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10 Weird Social Bookmarking Sites for Backlinks - 2014 List

Updated on April 3, 2014

Everyone on hubpages already knows about Pusha the famous Swedish social bookmarking site. Personally, I have seen quite a number of forum threads and hubs that tell about on hubpages. I put links on pusha and I even get direct traffic from there because I can publish in Swedish. Interestingly, there are dozens of other non-English sites around the world that are waiting for you to publish your links and you probably do not know about them. I believe it is time people learn about them because some of them have real good PR. In this hub, I introduce 10 such sites. Using them may not always be the easiest task but you may find them useful. It is up to you to try them or not.

Social Bookmarking in 2014

Although Google has gone through several upgrades, further obscuring the parameters used for determining a webpage's ranking in Google results page, it is undeniable that links to the page still have a major role in this issue. One simple fact tells us that links will forever be vey important. There is nothing other than the links to a page, that Google could possibly use for deciding the relevancy of the page. Whatever algorithm change the search engine applies it is always one based on calculating the value of incoming links albeit with different parameters.

One of the unknowns is whether no-follow links are given any value. I believe they are included in Google's calculations. There are articles online about this issue that can be found by Googling. People have experiments using no-follow links using certain words as anchor text and found that the pages they were linking to did rank in google for the anchor text words used.

The List

LintasMe : PR4, no-follow website that I believe is in Indonesian. Good thing about this is Indonesians don't have a unique alphabet so you can at least understand what is going on in the website. Bad thing is the anchor text for your link is always "View Original Source" or an close i-frame box. The first link is no-follow and the letter is do-follow. That's nice for diversifying your links.

Oyyla : This means "vote" in the Turkish language. Another social bookmarking site clone with no-follow links. PR 5. Use google translation to post on this site. At the bottom of the submission page you will see an input box instead of a recaptcha box. You have to type "7" in it. Yes, just type 7 and submit.

2favorite : Very ugly website in Arabic and the links are no-follow. You can have a hard time posting on this website even with google translate. You'd better do it because it's PR 4. : I have good reason to think linkuj means link. This is a nice, straightforward, PR 6, Czech website. Again it's no-follow. But I think you must get your links on this site.

OKNOtizie : I have no idea what that means. What I know is that this is a no-follow Italian bookmarking site with PR 7!!! Unfortunately, the site shows the target webpage in an iframe and I hate iframes because I am never sure how google evaluates them. There is some research online though that suggests google does pass some value onto iframed pages. I would try this website...

ziczac : Proponi News! That means send news. Start learning Italian because you are going to need it. This website is PR5 and do-follow. Again, we come across the disgusting iframe issue but this the button that closes the iframe is actually a link that goes to your webpage so you definitely have a link and checking the html I see it does not bear the no-follow stuff. Good New: It is a do-follow link. Bad news: Your anchor text is a box with x on it. : Polish website with PR 6. Great PR but you can add one link from same domain every day. Also you will be receiving notifications threatening to block your account if you keep posting links from the same acoount. So this is not going to be that easy. As usual it's no-follow. A little nice thing about this site is that you sometimes get some direct traffic. It may be the editors, I don't know. : This Spanish website is a great bookmarking site because it feels different from all the other clone sites and it is do-follow. Your links appear immediately on your profile and can be viewed on a public page without logging in. The PageRank is PR4.

БобрДобр : With a domain name ending eith ru, this has to be a russian site. It's neat. Links are public and PR5. No-follow but still a go. : Mister Wong is a website that charges you money to post your links. Fortunately, I have discovered a French twin of this website where you can post your links for free. What makes this website real weird is how difficult it is to find where you post the link. It takes me a few minutes every time I try. Good Luck! It's PR 6 and no-follow.

This is of course not a comprehensive list. It is a list of the sites I have discovered so far and those that have proved to be of any use to me. It will be welcome if the readers of this hub take a few minutes to share their experience with the sites listed here in the comments section and perhaps even suggest some sites they know about. Finally, it will be appreciated if you believe any of my ideas about backlinking is outdated and would like to share your views on the issue.

I have also prepared another list: 10 Nice Social Bookmarking Sites for Building Backlinks


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