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Thanking all of my 100 followers!

Updated on November 17, 2015

Here on the hub pages nothing is more important than the people we know who have become hubbers. By simply following someone else can make a world of difference in a persons life. It doesn't matter if we call these folks followers, fans, or even just friends, they are the entire lifeblood to the hub pages. When there's all sorts of outside interference on the hub pages coming from sources like Google and Panda these folks are still here to keep the wheels of the hub pages in motion. There's not a single writer on the hub pages that's success can't be attributed to those who are following them. If there's someone out there that doesn't believe this then just pull up the list of those who you are following, and stop following everyone on it. You will with out a doubt see a sudden negative change. I'm also sure that NO one out there on the hub pages would even consider trying this sort of thing. What I'm trying to say is that our followers are the main reason for our successes here on the hub pages, and that not one single one of them should ever be taken for granted.

I've seen a lot of wonderful hubs where the hubber thank their followers. So I'm not the first one by any means to come up with this bright idea. However I'm sure that there were those who stopped by to visit these hubs that left in disappointment, because they didn't make the list. There were even those who read through these follower hubs several times over in search of their names which didn't exist. Now I also fully realize that to actually say something about each and every single person who's following you is major undertaking to say the least, but I decided with my very first follower Gypsy Rose Lee that this was going to be my goal here on the hub pages. My intention here is not only to thank each and every single one of my first 100 followers, but to make this hub like no other on the entire hub pages.

This one of a kind hub is not going to be anything fancy, but I do want to thank and mention each and every single one of my very special 100 followers who have gotten me to this level on the hub pages. This hub is meant to thank each one of you, and be a tribute to all of my followers. I would like for everyone to be 100% happy with all that I've said here, because this hub is meant to please every one of my followers. After all followers are those who put all of the fun into the hub pages!

Some of the information below was retrieved from the BIO's, where I can honestly say that I learned so much about each of my wonderful followers. I wish to sincerely apologize if anything at all in which I've written is inaccurate or upsetting to anyone. If it is, I ask that you please don't hesitate for one second to notify me in a comment, and and I'll make all necessary recommended changes for you.

#1 Gypsy Rose Lee - My very first follower ever here on the hub pages, and one of the best comment posters ever. Gypsy always leaves a beautiful comment on every hub that she visits, but most of all I will never ever forget her for becoming my very special first follower ever here on the hub pages, and for giving me my first piece of fan mail.

#2 kj force - She's from the sunshine state of Florida, and is retired from the Medical Profession. She recently published her second book, and she never fails to leave a comment or fan mail on the hubs that she visits. A very special person indeed.

#3 picklesandrufus - She's sporting a fancy pair of sunglasses as she supplies all of us with a vast variety of hubs from the beaches of Virginia. Her name is a one of a kind, but then again who am I to talk.

#4 UrsulaRose - Rose is a champion in her own right. I really owe all of of my success on the hub pages to this beautiful lady, who has been thrown just about every curve ball that life has to offer. Even though I realize that we will never meet face to face in this life, I will always cherish her and for eternity consider her my best friend.

#5 teaches12345 - She is another great comment maker, and has a vast variety of hubs like no one else. There's virtually not a hub out there in which I haven't seen her leave one of her fantastic comments

#6 Poethepoet - Poe has brought some of that charm from Charm city to all of us here on the hub pages, and has some of the most beautiful and interesting poems that anyone could hope to read on the hub pages. To read them is almost as if angles were singing in your ears.

#7 michememe - Her name is Michelle Wroten Fordham, she's from South Carolina and she leaves wonder comments. She's a single mother of two children, and having children has kept her grounded and reminded her to live is to learn. In her spare time she enjoys writing poems, reading, and working as a co-author on a novel with her sister. Writing releases her from the real world, and she enjoys visioning her characters as they take on personalities of their own.

#8 Michele Travis - My first follower from the buckeye state, with a very interesting hub about the CIA & the Hub Pages to boot. I'll never forget how she welcomed me to the hub pages with a big smiley face. . .

#9 Chris Hugh - She's a very good freelance writer from the Silicon Valley who is a proud holder of a hubbie award. She hopes to be a future ex-lawyer, and rid the world of one more lawyer.

#10 stars439 - Who became my very special 10th follower. I want to thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story about your beautiful daughter Becky. Your love goes a long long way.

#11 joyfulmommy - She's a very joyful mommy to a beautiful baby girl, who shows her happiness in the poems she's inspired to write for all of us here on the hub pages. She's inspired to write when she's happy or sad. Her favorite quote is "Enjoy your life each day because if you don't, who will?" by anonymous.

