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Shopping Etiquette: Shop 'till you drop

Updated on August 31, 2009

Be a VIP in every store with impeccable shopping etiquette.

School's still out, and you've got a little moolah (money) to spare. Hit the shops with a mission in mind, but with your manners intact, and you'll surely be every store's favorite customer!

Dos and Don'ts

ULTIMATE SHOPPING DO: Display fantastic manners by letting a person with less items than you go ahead at the counter line.

while browsing

  • Do: touch the items with care. Always remember, if you break it, it's considered sold. Don't handle the merchandise roughly, as if you own it.
  • Do ask a saleslady for some assistance if you wish to see a product from the display. Don't ever touch or remove items from the window display.

with sales staff

  • Do: respond in kind. You'll find that doing this makes the sales staff more inclined to help you. Don't ignore the salesperson if he or she greets you at the door.
  • Do treat the clerks politely and with respect. Always request, never older. Don't get angry at a salesperson if the item you want is unavailable. It is not his or her fault.

when paying

  • Do wait patiently for your turn, but speak up if you sense someone else being rude. Don't push or crowd at the counter.
  • Do reserve your calls for when you are in a more private are. No one wants to hear what you have to tell your bestie (best friend). Don't yak loudly on your cell phone, while waiting in line. It's very distracting.


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