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So Much to Write, so Little Time

Updated on April 6, 2011

New writers experience many dilemmas while beginning a new writing career. Except for the unemployed or independently wealthy, most new writers function in some type of day job to earn a subsistence. Time management can be a real problem.

Many people tell me that my time is spread too thin. This may be true but is unavoidable none the less. My day job, actually a day and night job. Keeps me at work from 10 in the morning till around midnight Monday through Thursday; nine to five on Friday. Being an IT instructor is very demanding and not very lucrative. I am also matriculated in a PhD program, which eats up a plenty of time. I have a wife and a ten-year-old daughter and they demand a fair share of time.

You may notice that I have not yet published many hubs and the reasons are detailed above. But how do I maintain a presence on hub pages at all? Time management.

With so very little time I must make the best possible use of the time that I have. Most of my writing for HubPages occurs Monday through Friday before I set out for the day's drudgery. I have also found that when I wake up in the morning I have plenty of ideas to write about. When I can put those ideas down immediately, they get written.

Weekends are mainly dedicated to my educational program and family pursuits. When I put off writing my thoughts, those thoughts often do not get written at all, well many other people have wasted good thoughts and I am no different.

Lately I have noticed that writing ideas pop into my head while I drive to and from work. Sometimes I remember those ideas and sometimes I don't. A good memory is something that I do not possess so I concentrate on trying to remember just one of many ideas so I may have something to write about.

In the past I have tried using a Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) so I could save writing ideas on a recorder for later use. The problem is trying to keep the DVR handy when needed. There is only so much that I can cary at one time so this idea has somewhat fallen to the back burner.

Learn your times of highest energy and try to write during those times. Some management professionals call these times "spurt times." Everybody has them, times when you feel like accomplishing something and you have plenty of energy.


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