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Sample Inventory Reports on my Hubs3

Updated on May 12, 2011

This is the third part of my coverage on my experience in making hubs on hubpages, you can use the link navigations on the right or go through my profile to see what I have done. Currently the hubs have been doing rather decently despite the May day changes, at least for the month of may, but it seems to have a rather bumpy start heading into June. Seems to be facing a potential sharp drop from the big rise of May, to about the tune of 70%. A bit of doubt as to whether it will recover from my slump, which makes it all the more important to check the inventory samples of my past hubs. Currently holding out for some action on my sample inventory sheets.

This seems to be the week of disturbing trends as just as I have written this I had gotten a mysterious 0 cent click on one of my newer hubs. I am wondering if it is a charity click due to them not finding payable ads for that particular hub or if that is a sign of something more serious, that of a sign of things to come. If so I might be forced to pull the plug on that particular hub so as not to face possible dangerous dilution. The main worry is about future pigeonholed single cent clicks which would in effect force further digression from the current methods that hubpages pays its writers.

For my hubs though I may well have a blossoming gaming mouse group of hubs that may perhaps one day allow for substantial diversion into annazon payment cuts. It has a decent conversion but requires more funneled traffic. On cheerier news amidst all the start Jun unfortunate pitfalls, the introduction of hub karma might make things interesting though it may make results pages topsy turvy due to the site churn and perhaps substantial changes. I seem to have managed to raise it by 10 points though, though my starting hub karma was rather low, shall see if i can bring it over my halfway mark. Some guesses have it that linking to many hubs is a good start. And that should be it for my third sample inventory reports on my hubs.


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