#12 chrisinhawaii - My 12th follower's name says it all. He was raised in California, and now lives in Hawaii. Talk about an exciting life. He's a freelance writer in Hawaii, where he lives with his wife and two boys. He enjoys writing from his own studies and experiences in the areas of family, fitness, and finances.

#13 Derdriu - My very lucky 13th follower Derdriu brings so much cheerful sunshine to the hub pages with all of her beautiful comments. She's an abortionist and her favorite trees are the American chestnut, and the Virginia Lily of the Valley. So with her experience as an abortionist along with her favorite trees she'll be writing about gardening, naturalist and water quality topics much of the time while here on the hub pages.

#14 shiningirisheyes - One of the happiest New Yorkers I've ever had the pleasure to meet on the hub pages. She loves spending time with spending time with her parakeet and furry friend Bella.

#15 TheHoleStory - TheHoleStory's hubs are all about a vast variety of common off the wall topics that are simply meant for our entertainment with the sole purpose of having a little fun. I was hard pressed to find a hub written by TheHoleStory which didn't make me smile. It's no wonder there are over 1,600 hubbers following TheHoleStory.

#16 Virtual Treasures - She's from the state of Michigan and she's a mother to five, works full time in Human Resources and Labor Relations, and is an amateur photographer who loves to write.

#17 mizjo - She lives in New York City, the city that never sleeps, and she says that's where the world meets. She just recently discovered the Hubpages, and never thought so many people could write so well! She's happy to join us all at the hub pages, and she hopes to soon bring the big apple to all of us in her hubs.

#18 deegle - deegle is impressed with the endless articles and facts here on the hub pages. He does an excellent job himself in contributing to the knowledge found here on the hub pages just with all of the wonderful comments that he shares on the hubs that he visits.

#19 ChristyWrites - She is both an avid writer and blogger, who is interested in how the written word can alter one's emotions, facial expressions, and appetite. Yes these were her own BIO words, but boy-o-boy can Christy write on the hub pages. I really enjoy reading her hubs.

#20 Andera - She started out on the hub pages just a few weeks before I did, and I'm so fortunate that she found me first. Her motto is to make the HubPages less boring, one Hub at a time, and she's doing a great job at it as well in my book.

#21 rajan jolly - He has an entire world of specialties to share with us all here on the hub pages. Which include poultry farming, poultry breeding, retailing of bakery products, Botany, Chemistry, and the health aspect of life. He is motivated by reading the success stories of fellow hubbers, and he has motivated with all of the knowledge in his own hubs.

#22 stessily - 2 years ago stressily wrote her first hub on Psalm 23, because it spirituality was important to her. Psalm 23 was the first psalm that she learned in childhood. She wrote her first and only novel at the young age of 12, and it was over 200 pages. Even though she has lost track of her book, it prepared her well for all of us here on the hub pages. .

#23 drmiddlebrook - My first follower from the great state of Texas, has her own collection of self-published fiction novels under her pen name, Beax Rivers. - She is a journalist, author, lifelong writer and storyteller. She is a great hubber who devotes her free time to self-publishing and helping others who want to experience the joys and rewards of non-traditional publishing.

#24 tirelesstraveler - My first hubber from the state of California, and as the mother of 3 sons she has learned to be hyperactive. Her passions are traveling, gardening, exercising and anything to do with my family. Her motto is Have passport will travel. Life is meant to be lived traveling, and she believes that laughter and an open mind sure make excellent travel companions.

#25 breakfastpop - Has an awesome cartoon profile picture that will make anyone laugh. It's always a pleasure to join him for breakfast while he cooks and talks about social and political issues that range from the serious to the seriously insane! A hubber that's not afraid to follow anyone on the hub pages

#26 Minnetonka Twin -she grew up on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, and she has an identical twin. She's had a passion for writing since she was a young girl writing in a diary and journals, and she especially loves to write poetry and short-stories. Her hubs are diverse, and she feels alive and more connected with the world around her when she writes. She loves this new age of computers and lap tops that make writing so much easier than it use to be, and the Hub pages are like a dream come true for her. When I first came across Minnetonka Twin's hubs I just had to follow her to get her just one step closer to that special 1,000 follower mark which she certainly deserves.

#27 goody7 - Goody7 hails to be from over there under the sycamore tree. In goody7's BIO it states to proceed with extreme caution, and have yourself a nice day. It's best to proceed with caution because there are some very scary stories in this collection of hubs. I wouldn't be reading any of them after dark or just before going to bed at night if I was you either. Goody7 also has an impressive 10 accolades which includes a hubnugget award for what else but "Ghostly Places".

#28 phoenix2327 - My 28th follower likes travel, and at the age of 28 she moved from New York City over the big pond and has been living in the United Kingdom ever since. She married an Englishman and have three nearly-grown children. She also enjoys needlework, reading and of coarse writing, which she has certainly used to make herself quite a name here at the hub pages.

