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Starting a niche seems to be the hardest word.

Updated on September 7, 2011

How to pick a niche and a title in writing.

The title might seem a little bit cliché from an Elton John’s song but in all honesty it is a bit of a downer when logging into hub pages and have absolutely no idea what to write about. I am quite fascinated by the variety of the narrow niches hubs here in this community. Niches like “how to grow a tomato” or "Health benefits of raw and ripe papayas”. These are very unique content and most importantly long-tail keyword that are easy to rank high in Google search result. I always voted up for this kind of hubs due to its originality. On the contrary, stumbling upon these sorts of hubs makes me feel self conscious of my hubs because I can’t think of a narrow niche that people would like to read about. Have you been in that position before?

Excitement and motivation always fluctuates in writing a hub because sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Sometimes you just need some muse. It is hard enough to think of a catchy title when the brain is totally blank and all I can think of is just random thoughts. Tips for picking a niche and a title would be to pick your favourite niche. It can be any niche that you are good at and in the area of your expertise. For example if you’re an event planner, you can probably publish a very informative hubs in organizing a bachelorette party since that is what you do for a living.

The second thing is to pick a niche that you are NOT really good at, BUT have an enormous interest to improve on it. In my case, if you see from my previous hubs I love to publish hubs about writing skills. I may not be in the same league as the great writers like J.K Rowling or Stephen King but I would like to be there somewhere in the future. Having the talent to make a readers dwell on every word and stick to the flow of the writing is hard to acquire. By publishing a hub on how to be good in writing blogs will definitely be useful for people interested in the niche writing improvement.

Sometimes I like to procrastinate and ended up feeling guilty but wanting to improve on it. I made a research about a particular topic, in my case the topic is procrastination, and write a good hub plus my experience about it. By that I surely do hope people would not repeat the same mistakes that I made. Do you catch my drift now? Write about something that you are not good at but interested to improve on. Another example would be an improvement to be a better soccer coach or a better gardener.

Avoid emotional influence in picking a title.

People tend to get the wrong impression that writing their heart break stories would make a good story. Let me put a reminder that this is not facebook where friends will like and comment on heartaches. Hormonal imbalance and turbulence doesn’t really work in hubpages as people are more interested in rich unique content and also writings that are intriguing for readers. Incapable of doing this will make people think you are not professional.

Model other talented hubbers.

There are really talented writers here in hub pages and I am learning everyday by following their hubtivity like Rebecca E and Pedrog to name a few. Model the way they write the title, the content and the structure of the article. Pick a niche where you feel that you are interested in improving such as your parenthood, improving your presentation skills or even how to improve your sex lives. If you are interested in improving on that particular topic, I am pretty sure 10 percent from the earth population that has an internet access are looking for it as well. This is a good platform to start and step up to. After this step is done, you might want to know how to rank it well in Google because "No matter how much you spend on it, a web site is invisible until somebody links to it".


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    • samtenabray profile image

      samtenabray 6 years ago from uk

      very interesting article! Great to see you are helping people find their own niche.

    • Tweetmom profile image

      Tweetmom 6 years ago from Newark

      @ PK2010 I might be 5 months too late at replying to your coomment here but your works in HB had not gone unnoticed! Your acknowledgement towards other hubbers and not expecting anything back in return. I dote you. really.

      @angelapareira Finding Niche is hard only and this is a big ONLY, onloy hard at the beginning of the journey. After that it is all easy.

      @ docmo YOur comment is infectiously motivating.

      @ yshashkinant Thanks. Nice words but the last thing u'd want to do is wait. Get into it now. Ihave some niches line up for you to do. I will write about it in my next posts. Stay tuned

    • yshashikant profile image

      yshashikant 7 years ago from Mumbai

      I have been on hubpages for more than 2 years now, and published 6 hubs.And i could never find a niche for my hubs. I guess, your hub has shown me the way. I'll wait until i find the right niche for me. And i am a sailor, maybe you could help??? Thanks for the hub.

