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Reasons To Write on Hubpages

Updated on August 16, 2011

How I started Writing on Hubpages

I have been writing on Hubpages for over a year now and have over 100 hubs. OK so that is not as many as a lot of hubbers but I think it is quite a good number. I really enjoy writing and most of the time I don't struggle to think of things to write about as I have so many interesting things going on in my life that I think would be useful to share with other people.

I started my online writing really at Ezine Articles and quickly built up over 100 articles there, most of which were aimed at promoting my website selling affiliate products. At the beginning I was learning as I went along and I look back now and can see some of the mistakes I made, particularly in terms of lack of keyword research.

Anyway, after a few months of writing elsewhere, I came across Hubpages and have been writing here ever since. I went through a bit of a phase when I fell out of love with Hubpages shortly after the Panda update when my page views just kept dropping and even now my affection for Hubpages has not got back to the full blown love I felt before, but more about that later.

Writing on Other Revenue Sharing Sites

I do write on other revenue sharing sites including excerptz and xobba - both run by Hubpages stalwarts - and I do like the set up of those sites. I would also keep writing on Ezine articles if they were a revenue sharing site but I have come to the conclusion that they must really make a lot of money out of adsense revenue and they really should be giving some of it back, so I am going to keep my writing there to a minimum. In addition to that there are some other problems, some of which I have expressed in my Ezine hub.

Reasons I Write on Hubpages

So, the reasons why I keep coming back to write on Hubpages are as follows:

The User Interface
No other writing site as far as I am concerned has such an easy to use user interface in which to write their articles. You can choose your modules to put in your article, size them up and put them next to each other, get immediate stats as you write to see how many words each capsule is. It is all really clear, you can see what it looks like as you go along, before you publish it.

Although Squidoo has a similar sort of interface, for some reason I have not succeeded with Squidoo at all, I just don't get the views on my lenses than I do on my hubs and I have no idea why. So I use Squidoo just to write the odd article to get some backlinks.

Earnings Choice
Since Hubpages introduced their own ad program, there has been a choice of how you earn money at hubpages, and indeed you can switch between the two - Hubpages Ads and Google Adsense Ads. So if your adsense is not performing you can change over the HP Ads and get income on a per view basis, rather than relying on clicks on the ads.

Added to that you can add in Amazon capsules which may increase your earnings if you do a good sales pitch on the products themselves, and the Amazon capsules I think make the hub look more interesting.

Including Pictures
One thing I found frustrating about writing for Ezine articles was that you couldn't include any images. When you are trying to describe something or somewhere, more often than not a picture really helps. In Hubpages you can add in as many images as you like and this really makes the articles look so much better (hmm, maybe I should include more in this article!).

Photos add interest to a hub and can be full width or half width.
Photos add interest to a hub and can be full width or half width.

Things I don't Like About Hubpages

So with everything there are downsides and there are a few at Hubpages. One thing I find very frustrating is the spam that is posted as hubs but people who have only been members of Hubpages for a few hours. I strongly believe that moderating someone's first hub and making sure they have a profile image are just 2 steps that will cut out some of the dross that is dragging Hubpages down.

Another thing I think that Hubpages need to do is to include a UK Amazon capsule so that traffic from the UK (and I have a significant amount of that) is also catered for. I also believe that the Amazon revenue should not be shared but that is another story.


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    • mskills profile image

      mskills 5 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      As someone who trolls the feed looking for new hubs to read, I'm totally with you on dealing with the spammy crap that litters HubPages.

      I think it would be a net positive for the site if new members had their first few hubs sent to a "holding pen" where only HP staff and other hubbers can see them. Once the new member has received a certain amount of views without being flagged, their content can be moved to the main site for display.

      Nice hub, congrats on writing over 100 hubs in a year at HubPages.

    • Azure11 profile image

      Azure11 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks mskills,yes I also troll the feed and it is blatantly obvious even before I open most of the dross that it is spun spam. Doesn't take a genius even just to quickly flag the spammy ones so can't see why they won't implement it...anyway, we'll see.

    • mscalcote profile image

      Ms. Calcote 5 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      I look for hubs to read all the time. I think it's important to learn about different topics and Hubpages is a great way to do that. The user interface is quite simple. Anyone can use it.

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