#29 cherriquinn - She's very interested in human nature, relationships and psychological well being. She considers herself to be a complex, intelligent multi-faceted woman who is still searching for answers in life. she also works full time outside of writing and give 100%. She finds writing is a great outlet, and says the Hubpages offers her an opportunity to join a forum of writers to share views and opinions.

#30 cherylone - Loves writing and happily shares thoughts, views, and experiences with everyone in the hub page family. Loves cats, writes poems, and short stories that cover many genres. cherylone's writings reflects moods that can sometimes a bit deep, and sometimes a bit funny.

31 flashmakeit - is from the United States of America, and is a level 5 commentator who leaves wonderful & insightful comments all over the hub pages. According to the Bio is about fictional creatures cartoons, and the webmaster of this page once worked as a public servant for a recreation center. Her job title was art and craft assistant, and she loves to write about nature, art, fictional creatures, gardening and ITT.

#32 Angela Brummer - is from Lincoln, Nebraska, and has enjoyed writing for over 15 years. Her greatest joy has been God's gift of making her the mother of four beautiful children. She also has three dogs that are her little buddies, and has a passion for horses. She participates, and uses her creative skills to contribute in many fundraisers. She has also contributed greatly here on the hub pages with her hub the "Hubber Alert", where she unselfishly promotes, not her own hubs, but the hubs of others who post there. Possibly one of the the most unique, original, and wonderful ideas that has ever graced the hub pages. Way to go Angela!

#33 Five One Cows - Anyone with over 4,000 dedicated followers hailing to be from Moo-ville has funny written all over them, just as Five One Cows does. I was one of the ones who were fortunate enough to read and enjoy "The Small Bang Theory" before it disappeared from the hub pages. There's no doubt in my mind that it deserved to win a Hubbie Award for the funniest hub. The loss of "The Small Bang Theory" was a big loss for all of the hub pages, but this popular hubber was the one who showed some real class in the end.

#34 kashmir56 - is from the state of Massachusetts, and his real name is Tom. He enjoys writing, life, meeting new people, and making new friends. Tom loves music, bike riding, walking his dog, and going to the beach in the summer time. He also proudly points out that he also loves Hub pages, as I believe most all of us do now.

#35 Larry Wall - Larry is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and he has a degree in Journalism. He had a very impressive 16 year career as a newspaper reporter, and most of his newspaper career was spent as senior reporter of The Daily Review Newspaper. It's very apparent from all of Larry's well thought out comments here on the hub pages that he has an extensive background in the newspaper business, and I don't know where the hub pages would be without Larry today.

#36 xstatic - was born in great state of Texas, and has been in Eugene, Oregon for over thirty years. (Do you happen to know a Gary & Melinda Dietz?). He is happily married, has one daughter, and recently retired after many years in the title insurance business. He also served in the US Army for two years as an MP at Fort Ord, California, and enjoyed some acting in local theater years ago, as well as writes poetry and has even won and placed in some contests sponsored by the Oregon Poetry Association.

#37 Cathleena Beams - Cathleena is from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and she located me first here on the hub pages. She loves to have fun with her family, spend time with close friends, and play with her spunky little kitty cat, Jolee. Her interests include gardening although it's hard for her to now that she's living in an apartment. Cathleena enjoys writing, photography, making jewelry with beads and polymer clay, browsing the internet for interesting tidbits, and eating delicious food, especially when someone else cooks it. Her faith in Jesus flows out in her writing, however she really doesn't like to write about herself.

#38 RunningDeer - We both started on the same exact day here at the hub pages & I'm thrilled that she found me first. She is from the waving flat lands of corn, and has a family of seven who keeps her company there. She loves life, being herself, and she is currently in between undergrad and graduate school majoring in English/Creative Writing. She loves to write in the early hours of the morning and reads anytime. She hates seafood, tomato sauce, and making the bed while the blankets are still warm.

#39 suzzycue - is from Ontario, Canada and I'm glad she found me first here on the hub pages. She supports her artistic endevors by working in a restaurant in a small city of 30,000 people, and she is an artist first and writer second. She loves to create art from found objects and paint pictures with words, and is thrilled to be here among such great talent.

#40 oceansider - oceansider is from San Diego County, California and has one of the most beautiful profile photos on the hub pages of a beautiful reddish sunset, along with probably one of the biggest Bio's out there. oceansider has beautiful grown children, enjoys walking on the beach, cooking, going to the local gym, and is thankful that Jesus is coming back soon. oceansider feels accepted, and very comfortable here in this wonderful community of fellow-writers, and can't imagine ever leaving it. I can't imagine the hub pages without oceansider.

