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Restoring Hubpages Google Search Ranking Through Collaborative Efforts Of Hubbers

Updated on June 7, 2011
Hubpages Relationship With Google Search
Hubpages Relationship With Google Search

The Recent Changes In Google Search Algorithm

It is no longer a rumor that hubpages and several other reputable sites’ search traffic were greatly affected as a result of recent Google search engine algorithm change. For the past four to five days now, some worried hubbers have continued to open one forum thread to another, in an attempt to draw the attention of the hubpages team to do something on the recent traffic downtown. You can check the global internet traffic report here: Internet traffic report.

Initially, it seemed like the team paid a deaf ear, but that was not really the truth because they were not at rest neither were they excited with the latest traffic loss, and they can’t turn the table in a twinkle of an eye, but I assure you, all will be well soon. To help ameliorate the tension in worried hubbers, the owner and CEO of hubpages, Paul Edmundson responded with a blog post at the hubpages’ official blog. You can read his recent post about this here: Recent Change in Google.


During the course of this recent traffic crisis, hubbers who were supposed to give hope to the site and its management, started threatening to withdraw their published hubs, why? Are we going to be a good friend or a bad friend who turns away from his trusted friend when times are hard? If that is the kind of friend we plan to be, tell me how on Earth we are going to get people to be our best friend? Hubpages needs every hubber’s effort more now than in the past, to restore the site’s previous search engine ranking and traffic.

To achieve this traffic restoration reforms, there are certain burdens which every reputable hubber must bear, if we must achieve this desired dream of getting hubpages on the number one google search engine ranking, which include and not limited to:

1.    Massive hub hopping

2.    Interlinking of related hubs (even though the hubs might not be yours)

3.    External linking to reputable and Google search friendly sites

4.    Immediate flagging down of substandard and spam hubs

5.    Encouraging friends (on facebook, myspace, netlog, skype, etc) to always visit hubpages when carrying out their various researches, and not only inviting them to join hubpages as hubbers in order to earn referral bonuses.

Are You Going To Leave Hubpages Because Of The Traffic Loss?

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How To Restore The Lost Glory

Massive hub hopping: if you have been helping hubpages to hop some hubs, kudos to you, but you need to increase your effort by a multiple of three this time. For those that are not yet hopping, start now if you are an expert hubber.

Interlinking of related hubs: this will help tie good hubs together, and to also help the ones with lesser traffic to come up. But before you interlink with any hub, make sure you read it all through, if the hub fails to meet the new standard, flag it down immediately without hesitation.

I also suggest that every reputable and expert hubber try as much as possible to participate in this new forum, by helping to suggest possible changes to guide the owner in editing the hub for improved quality.

External linking to reputable and Google search engine friendly sites: no matter what happens, some sites must occupy the Google search result first page for any topic or keyword; we must figure them out and link to them. I am also convinced that most hubbers are among the owners of these top traffic sites, now is the time to use that niche to help hubpages out. We can’t achieve our mission if you only link to your hubs from your high traffic site or sites, I therefore plead with you to also link to other people’s hubs related to your site’s topic.

Finally, if you do spend 1 hour on hubpages to read other people’s hubs, I beg you to please increase the time, and make sure you read at least 20 different hubs a week, and when you read, try and observe points that needs editing or spicing, then suggest it for the hubber by leaving a comment. Make sure you do this without selfishness or prejudice.

Thank you for now, as we join hands together to restore the glory of our beloved site, hubpages. Long live hubpages, long live every hubber!


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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from L Island

      @Pamela, thank you...we all will soon reap the gains of perseverence...thanks for commenting.

      @LillyGrillzit, thank you for the positive comment let's all join hands and promote HP again...

    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 

      7 years ago from Central Oregon

      This is an excellent Hub, I found HubHopping. Good Words, voted up.

    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 

      7 years ago from Oklahoma

      I am sticking around. Like the old saying goes, "A rolling rock gathers no moss."

      In this case it means if your readers keep having to hunt you down to read your articles it will soon become too much trouble and they will find someone else to read.


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