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Recovering a password

Updated on December 20, 2014


I am aware that we all know what a password is and for those who may not be aware what it is I will define what it is. It is a set of words that one uses to protect his or her data and it can be inform of words or words and letters together. Lets say it is a security word one puts to protect his data or information. In entering a password, the security can also be enhanced by entering some sort of personal questions that a person alone knows and not a third party so if for instance the password is misplaced, the person can be referred to the security questions and answers to enable them to retrieve their protected information.

It is however advised that when entering the password, you note it somewhere confidential to enable you easy usage when in demand. If forgotten as i said, you can be referred to the questions and answers then it can be sent via your registered mail or telephone for you to retrieve.

It is really recommended that when entering private information, you set up a password and you don`t reveal it to third parties to prevent others from reaching your personal information but if in the case that happens, changing of password is acceptable under all circumstances.

Another safe way to protect your details and password in case you forget is to write down a word that relates to your password. E.g. if it is something to do with your childhood nickname, then you can write it down to help you remember your password when you come back to tracking it.


you see, everyday technology is advancing and we are being assigned to greater tasks to handle what comes our way. Long ago, people stored information in paper files for references. Now, we have computers which have made the workload easier and lesser . As they say, the computer is a large modern brain that captures and stores all information and it is not only being used just for storage but now a days it is being used for considerable other uses and measures like social media

You see, as man advances so are his ideas becoming innovative and so he has learnt to benefit from the computer to tackle various tasks online. Computers are also a platform that offers great opportunities to people to create online jobs.

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    • dodonet profile image

      Dorothy Godier 7 years ago from LONDON

      You are right myownworld and the thanks for the added bit and for taking time to read my hub. As I said you are a great hubber.

    • myownworld profile image

      myownworld 7 years ago from uk

      I agree, one must be careful with one's password, but make sure to write it down some place safe too, because people like me always forget what it was! Thanks for the reminder!