#41 Miss Kate000 - She's exploring the world of online writing from Australia. She found me first here at the hub pages, and I'm so thankful for that. She enjoys the simple things in life, and writes as she speaks. She sometimes makes mistakes along the road, but none of that matters as long as she's having fun.

#42 susanm23b - Susan's from the state of North Carolina, and loves reading and writing on HUB pages. She's very excited about finding her place in this community of writers. She's honored that one of her hubs was recognized by the Hub Pages community as a HubNugget. She's a former teacher who now home schools her three children. Susan's interests include reading, knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, cooking, drawing, and genealogy. She loves crafts and always has some kind of project going with her children.

#43 possum lover - His name definitely indicates that he likes possums, which may or may not have something to do with living in the Carolinas. He battled back and forth with hub pages over his self proclaimed "Longest Hub", but eventually the hub pages won, and classified his "Wonderful World of Possums" hub irrevocable. After getting over 1,000 followers he decided to share his secret technique with a hub on how to get followers, which is both very informative & helpful to others. Possum lover is living proof that it takes all kinds of hubbers to make the hub pages go around.

#44 kenneth avery - Kenneth is from Hamilton, Alabama, and once worked for The Journal Record newspaper, and the PROGRESS newspaper. His vast newspaper background certainly helps explain his well written fan mail & comments. Some of the best written and well thought out comments I've ever had the pleasure of reading in my life. I am so happy that we are following one another here on the hub pages. His hobbies include creative writing about daily life. He's a Christian, but not a religious fanatic. He's a Crimson Tide Football fan, and doesn't like people who are narrow-minded, judgmental, and look down on others. I'm completely with you on that one Kenneth.

#45 Rosemay50 - She was born in the Hawkes Bay, UK and is now living in New Zealand. She likes to walk along the beach, enjoys reading, and loves writing poetry. She feels very welcome here at the hub pages, which everyone hopefully does, and just published her first eBook. Go Rosemay50!

#46 always exploring - Always exploring's real name is Ruby, and she's a retired R.N. who lives in Southern Illinois. She believes in God, and believes he rules the universe. She loves to write poetry, stories about life, and she's one of the top commentators on the hub pages reaching a level 8 accolade. She's also into fitness, and loves all genres of music.

#47 feenix - He was born in L.A. California, and now lives in the big apple - New York City. He served in the U.S. Army, and he's a very proud highly decorated veteran. After his distinguished service he went on to work in the insurance industry for nearly 40 years. He's an Aries, and so am I, which is why I must like him so much. He calls himself feenix, and yes he knows the proper spelling, because he has risen from the ashes so many times. He has one of the most complete BIO's that I ever seen on the hub pages, and he left me some of the most thoughtful fan mail that I ever seen as well.

#48 pinetreehugger - This very interesting hubber hails to be from on the far left hand side of the tropical rain forest, where no one else will dare go, and says that he's the undercover hubbless hubber. Even though he's been holding off on writing his first hub now for over a year, he's certainly doing something right with over 300 followers. I'm definitely going to follow his advice and not hold my breath, while waiting on his first hub. I'm sure when it's finally published, it'll be a wonderful work of perfection.

#49 Mr Nice - He's from north America, and has an incredible 70 hubs that have been viewed over one million times. His BIO page is filled with quotes from famous people like Ronald Reagan, Sophy Burnham, Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, and Conrad Hilton. In the four years that Mr. Nice has been on the hub pages, he has really made a popular name for himself.

#50 jill of alltrades - Jill is from the Philippines, and she says she's the Jill of all trades and master of some. She's into almost anything that involves creativity, and she's a retired university science professor. She still teaches occasionally but her passion now is photography and writing. Topics that inspire Jill are photography and arts, mind and self development, healing and wellness, nature, spirituality, travel and science. She really is the Jill of all trades, and her hubs certainly reflect all of the experience, and knowledge that she has.

#51 Shannon Paigah - She's from Irvine, California, and she's an entrepreneur, wife and mom of two. She's been lucky enough to start her own company and combine her passion for weddings and charity. She says the best part of her job is that she gets to scour the world for unique and beautiful wedding favor boxes & packaging, while visiting amazing wedding destinations. Shannon is probably the best person on all of the hub pages to visit, if you are seeking wedding advice.

#52 Teylina - Has an impressive 10 accolades, and can't cope without writing. Says Life's not boring, and can cope without money. Teylina is a substitute teacher in high school, and a confirmed beachcomber. Teylina is old enough to say been there, done that, and not going back, which is a wonderful way of looking at life.

#53 wwolfs - She came across the hub pages not long ago and she's looking forward to writing and sharing some hubs. I have enjoyed reading everything so far that she's written for all of us here on the hub pages. Her writing is inspired mostly by her experiences and the things that interest her. She also enjoys writing fiction, and has always enjoyed reading and writing.

