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Starting out on HubPages

Updated on April 14, 2013

Welcome to HubPages

I have been writing here for a year now and in that time I have tried to focus largely on my Sumo Films side to life whenever I have created a Hub.

But I do have other less work like hobbies in my life that I enjoy writing about and that is what you are able to do here.

Whether your love is Music, books, film, travel, whatever you can write interesting and in depth articles to share with fellow hubbers to enjoy.

The First Step

If you have something that you are passionate about. Have a good understanding of and would love to share with others, then this is a great place to do so.

I myself have many topics that I could discuss for hours on end but I have 1 in particular that I share here at the moment.

So find a way to break it down and share in descriptive articles that are fun for others to read. Something that might draw them to take up an interest in what you have to show them and follow your articles.

When you start

As you start to write you might find that it is difficult to think of articles (Hubs) to write about, you might not. But don't worry, stick with it and before you know it you'll a nice selection of about 10 hubs.

Don't worry too much about meeting all the criteria that are set in the guide when you first right the hub. I myself go back and revise constantly as I think of new things to add to each.

So if you can write a couple of thousand words or so about a particular subject go head, if not don't feel pressured to do so.


Current Sumo Films Banner
Current Sumo Films Banner | Source


If you have something to show people, then show them! Let people see what it is that you do and allow them to interact and voice opinion.

HubPages has capsules for Photos and Videos, so you can link in a number of differing media to show viewers of your hubs what you've created.

Google Adsense Account

Once you have got had a bit of time to a get a few Hubs published and have been doing it for a few months, you can try and apply for a Google Adsense Account (if you don't have one already) and linking your HubPages to it.

Just follow the instructions in the HubPages earning settings.

HubPages Ad Program

Ok, so you are now established you have published a few hubs and you have had your application for a Google Adsense account accepted.

Now it is time to apply to the HubPages earnings program. As long as you have had a few hubs published and you have an Adsense account then you shouldn't have to much trouble with this application.

Just fill in the required information.

Amazon Associate

Hupages also allows you to place capsules for items at Amazon in your Hubs. So sign up with Amazon as an associate to earn from any traffic that you send their way.

The commission rises as the traffic does so depending on the time of year or what your Hub is about the potential earnings are there.

You do not need to be part of the earnings program to apply to Amazon for an associate account. So you could apply to Amazon with your first published hub.

eBay Affiliate

Again HubPages has capsules for eBay which is another great source of income as the traffic flows to eBay from particular Hubs.

So, if you composing an article about something that is possibly available on eBay, then add the capsule.

Random capsules can look a little out of place i.e. your writing about music and eBay is advertising skis? Just try and narrow the search a little.

But again it is a great way for hubbers to have a little income.

To have access to the eBay Affiliate program you need to be enrolled in the HubPages earnings program.

Review your Hubs

Always go back and update your Hubs, maybe change the products in the links, perhaps something has changed in the world that makes what you wrote incorrect.

Just try to keep them up to date by maybe looking over them every couple of weeks. Or if an article is no longer getting any traffic then try and breathe new life into it.


I hope that you find this helpful in some way and go one to write some great hubs. I know that I will continue to write and try to continually improve my current content.

Let me know how you get on.


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