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StumbleUpon Traffic: How to Increase Hits

Updated on September 15, 2011

Increase StumbleUpon Traffic

Increase StumbleUpon Traffic using useful methods to see a grow in traffic like this!
Increase StumbleUpon Traffic using useful methods to see a grow in traffic like this! | Source

StumbleUpon Traffic: How to Increase Hits

StumbleUpon traffic is one of the easiest ways to increase hits to your blog or website. Many people wonder how to increase hits to their online articles and even hubs on Hubpages, yet some of these webmasters and writers don’t know that StumbleUpon can actually be a great source of referral traffic. Not only can StumbleUpon traffic bring hits to your site but each click on your backlink can help increase your pagerank on the search engines.

After witnessing such a terrible fall in traffic many of my hubs as well as hundreds of blogs and websites throughout the internet, it is important that we start building back the traffic that we have all lost. Many writers and webmasters online have lost most of their income online due to the panda update in March 2011 and unless we take serious concern of this, future algorithm changes can totally annihilate our positions on the search engines, causing severe consequences for those who depend on a living income online like me. Fortunately, I was writing away from Hubpages and was publishing somewhere else throughout 2010 to suffer least from the panda update if not any. But it still doesn’t mean that my traffic was not affected anywhere else such as Triond and Bukisa. These websites were affected bad as well but fortunately, Hubpages was not hit as hard as those other writing sites. These writing sites where I was receiving hundreds of views a day suddenly plummeted to 1-20 views a day only. Most of you writers must have also seen such scenarios throughout the internet and on Hubpages. I have read some of those negative stories and wish you with all my heart the best of luck in increasing your reputation and readership once again. Fortunately, I have posted a few tips here in this article to those beginners who have lost hope in writing online on Hubpages and other venues on the internet and would like to point out that in the near future, if you have implemented some of these tips in your articles, you will also survive the other panda updates that may occur. I was regretful that I did not use these tips while writing for other sites which is why my traffic has fallen so badly. Now that I realise what is wrong, I am implanting these same tips on my hubs.

StumbleUpon has also been affected by this algorithm change but we can still benefit from most of its visitors. Enjoy reading below!

How to Increase Hits: Backlinking

Now it is important that I get this word out now. Backlinking is a technique that can never be forgotten which I had done so resulting in my bad position on Google. However, you can prevent that by constantly producing backlinks to your articles from hundreds of sites on the internet which allow backlinks. It is best that you do not waste your time backlinking on sites that prohibit this action. Stumbleupon is one great site to backlink and can provide a user with a few hits instanty from the site. After a while, you are most likely to see regular traffic to your articles from StumbleUpon provided that you don’t spam the site with a massive number of links. They will block you for doing this sort of action and you won’t be able to post links to the same site anymore. If you’re a regular writer, post 3-4 links on StumbleUpon daily and that is it. There is no need to post 20-30 links on StumbleUpon in one hour. Just go with the flow and stay happy with the small traffic you get.

How to Increase Hits: Post Popular Content

Small traffic from StumbleUpon is not the limit. If you can post some popular content on StumbleUpon, you can certainly receive hundreds of views within minutes. I don’t know how I did it but posting just two poems on StumbleUpon gave me around 300-400 views in just five minutes. This isn’t using any software of any kind, it was clearly StumbleUpon as I had refreshed my content page every few seconds and those page view numbers were going up by 10-20. Now that’s what you call popular content and they were only poems. One was about A New Beginning while the other was called ‘Goodbye High School’.

It is obvious that you don’t need poems to boost readership in an instant, but it shows that popular content can really skyrocket your traffic instantly. So always post something that has a large audience if its short living you can still benefit from a few hundred views a day for about a week.

How to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

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    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 5 years ago

      Thanks I didn't know the power behind stumbleupon. This site seems very useful

    • angied83 profile image

      Angie D 5 years ago from Cebu, PH

      Hey shafmasta, thanks for sharing this. Will definitely need to spend a bit more time on stumbleupon and digg now. Voted up as useful! :-)

    • shafmasta profile image

      shafmasta 5 years ago

      Sunnie day - Yes adding a page is more or less adding your backlink. The layout has changed from before and I first didn't think it was possiblt to add anymore links!!

      AnnaCia - Thanks alot Anna!!!

      SPopmosello - It can be very valuable. However, sometimes, once you get a few hits after clicking submit, the traffic stops!!!

    • SPomposello profile image

      SPomposello 5 years ago from NY

      Great advice. Agreed, StumbleUpon is a valuable asset when it comes to site traffic and backlinks.

    • AnnaCia profile image

      AnnaCia 5 years ago

      Thank you for the tips. Very nice written

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 5 years ago

      Great hub. Where on stumble upon do you back link. I see that you can add a page. Is that where you would post a couple hubs or can you post your profile page..How does that work? Thanks

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      I will have to give this a try.


    • joanwz profile image

      Joan Whetzel 6 years ago from Katy, Texas

      Great information. Good to know about all of this. THanks.