#54 heavenleigh707 - She resides in Northern Colorado with her husband and two children. She loves Fred Alastair's dancing, Johnny Depp's acting, Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell. She is an extremely talented person. She began her creative journey as a singer/songwriter, producing and recording two albums. She self published the book "Nina’s Story" on 2011. Her book has fans from all over the world in the United States, Sweden, France, Canada, Australia, Italy and the Netherlands. She's now working on writing her second book in the "Nina’s Story" series. Best of luck to you heavenleigh707.

#55 Sueswan - She's from Fort William, Ontario, and has been living in Toronto since 1976. She hated living there at first but now she says she wouldn't live anywhere else in the world. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and she's a big Elvis Presley fan. She's a quiet wallflower at cocktail parties, but when the music begins playing she's the first one out on the dance floor.

#56 dmop - He's from Cambridge City, Indiana, and he's been a member of the hub pages for over two years now, but only started to get really active lately. He's an IT professional with a degree in Computer Information Technology, and he also builds and designs webpages. Some of his interests include music, poetry, philosophy, religion, science, and nature. He have always considered himself a writer at heart, but has only shared his work with a few close friends in the past. After he discovered Hub Pages and read some of the great articles he have decided to share his writing with the world, and we all are so glad that he decided to make that decision.

#57 Wesley Meacham - He was born in Pensacola, Florida and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. He's currently living in Wuhan China where he teaches English as a second language. He found me first and the two of us hit 58 followers here on the hub pages at the same time, but when I followed him back he moved up to 59 followers. He is the impressive Winner of a Hubnugget award, and he views the hub pages as part of what will eventually become a larger net strategy. The articles he writes on hub pages are drawn from his own personal experiences. He enjoys writing about places that he has been to and things that He has done or seen. He's written one novel that has not been published yet, plus he's working on two other writing projects in addition to articles that he's writing for hub pages. He's interested in travel, culture, history, online education, language learning, teaching, psychology, coffee, and tea.

#58 Handicapped Chef - Handicapped Chef Carlton Haynes is from Radcliff Kentucky, has been a member of the hub pages for over four years, and he's a professional chef by trade who loves to cook. A few years ago, Carlton had to stop cooking because of his physical disability, but determined to live a normal life, with the support of family he has returned with a new zest and a renewed love of cooking. Carlton studied at The Restaurant School of Philadelphia, and he's the owner of Triple H Catering and Consulting Service and Chef Brand Food. He is currently a food writer for DV8 weekly an online lifestyle magazine, and he has co-written the Digital Cookbook, Volume 1, with Shadeed Eleazer. Carlton developed “Spice it up Seasonings”, which is his signature line of spices and seasoning.

#59 mattdigiulio - He's from Vermont, and he has written some amazing hubs that have earned him 12 accolades to include the coveted hubnugget. He's a nationally syndicated music journalist with over seven years experience as a freelance writer, and blogger. He has built a wealth of knowledge while losing all of his money. Puppies can't stand him, tomato stands won't hire him, but I think he's awesome.

#60 mpoche4 - She's from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and she is proud of the culture and opportunities that the great state of Louisiana has to offer. She's a wife, proud aunt, and proud mother of 2 dogs. Some of the things that she loves about life are her violin, husband, pets, family, friends, religious freedom, running, rainy days, accomplishments, education, freedom, good health, creating anything, celebrations, and music. She says her writing strength is short stories. She loves to write about a variety of topics on Hub pages, and her secret passion will always be writing.

#61 Seek-n-Find - She's from the great state of Illinois. She has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Spiritual Formation and Ministry. Along with her husband she's a commissioned, licensed, and ordained minister. She's a teacher, writer, prayer counselor, and a speaker. Her teaching experience spans from preschool through middle school, in both the public and private school settings. She started off with her husband in a tiny apartment and didn't have much in terms of earthly possessions. They have shelves of books and journals full of ideas and dreams where most people have their cable television boxes. She has a massive BIO on the hub pages like no one else, and I can't even begin to do her justice here. I strongly encourage everyone to visit Seek-n-Find on the hub pages, and read her wonderful story.

#62 rutley - She's from Dorothy, New Jersey, and she sent me some wonderful fan mail welcoming me from the great state of New Jersey. She's a mother of five, grand mom of five, and one of 15 brothers and sisters. She painted her own profile picture, which is the mouth of a great white shark, that's hanging on a wall over her bed. It used to scare her kids to death to sleep in there, but later on they realized they weren't going to bed as shark bait. In just 7 months she has amassed over 700 followers, and I'm thrilled to have come in at number 713. At her current pace of 100 followers a month, in just a year she'll have.............Well you do the math.

