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sample inventory reports on my hubs 2

Updated on January 12, 2011

This is the second part of the coverage and analysis of my hub inventory sampled from a span of 10 years. You could probably find the first one from the links on your right end where they show related pages. 

Continuing on my discovery about age and power of the hubpage, as well as a reflection of 80-20, it is interesting to note that results were slow and really manifested itself after a period of a few months. So for anyone that has any doubt, this is something for the long haul and not a quick event. Effort must be placed in consistently over a long period of time, as it takes a while before the payoffs kick in from your first ever hub. Or to put it differently, the marginal diminishing rewards sharply drop and there is little you can do about it in Google terms so it is best to work on something separate in the meantime and let spiders do their work.

I found out about this as in my hub inventory sample, in the next month once again one single hub out of many again at a similar ratio took the cake home. I wrote a bit less in that particular month than I have been writing at this point of time, so it was one out of 5 articles that gives us a proportion of 20%. It produced what is likely my second best and second most productive hub. That hub has to do with sample inventory reports and was tangentially related to my most successful hub from the first month. All the other hubs done that month though almost ended up as failures, drawing 10+ hits in their lifespan. However there was one shock hub that stroke a nice Yahoo stream that resulted in huge clicks but that was short lived.

It remains possible that that area of exploration could do with further research and have more hubs made on it. Once again, I did not know which would be successful immediately, and the good ones were only discovered months later.

As things got busier on my end, my writing tapered into the next two months, before december of the end of the year which resulted in many learnings from apparent unwanted surprises but should result in a different scenario this year around.


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