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SEO guide: How to use the power of facebook to increase traffic to your website?

Updated on June 16, 2012

Facebook is the sole leader of the social networking world at present. Almost every person is connected to his near and dear ones through this social networking giant. Most of us use facebook to be connected with their friend circle. But have you ever pondered any thoughts to use the power of your social network to increase traffic to your website or blog? If you are unaware of this, then you seriously missing an important weapon of SEO from your armory. In this hub I have included all the possible and simple ways to use facebook to give really a big boost to the traffic of your website or blog.

Make a strong social profile on the facebook to get traffic to your website

The first thing to get traffic to your website through facebook is that you have a strong social profile. Here from social profile I mean that you should have profile which should be well connected with your friend circle. Regularity is the perquisite for the strong connection with your friends on facebook. There should be regular status updates, regular comments on other’s posts, regular uploading of your latest pictures and so on. Such activities will create more interest among your readers for your posts.

Also, having large number of friends can give you an extra edge as it will increase the no. of readers for your posts. But just making new friends only for the sake of increasing traffic is not recommended as it will be considered as the misuse of facebook according to their policies.

Use the power of sharing to get traffic to your website

Option of sharing is given by the facebook to share every interesting thing with your friend circle or publicly. This sharing option can really spread your article in the cyber world like a virus if you have seriously written something unique or interesting.

Let me explain this with an example, suppose there are 250 friends in your circle. Now, if you have shared something on your wall then it will go as a notification to all of your friends. Now suppose they also found your article really interesting and knowledge worthy then they will also do share that article from there profile. This will work like a chain and ultimately you will have uncountable number of readers.

Also, the popularity of an article in the social media is also an important criterion for the ranking of an article in the search engines.

Create a separate facebook page of your website for tons of free traffic

Along with your regular profile page facebook also allows you to create a separate page for your website and invite the members to join this page. You can posts all the links and updates of your website on this page. Here is no need to say that more will be the members of your page more will be the traffic to your website.

Also, you can create a facebook page of your niche of writing and can share your article there. Let me explain this further with my personal experience. As I have started my online writing journey with most of the articles related to health so I have created a facebook page named as Healthtracker. I have sent invitation to my friends to join this group; 40 of my friends accepted my invitation although small in number but this gave a fair amount of rise to the traffic for my articles (may be through their further sharing of my useful posts).

Use the links of your article in your every status update

This method can also give an instant traffic to your website. Just like sharing your articles, you can also give the link of your articles in your status update. But make sure that your status update should be interesting enough to grab the attention of your readers. This is not necessary that you should make your status update only related to your link but instead you can make any status update. But just not forget to add the link of your article.

So in my last words of conclusion I would like to say that facebook has huge potential to earn free and genuine readers. But it entirely depends on you that how much you can grab? If you have anything to say then please feel free to write it down. All comments will be highly appreciated with open heart.


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    • amanthkr01 profile image

      Aman Thakur 5 years ago from India


      Thanks for such an insightful comment on the hub. I also do agree with you that instead of business page you can also create pages on the fb just for the sake of pleasure.

    • wheelinallover profile image

      Dennis Thorgesen 5 years ago from Central United States

      You can also create groups on facebook where you can interact with the members. This can be one way to seperate "business" from pleasure. I actually have four of them going. It is also a way to increase social sharing.

      People who are not friends can join groups by searching them by name. If you want people who have a geninue interest, name the group using the keyword you want to share in the group.

      I found groups harder to set up properly than a business or fan page. The downside at the moment to business/fan pages is without advertising you won't be seen as much. Groups are different people do search looking for groups and can find them easily.

      It takes time to build followers in groups as well as business/fan pages. People who like or join groups don't have to be friends. I have found when I had 60 followers to a business page my reach was over 600. Reach also depends on how many people are interacting with the page.

    • amanthkr01 profile image

      Aman Thakur 5 years ago from India

      Thanks eswar for standing by and reading the hub.

    • eswar profile image

      eswar 5 years ago from India

      Nice ideas not noticed till now thankyou for sharing