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Scandinavianizing Pakistan: Time for a Greener approach?

Updated on June 21, 2019

In the past few years Pakistan encountered extreme climatic patterns from prolonged droughts (2014 to 2017) to the intense heat waves ( 2011 , 2014) leading to human loss and property damage. Such events can’t be overlooked for they are a harbinger of greater catastrophe. Unfortunately, Pakistan has occupied one of the top positions on the list of countries that are prone to serious environments hazards. The mismanagement, failure in sound policy making, lack of economic incentives and paying minimum attention to issue of such an importance has brought Pakistan at the verge of destruction.
In such a bleak scenario, Pakistan needs to look up to Scandinavian countries as
they are the first to opt for greener approach .Their long term policy and planning
including the greener approach has made them least vulnerable . Green approach is
an initiative that includes buying of Carbon credits, planting trees, usage of
renewable energy sources. Scandinavian countries adopted a middle ground by
creating a balance between environmental policies and modernization. Denmark has
been a leading country in transforming itself into a society free of fossil fuels while
still managing a thriving economy. Starting in the early 1990s was primarily a shift
away from energy sources such as coal and oil towards renewable sources such as
wind (Danish Ministry of the Environment 2005). In fact, Denmark has become a
world leader in wind-powered energy and no other country in the world has a
relatively larger wind power sector to this day (Moe 2015).Many more examples of
the green technology can be stated which were initiated by Scandinavian countries
.This gives us a framework of policies which include introduction of bicycles and
incorporating environment as a part of Sweden’s legislation.

Pakistan needs to devise effective and long term policies including green approach to curb pollution and other environmental hazards. For that matter Pakistan should adopt sound measures to minimize the use of fossil fuels which would lead to decrease in GHG. Of the few measures adopted by Federal government of Pakistan is clean green Pakistan including tree plantation and ban on plastic consumption.Sucheffective measures can definitely play a role in eradicating environment related issues only if they are properly executed. Moreover Pakistan must also take into account the carbon trading and taxation while framing environmental policies.

Lastly Pakistan’s government needs to create awareness through environment
protection drive. Let’s see how the government tackles the environment protection

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Yumna Jamil


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