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Simple AdSense Mistakes You Should Stay Away From

Updated on June 13, 2010

Simple AdSense Mistakes You Should Stay Away From

Google AdSense is an incredible avenue to accrue extra income from home, but in order to be successful you'll need to commit to the work and time necessary to develop and maintain your websites. You don't have to craft incredibly elaborate sites; in fact, sites with simple content that has high-quality information can have the most value to visitors. Once you have the sites in place, you can simply place the Google AdSense code on them to start seeing ads. Once you have this created, you want to bring in traffic to your website so people will click on the ads on your page. However, you have to keep in mind that AdSense has certain regulations in place that you should follow, or else your account can get suspended. If you want to keep your account live and keep on earning income, then you need to stay away from the following mistakes.

While generating money through AdSense, you could feel like discussing some details with a friend. If you do so, be totally sure that you are not disclosing any confidential information that is related to your account, which could include your Cost per Impression (CPM), Click Through Rate (CTR), or you income from different ad units. This sort of data is called confidential for a reason, so you need to keep it that way. You can share the total amount that you have accrued if you do not reveal the other pieces. Make all of the prior information personal and confidential, or you might encounter some trouble. Quality and quantity are both crucial in this instance - possessing quality content with relevant keywords is vital to your site's success, but it is also important that your site has enough quality content. Several people think that they are accomplishing all of the basic things that should guarantee success, but then are confused when the ads served on their site are not successful. Essentially, this is because there is not enough helpful content on the website; not enough content equals a lack of quality ads on your site. Besides that, you won't see a lot of search engine traffic too since having enough content is the first priority of getting visitors from the search engines.

Another thing you have to contemplate when using Google AdSense is the niche you are in. If you select the wrong niche to work with, you are going to feel it in your pocket book. It is true that you should opt for a niche you are really interested in, but avoiding the research aspect of things is a poor choice. One thing you want to discover about the niche you are leaning toward is whether or not there are good advertisers existing for it. You will know if you pick the wrong niche, due to the fact you won't be able to figure out advertisers for it. And if you go for such a niche, you won't see any great results, which is why doing prior research is important.

Finally, as you're employing Google AdSense, you must avoid engaging in any unnecessary keyword use since it could have a negative impact on your account. Creating the right placement and focusing your content through Adense is going to be more efficient as long as traffic is already high. So you don't need to indulge in any type of excessive advertising. You will get ads that are relevant if you are forming quality content for your site. Once you make your content you may want to check it for relevancy. Will it be intriguing to a guest? Once you're done, you might find an answer. Just stay away from making these mistakes to create a long term AdSense income.


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    • msms profile image

      msms 6 years ago

      good to read your hub - worth the time spent here. Thanks

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      TanielHouston 7 years ago

      great info thanks