched by it.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Ediann, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story why you write. You're an inspiration.


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