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Scribie - How to Join their Freelance Transcription Program

Updated on November 21, 2011

Steps on being a Freelance Transcriptionist

What I will be talking about here is based on first-hand experience on how I was able to be a part of Scribie, which is a Freelance Transcription Program Website. It can be a means to earn some extra money, although the payout is small. At the same time, you can also have your files transcribed thru their service.

To be a transcriptionist, visit:

Freelance Audio Transcription

To have an audio file transcribed, visit:

Audio Transcription Outsourcing

Now, if you are interested in being a trancriptionist, here's what you need to know first:

1) The Requirements

-You need to have a PayPal account which is VERIFIED. Simply having an account in PayPal that does not work will get your application rejected. Therefore, you need to link either a bank account, debit card, or credit card to this account. For those in the Philippines, I use the UnionBank EON Card. I think it's the most guaranteed way to be verified by PayPal. Signing up for UnionBank EON is another story though, which I will get to some time after.

-You need to have a typing speed of more than 40wpm (words per minute). In the application process, you will be asked for your typing speed. If it's any lower than 40wpm, I believe they will reject you as there are a lot of applicants. Also, you will be asked for how much experience you have in transcribing, in terms of years. I put in there 1-2years since I have done some in college. If you have absolutely 0years of experience, I think that's a minus. If you think, you're capable though, there's no harm in saying you have 0-1 year experience already. Hihi.

-Also, there's a textbox where you can write additional info that will help them see if you are to be considered. Make sure not to leave it empty. Write something that shows your work ethic, responsibility, and other things that would be convincing that you would be a good transcriptionist.

2) Getting on the Waiting List, and Taking the Test

-After signing up, you will be notified within 1 business day if you have been accepted, or not. If you have been rejected, it may be because your PayPal account was not properly verified, or you may have put the wrong e-mail address. I have been rejected once, but it was because I was not verified yet. If it's not that, it may be because you lacked competence. Try applying at a later time after some practice, and by then, you'd be able to tweak your qualifications.

-If on the other hand, you have been accepted already. Good! You're getting close to being a transcriptionist. In the notification e-mail they will send you, there's a link that will show the status of your application. You will see there your wait list number. Mine started at 174. It fluctuated at times, but then in less than a week, I got the test invite already. I thought it would take longer. Fortunately, their staff was quite efficient. So just be patient at this stage.

-Once your number's already up, you will be prompted to take the test already. You will first have to sign up for an account. Afterwards, you will see test files that are available for transcription. Feel free to choose which one you'd be comfortable with, or you can wait if you want to try other files. Take note that you have ten attempts to this. Also, don't forget to read the guidelines, and download the software for transcription. Good luck with this stage! I got accepted from my 3rd attempt. First one, I cancelled. The second got rejected.

-When you have already been accepted, you can now earn from the files you will be transcribing. The rate is $1 for 6min. audio files, and 10$ for 1hr audio files. Mostly, it's just short audio files that are available, though. Make sure not to slack off since your average ratings will determine if you're fit to remain as a transcriptionist. If you do, however, consistently score good, then you could be promoted to a reviewer. This will allow higher earnings.

Happy Transcribing! Also, you can earn through their referral and affiliate programs. I believe the process will be faster for those who have been referred. Hopefully you would be interested in doing this, and that you have found this to be helpful. Thanks!


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    • AndreiBargas profile image

      AndreiBargas 5 years ago from Philippines

      Sorry for the late reply. Goodluck with your application. Scribie is a great training ground for such work. I suggest you perform well from the start so you can be promoted to a Reviewer. The time spent for money received would feel more sensible with being a Reviewer than being a Transcriptionist. :)

    • profile image

      joy 5 years ago

      HI! These were pretty good tips. My waiting list started at 176. It's now 123 after two days. Thanks for the tips! hopefully I'd be able to pass the test for I'm a newbie, but I type really fast. ^^