#63 harmony155 - She's from Atlanta, Georgia, and she's a do it yourself kind of girl. She doesn't like to rely on others if she can accomplish something on her own. That goes for most things in life including her hair and nails. She thinks that the hub pages is the perfect medium to share her do-it-yourself techniques with others. She has some of the most amazing how-to hubs on all of the hub pages. I'm sure that there's a lot of hubbers out there, which includes myself, that have learned something from her.

#64 Goody5 - Goody5's real name is Sylvester McMonkey McBean, and he is from below the Mason-Dixon line in Bohville, USA. I found that tremendous things were in store for me inside of Goody5's hubs. I thoroughly agree with his claim that when you pass through the entrance of his hubs that you will be greeted by intrigue, mystic, marvelous surprises, and delight beyond any measure. Goody5 also offers the only "100% Follow Back Guarantee" on all of the hub pages, which helps explain why he has nearly 1,100 followers. He started following me after he discovered another one of his cousins - goody7 was already following me. He has a third cousin - goody6 here on the hub pages, and one day I hope to be friends with all three.

#65 silverstararrow - silverstararrow's real name is Arati, who's an engineering undergraduate student from South India. For a long time Arati wished to remain a face in the crowd, however that's all changing, and I'm glad we are now friends on the hub pages. Arati enjoys traveling, mingling with people, making new friends, soft music, and heated discussions on topics of interest. Poetry writing takes up most of Arati's free time. When in school Arati was an athlete with a special interest in badminton, basketball, volleyball, and over the years has found more solace in reading & writing than anything else.

#66 Vincent Moore - He was born and raised in Montreal Canada in another time. Vincent Moore formerly known as the hubber Saddlerider pens his thoughts about many things and has a writing style all of his own. He left home at the age of 17 to find his way in the world. He took acting lessons, and hoped to some day become an actor, writer, playwright or painter. He studied the Arts and loves to draw and paint. He has taken up the pen and found his way to Hub pages, and enjoys the many talented writes of fellow hubbers. His Bio, much of which is used right here, is a work of art all in itself. He has contributed greatly to the hub pages, and will always have a place to call home here at the hub pages.

#67 Pamela Kinnaird W - She's a writer at heart from Maui, who likes probably everyone else on the hub pages. Pamela enjoys writing on the hub pages because of the diverse and talented writers. She puts everything aside to have a chance to be with family. She's a former bodily injury examiner and negotiator, and she's returning back to the university to explore her options. She loves animals, and believes the trap, neuter, and return program is the best way to help the feral cat population where she lives. Researching and teaching family history has been a hobby of hers for almost 35 years, and she loves to learn about her ancestors.

#68 anupma - Dr. Anupma is from Allahabad, India. She's here to share her feelings with all of us on the hub pages, and among her 28 wonderful hubs she has an entire line up of great poetry. She's very fond of literature specially poems and novels, which really shows in her writing. She's a feminist and wants to explore Indian women's lives. I personally got the distinct pleasure of being anupma's 100th follower here on the hub pages.

#69 KathyH - She's from Las Vegas, Nevada, and she's a member of the HubPages Elite. She's married, a mother of twins, has two wonderful grand-daughters, and two cats. She had a lot of adventures moving, and living in six different states, due to her Husband being in the Air Force for 20 years. She enjoys writing, and was on the school newspaper staff throughout High School. She has since have kept on writing, but she didn't have an outlet for her creativity until she found HubPages, where she has won a HubNugget.

#70 samister - samister is from India, and is an engineering student doing in Electronics and Communication Engineering field. She likes to make friends which are true and trust full, and she has an exciting website called Starshunt. She is another wonderful hubber who found me first here on the hub pages!

#71 kittyjj - She graduated from UC Berkeley, and she's a stay at home mom with three wonderful children. She has always fancied herself as a writer ever since she was little, which was inspired by her father. She says she has found herself drowning in the sea of knowledge and information here on the hub pages, and enjoys absorbing it like a sponge. She won a hub nugget award with her very first hub, and is thankful to everyone for their support.

#72 formosangirl - She's from Los Angeles, And loves researching and have been nicknamed - Girl Detective. She's a proud and experienced mother of two children and loves doing activities with her children. She was thrilled when she discovered the hub pages and enjoys the process of sharing what she has learned. She's an active parent in school, and she's volunteered for the gifted program at her son's school.

#73 gail641 - Her name is Gail, and she was born in the small Midwestern town of New Hampton, Iowa, and has lived in the state of Iowa all of her life. Gail has a nine year old female cat named Bessie, and she's taking care of her niece's cat Sasha. Gail went to Kaplan University, and when she was in high school she took a class in Creative writing. I Can see from her hubs that she really learned a lot in that creative writing class, and in her bio she really did a beautiful job of introducing all of us to her wonderful family.

