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Simple Technique To Increase Traffic To Your Hub or Blog

Updated on May 23, 2011

You Need Internet Traffic To Make Money Online

In all online or internet business, whether you are marketing as an affiliate or as a publisher, traffic means money, no traffic means no money, therefore, every publisher, affiliate marketer, blogger or site owner’s dream is to maximize traffic to his or her site. There are so many ways to increase traffic to your site, of which many are familiar to you.


In this hub, I want to discuss something quite different from may be what you already know or doing. It is quite simple and easy to achieve, therefore, I am not going to waste time on it. This might be a tip of the iceberg for you, and may triple your blog traffic in an unimaginable timeframe, just read on.


Nowadays, every publisher including myself, is going for the high paying keywords or simply, high CPC keywords in order to increase Adsense earnings, but many still end up not earning a dime after writing lots of hubs based on high paying key phrases, why?


There are several answers to this ‘why’ question, which includes:

1.      Low traffic or page views

2.      Poor or no clicks

3.      Low CTR

4.      Poor content, etc

I want to take on the second one, ‘poor or no clicks’, which is dependent on the first ‘low traffic’. If you have no or low traffic, same will be applicable to your clicks and vice versa…if you want to find out how to fix the rest, read this hub: how to write on high CPC keywords.


Poor ad click may result from: poor traffic, wrong ad placement (not applicable to those on hubpages), low CTR, etc. most importantly, you need to first raise your traffic before thinking of fixing the others, which is what I want to show you, how to triple your blog or hub traffic using a very simple technique.

Go For Low CPC keywords With High Search Results

If you are familiar with Google Adword or keyword research tool, you should have found out that majority of key phrases with high Cost Per Click (CPC), always have low search result. Which means that if you are going for the high CPC keywords, you need extra work to beat the already existing articles on this topic, so you know what it takes to achieve this. But on the contrary, if you are writing on the low CPC keywords, your chances of getting traffic is more with less effort.


Therefore, to draw more traffic to your existing high CPC keyword hubs and possibly to also increase revenues from them, follow this simple step:

1.      Choose a keyword on a closely related topic to your existing high CPC keyword hub, but with low CPC and high search result (make use of Google keyword research or estimator tool). Write a hub on the new selected keyword.

2.      Create an RSS feed of your existing high CPC keyword hub on the new hub, using tag

To do this:

a.      Add a special tag, e.g. “myhighcpc” to your existing high CPC hub, on the tag capsule

b.      Add an RSS capsule to the new hub, then edit the RSS url to this: (, give the RSS feed capsule a unique and catchy title to attract readers.

c.       Repeat this for as many of your existing hubs that you want to apply this same technique on, to boost their traffic and revenue

Aside the use of an RSS feed capsule, you can also add a hyperlink of the hubs you want to draw more traffic to on the new hub or hubs. Using this technique, your existing high CPC keyword hubs that have low traffic stand 70% chances of getting more views.


Make sure the new keyword you are going to write on, has a very high search result when you search for it on Google keyword research and estimator tool, so as to achieve excellent result in the least possible time. It worked for me, and some of my friends, I also believe it will work for you, give it a try. Good luck!



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