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SEO - Cope with Website Traffic Drops

Updated on May 21, 2011

Website Ranking and Traffic

OK, so its been a few weeks since I published last and I know that is unusual for me, today I want to talk about my website traffic dropping over the last few days which is one of the many reasons I have been absent.

I have been using some new software recently, something like a website builder which allows me to change themes and do administrator stuff. Its going quite well so far and a lot of hubers have already signed up at Contakz Directory, I mean I wanted to branch out from writing and move with technology.

I already do well with a few hubs that are ranked 2-5 in the Google search engine for high value keywords and these are what I have been relying on for revenue for a while. However, when I was least expecting it, an official domain with the same keywords in their website address knocked me down a few ranks and I wanted to talk about the ups and downs of progressing in SEO.

SEO optimization is partially a game of luck since nobody knows all of the tricks and it is also a matter of having patience and trying new things you think will have good viral trafficking effects in the long run. If you are new to Affiliate marketing, one thing I suggest is trying to build up a collection of article pages that all do fairly well, this way if one fails at some point your earnings won't be ravaged.

Optimization Search Engine

Luckily the website which overtook me has disappeared completely from the search results, I can't tell you why this is but I hope it never returns. Some precious advice I have gained when it comes to developing a marketing strategy is the phrase 'Some you win and some you loose', and one senior marketer who I met in the Properties solutions business told me 'You will come up against obstacles where you will feel like giving up, but you've got to find a way around'.

Search engines marketing is a very competitive industry and should never be under estimated, I am constantly monitoring other pages competing for the spots that I have in search engines. If a website overtakes me I create new blog posts linking my original article with these keywords, making sure I implement the most effective tactics for recognition, for example I recently discovered allows you to register a free domain and notifies you of which are available.

If one website overtakes you, you make sure those below have a fight on their hands and that you won't go down lightly.

Networking Marketing

Social networking marketing is gaining immense popularity amongst businesses as may well be aware, they soon caught on to the fact that nearly every home, cell phone and investor has internet access and likes to socialise online. Sure article backlinking is important for helping your pages climb, but constantly reaching out by bookmarking and posting on the thousands of social networks is very effective and you must be relentless when achieving a percentage of this market.

I have actually gone international recently by accumulating a list of worldwide alternatives to Twitter, it is a lot of fun and I have been resourceful by using the Google Translate tool. Since most countries look towards the UK and US for the latest fashion, a large populace of consumers exists ready to be penetrated.

I hope I have given an insight into some new ideas that I have been experimenting with and that is comes as inspiration for other webmasters seeking SEO services.


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