#74 - Jade0215 - Jade is from the great state of Texas, and invites you to ask if you have any questions for her. Jade has an amazing 22 hubs, and she says that you can add her on Facebook ,Twitter, and Pinterest. Jade is also a real go getter on the hub pages when it comes to getting followers.

#75 vocalcoach - She's from Nashville, Tennessee, and loves being of service to others. She's a long time vocal coach and piano instructor with a background in performance. After tragically losing a son, her heart began to heal after she found the hub pages. She feels that writing for Hub pages is both a privilege and a joy, and she finds it both healing and rewarding as well. She considers the friendships that she's found here at the hub pages to be both supportive and amazing, and she's an exceptionally good writer who has been awarded a hubnugget award.

#76 MarleneB - She's from Northern California, and along with her husband runs a ministry. They focus on serving others as they come into their lives. She graduated with a bachelor of science degree at San Jose State University. She's a wonderful writer, and has twelve out of the fourteen accolades that the hub pages has to offer. Marlene's personal interest include art museums & galleries, theater arts, music, world travel, photography, and gardening. She has an out of this world Bio, that I really can't even begin to do her just here on it. So when you get a chance, please stop by and visit Marlene and read her great Bio for yourself.

#77 WillStarr - Will is from Phoenix, Arizona, and his fourth grade teacher Mrs. Greene, set in motion a life-long love of writing for him. His first love is the old west, but occasionally he steps out of character, and writes about something a little more contemporary. Will has won several writing awards along with 11 hub page accolades, which are all highlighted with a prestigious hubbie award. He hopes you enjoy his scribblings!

#78 kimh039 - Kim has one of the cutest blonde profile pictures on all of the hub pages. In just 2 years she has written 75 hubs on informative articles related to health, mental health, substance abuse & addiction, healthcare & health insurance with an emphasis on positive coping & recovery. She has written other articles about road trips, shopping, fashion, philosophy, consumer behavior, internet games, technology, and social issues. she also has a small collection of poems and short stories for all of us to enjoy here on the hub pages.

#79 prettydarkhorse - She is from the U.S., and ever since she was a kid has had a gift of understanding people. She believes that every person has a good heart and that we all have the potential to care for each other. She also likes studying different cultures and she has had the opportunity to travel to different places around the world. She's a mom who likes to share and make a difference in the world through her writings, and wants the world to be a better place for our children. She use to work in an academic institution, taught college students and conducted social researches. She also has a Masters degree in Demography and is a very well respected hubber here on the hub pages.

#80 Glimmer Twin Fan - She's a stay at home mom with a wonderful 9 year old. She's an older mom who's learning to deal with aging parents and a child who doesn't need her as much as she used to. In her previous life she was a Director of Finance and Grants Administrator at various non profits. Currently she's a substitute teacher and volunteer at a couple of organizations. She's been quilting for 20 years and loves craft, travel, and learning new things. The Hub Pages is way for her to branch out, and we are all enjoying her many contributions here.

#81 N.E. Wright - She's from the Bronx, New York, and has accumulated an impressive 1,700 plus followers in her 3 years here at the Hub Pages. She loves to write, and she has a son who loves to watch her write on the computer so he can read it as she types. Her son thinks she types way too fast. She has studied fictional writing, because creating stories are a passion she has had since she was twelve years old, and she has a love for writing articles, poems, novels, and short stories. On The Hub pages she mostly writes articles on things that she knows about or has learned about from others. You may also see a poem, short story or two, and maybe some novel chapters written from her here. I have found enjoyment from all of her hubs, and she will always be a very special friend of mine. I will always be thankful to the hub pages for bringing the two of us together in this world.

#82 joanveronica - She's a proud senior citizen who has retired after a long and active working life. She's a Chilean citizen with dual nationality status who's also a registered UK national. She's bilingual, and fluent in both English and Spanish. For the greater part of her life she has been involved one way or another with educational organizations, at a primary, secondary, and University levels. She has a teaching degree in Math and a Master´s degree in Education. She started out as a math teacher, and now she's teaching English to non native speakers, at a Berlitz Center in Concepcion, Chile. She studied piano for several years, and stills play for personal enjoyment. She especially likes Argentine tangos, R&B, and oldies pop music, Thanks to her mother´s guidance she has always been proficient at hand crafts. She especially likes embroidery, crochet, knitting, and the like. She's a voracious reader and a researcher of mind development methods in general. She hopes that this is a good way to prevent senility.