    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 7 years ago from UK

      Great advice and love that title. Your wisdom is infectious. voted up!

    • AngelaPereira profile image

      AngelaPereira 7 years ago

      First off, great title! Quite genius.

      You provided nice tips that will probably help me on my following hubs.

      Thanks for sharing! :-)

      Voted up and useful

    • PK2010 profile image

      Anthea Kwaw 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Tweetmom I love your hubs. Its my third one already! Keep'em coming. You hubs are informative, candid and interesting. I have enjoyed reading from start to finish and not felt like skimming and skipping to the last line. Great key word - niche. If a hubber can nail it, then they are definitely on the highway to heaven. Thanks for the insight and advice. We all need it.

    • Tweetmom profile image

      Tweetmom 7 years ago from Newark

      @the jet goodluck to you :)

      @rudra thank you. We have to model the right hubbers. Glad i could help.

    • Rudra profile image

      Rudra 7 years ago

      You are so right, picking a niche can be very hard indeed. You are so right on modelling other talented hubbers.

    • The Jet profile image

      The Jet 7 years ago from The Bay

      @ Tweetmom. Haha. I'm addicted as well. I find myself subconsciously writing my next short film and hubbing simultaneously.

    • Tweetmom profile image

      Tweetmom 7 years ago from Newark

      Hye Luis,

      Thanks for the recommendation. I googled it and it looks like a great website with high PR. Will let you know once i tried it aite ;)

    • LuisEGonzalez profile image

      Luis E Gonzalez 7 years ago from Miami, Florida

      I have a tip that has been working for me. Look up IMAutomator, it's free and allows you to post up to 10 links per day.

      Hope it helps

    • Tweetmom profile image

      Tweetmom 7 years ago from Newark

      @the jet. I glad to know that i am helping a new hubber. I am also new to this great community. A bit addicted to hubpages to tell you the truth ;)

      @Mark. That is a great niche you have there because i think there are millions of people out there will be googling some ways to break the addiction. Your words and wisdom can surely inspire them to quit. Thanks for reading my hub.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Excellent hub and well written! You have me wondering now. I basically write on alcohol addiction and my experiences with it. I am thinking maybe having my life in the hubs may not be as good as I thought. If you ever read any of those hubs, please give me your opinion if you could.

      Voted up and useful. Thanks for sharing with us.


    • The Jet profile image

      The Jet 7 years ago from The Bay

      As somewhat of a newbie to hubpage, this helped out a lot. Props.

    • imperial_han profile image

      imperial_han 7 years ago from Malaysia

      Interesting...solve of my probs...great hubs...

    • Tweetmom profile image

      Tweetmom 7 years ago from Newark

      You are too kind. Your enjoyment will make me want to improve and write more in HP. Thanks you Cogerson for the encouraging feedback.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 7 years ago from Virginia

      Great advice....finding a niche is the number one thing that most online experts say you have to find...enjoyed reading your very interesting and well written hub...voted up

    • Tweetmom profile image

      Tweetmom 7 years ago from Newark

      Thanks Cheeky girl for the additional information. Though i am not very sure of the Rick Moranis part being a trending topic on the internet? lol. Rebecca Black is trending now but i do not know if it is a good thing or not ;)

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      There are hundreds of ways to get a niche or find what is trending. Check the main YAHOO page every day bottom right, it lists the top most talked about or searched Yahoo subjects.

      Google Trends is another. So is Google Insight, and try other areas where you want to niche. If you'll write your fave topics, Google them and find how much competition there is for them, the lower the better. Google Keyword Tool is a winner too. Not to mention Traffic Travis Free software, and Market Samurai. I love them!

      Avoid writing about pet peeves or habits unless they are topical and trendy, but then whatever floats your boat! Thanks for the hub! :)

      Ps. Rick Moranis the actor is trending right now. Releasing a country music album apparently... LOL!