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Teenagers and their Needs

Updated on November 1, 2013

Teen Driver Casualties

Teenage Driver Casualties
Teenage Driver Casualties | Source

Teenagers: Learning how to drive

Improving Teen Driving Habits:

I have come across this wonderful website where teenagers can go online and practice their driving and also do other things where they can improve their driving. I have added the link in the heading of this hub above. The site also has tips for educators and parents to see how prepared they are to help their teens get ready to drive.

In addition, teens can test their driving skills by playing "Heads Up" which is not easy to master and one has to use the mouse to move the car around successfully. Also, teenagers can test their driving IQ, use educational tools and create a mutual driving agreement.

Learning how to drive is a very serious step in a teenager's life so this site is there for teenagers to help them to take this big step. Next to pointing out the expense of buying a car, maintaining a car and the dangers of driving a car, this website can help teen drivers what to do to do their best when deciding to learn how to drive so they can be safe when on the road and so that other drivers and or passengers can also be safe.

Teenage Drivers

What can communities do to help teen drivers to become better drivers? Pick the answer that you support the most.

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Teenage Meeting Centers

Teenagers need places to meet.
Teenagers need places to meet. | Source

Teen Centers

A beautiful, clean and safe Teen Center can make a big difference in a teens life.
A beautiful, clean and safe Teen Center can make a big difference in a teens life. | Source

Teen Programs

Some states offer teen programs where teens can meet and have fun.
Some states offer teen programs where teens can meet and have fun. | Source

Communities need more Places where Teenagers can Meet

Communities in the United States seem to do very little to set up community centers for teenagers where they can meet and have adults there to supervise their activities. In the community that I live in teenagers are just given curfew laws and are expected to be home under parental supervision by 10 or 11 pm each day even in the summer months during their vacation.

What about the time that teenagers spend during the day where they would like to be with their fellow teenagers to play games, communicate or such wonderful things? Why aren't there hardly any places available for them?

Surely most communities have activity centers but most of them seem to cost money and especially the low-income teens still have no place to go and meet their friends. Most of the time the parents of teens don't want their friends to hang out at their homes either so what are teenagers supposed to do to meet each other which is what they want to do.

I am looking for suggestions on what can be done to help teenagers to have such places to go to. It seems that in our time and day there seems to be a lack of everything and since everything depends on money, that is the biggest lack of all. Communities are saving on the future of their young people and I find that so sad but it is true.

It is better to give teens safe places to meet than have them go to places that might be unsafe and the parents don't even know where they are at. Also, these safe teen centers might prevent teenagers from becoming sexually active too soon if these places offer them other things to do to have fun. In addition these teen centers could offer jobs to many in the community who work at these centers to help and make the lives of teenagers better.

Teen Centers

This teen center is equipped with many fun things to do for both male and female teens.
This teen center is equipped with many fun things to do for both male and female teens. | Source

The Importance of Teen Centers

Do you have a teen center in your community?

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    • Marina7 profile image

      Marina 4 years ago from Clarksville TN

      That is so true and I never thought of that. I am glad you mentioned that. Yes it is a good use of the buildings that are being paid for anyway. Excellent idea!!

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 4 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      My only thought about where young persons could go is to the neighborhood school--in the summers. Most buildings sit vacant . They could open up the gym, offer summer classes. Taxpayers are paying for the empty buildings 12 months a year. I was a school teacher and I can tell you the children loved summer sessions...field trips to local museums, playgrounds, swimming pools, the list goes on. RJ