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Setting up Referral Links and Banners for Hubpages

Updated on May 29, 2013

You can find the banners at:

To find out more on how to use the hubpages widget please visit the following hub:

To set up your referal link go to "my account/URL Trackers". There you can find your custrom URL tracker. Add that to the main hubpages domain. For example my referral link is:


For the banners, you simply replace it with the link in the beginnings, so using the first banner instead of:

href=""><img src="" alt="HubPages"></a>

you get:

href=" URL TRACKER"><img src="" alt="HubPages"></a>

For example, my banner code looks like this:

href=""><img src="" alt="HubPages"></a>

In some advertising sites, you don’t give this code, but rather two links:

  • Banner URL/ Banner Target: Give the second link in the banner code that starts with http:// In the case of the first banner (which, again your can find at it would be:
  • URL Target/Link URL: This is your referral link (which at the same time is first link in the banner that starts with an http://)

You can also add additional trackers to track different advertisings sources. However you cannot delete your unwanted trackers.

You get the following statistics when you advertise:

  • Traffic views: how many times your referral link has been displayed. Remember that this also includes banner displays, as they also include your referral link (the first link in the banner code).
  • Signups: this is the number of referrals you have from the referral link display using that particular tracker.
  • Hubs: this is the Total hubs written and published by your referrals for that particular tracker. For example, if you have 2 signups for that tracker and one of your signups published 3 hubs, and the other signup published 4 hubs, than this number will be 7 (3+4=7).
  • Traffic to hubs: This is the Total view of the total hubs  of the total signups for that tracker. For example, if each of the hubs of all your signups for that tracker is 10 in a day than that number is 70 ((3 hubs*10 views)+(4 hubs*10 views)=70).

When you are in my account/URL Trackers and you click on a tracker, your list of referrals are displayed with the following statistics for each of your signup:

  • User: this is the user name of your referral. Clicking on it will redirect you to the hubpages profile page of that user.
  • Hubber score: this is the current hubber score of that hubber signup of yours.
  • Hub: This is the total number of hubs that hubber signup of your has has published.
  • Signup Date: This is the date when that hubber signed up to hubpages (and hence became your referrral).

Here’s how the referral system works for hubpages. When you have a new signup, that user has to publish his/her first hub within 30 days (this is calendar days). If that hubber signup of yours does not publish any hubs within his/her first 30 days, you will not be eligible for his/her referral traffic. I guess hubpages decided to do this to incentivise referers to help their new signups to actually start publishing hubs (and thereby increase’s search engine traffic, - rankings, ... etc). If your new hubber signup publishes at least one hub within 30 days, that you will recieve a portion of his monetization traffic as long as exists. This is how it work:

The normal scenario for a hub is this:

60% of the times YOUR affiliate IDs are displayed,

40% of the times HUBPAGES.COM affiliate IDs are displayed.

Affiliate IDs are the IDs for Google AdSense, Kontera, Amazon Associates, and Ebay Partner Program. Who earn (for example, AdSense clicks) are based whose IDs was displayed when the purchase (or click) happend, yours or hubpages’ ID.

When you refer a hubber, for each of his/her hub the scenario looks like this

60% of the times: your SIGNUP’s IDs are displayed,

30% of the times: HUBPAGES’s IDs are displayed,

10% of the times: YOUR IDs are displayed


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    • miss1magination profile image

      miss1magination 5 years ago

      Thankyou, this was helpful. I backlinked my code in my hub is this ok?

    • hubba-hubba profile image

      hubba-hubba 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Wow, perfect, thanks so much, very well written!

    • denden mangubat profile image

      denden mangubat 7 years ago from liloan, cebu, philippines

      ok i'll try it

    • profile image

      Charlinex 7 years ago

      Very useful, just what I need! Thanks!