#83 Bella Nina - Bella is from the U.S.A. In her Hub Page BIO she's says that she's a woman in love, and a woman alone. Like many others she has chosen this avenue to express events common, and uncommon in her life as it pertains to the relationships that brings her both great joy and profound grief. All of the writing contained in Bella's Hubs are her own proud original work.

#84 KeithJK - Keith's from the interesting place of Writers Block, South Carolina. He's a writer, philosopher, and a musician. Keith's motto is "I work to live, I write to live forever". His writing are aimed to help and entertain his readers. Keith has a personal site, a happy site, a music site, a writing site, and a Fallen Angel Series. He ask that you please follow him, and in return he will take you on a journey.

#85 Lora Palmer - Lora is from Warrington, Pennsylvania, and I had the pleasure of becoming her 100th follower here at the hub pages. She has been writing creatively on a regular basis for at least 10 years now, including role play and fan fiction. She's also done a little blogging here and there. Lora got a little bit lonely blogging without a community, and the chance to participate in a quality writing community led her here to the Hub Pages. She says that the Hub Pages is a place for her to showcase her creative writing and publish any of the short stories that she may have in mind to eventually write. She currently has a project in progress.

#86 manlypoetryman - He's from Houston, Texas, and he's boldly writing poems where no man has gone before. I really like his profile photo of the old Farmall tractor, and my reason for that is because I have an old 1955 Ford model 860 that I wouldn't trade for anything in this world. He's married with two children, and he attended one college in East Texas out of high school, but graduated from a small college in Oklahoma. He has a Bio that is longer than most of the hubs here at the hub pages, which I can hardly begin to do justice for here. His topics include, but are not limited to, outdoor & nature themes, traveling & personal journey's, spirit of a warrior stuff, motivational stuff, cowboy-isms, Texas-isms, manly-isms, his own political views, some nonsense & kooky stuff, anything Southwest U.S., current news topics, misc. fun ramblings, historical stuff, and especially a big emphasis on those who have served our Country - military stuff.

#87 Movie Master - Her real name is Lesley, and she's from the United Kingdom. She's passionate about nature, wildlife and the countryside and all that is in abundance where she lives in the beautiful Wye Valley, England along with her husband. She's a keen photographer and enjoys taking photos, and she's always looking for that magical photo moment. She gave up a career in banking 6 years ago to start her own company called Make Me a Movie, which is based in the United Kingdom & offers a range of photo DVD professional services. She feels that the Hub Pages is an amazing community and offers a wonderful opportunity to write. She's always very grateful to everyone who so kindly comments on her hubs.

#88 Credence2 - He's from the exotic island state of Hawaii, and he's a recently retired federal employee, having a total of almost 33 years of combined civilian and military service. He lived within the Denver metro area during his employment with the federal government, who he says was a great employer. He earned a BA in History back in 1976, a topic that is a passion of his, particularly American History. He's an avid fan of any book or film that deals with the concepts of space and time travel. Outside of his fascination with stock market investments and marketing, he is bored to tears with business administration. He's a devout political junkie, fascinated with the ideological divide and associated debate. In the midst of all of this there's his wife, three golden retrievers, and white tabby cat.

#89 WebsiteConfetti - She's from Australia, and loves to write articles online. She doesn't specialize in any one topic, as she prefers to write on what ever is on her mind that day. If you need a little inspiration for writing topics check out her hub 101 Ideas For Article Topics on Hub Pages. She says what you think are her typos might just be the way Australians spell words differently.

#90 SusieQ42 - She's originally from Upstate NY, but now lives in sunny Lakeland, Florida. She's the proud mother of 5 great grown kids, and a grandmother of 9, ranging from 2 to 20. She has a Bachelors degree in Health and Human Services, and enjoyed working at a juvenile correctional facility helping teenage boys get their lives back on track. She has also worked in a homeless shelter cooking for as many as 50 people at a time and as a night dispatcher with 25 truck drivers to keep track of. She loves to write about great artists, missionaries, poems with a meaning, and scriptural advice.

#91 LivingFood - Living food decided to start writing on the hub pages to help spread the news about raw and living foods, and how they can help us to live long and healthy lives. There's all types of great information packed into Livingfood's BIO, and hubs about how these foods can help to keep you young and healthy. So don't hesitate in visiting my special 91st follower.

#92 dahoglund - dahoglund has worked in newspaper writing, business writing, technical writing, and is retired from The Dept of the Army in Rock Island, Illinois. The subjects dahoglund has written on include Western history, history of Indians, history of Art, creative writing, American history, history of dog breeds, and traditional and cowboy music. dahoglund's background is in the the study of Ameican Culture with a degree from the University of Minnesota, and a certificate in Graphic Arts from Century College in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, and also for anyone who is interested there's a free ebook called Guest Ranch.

#93 ImKarn23 - She uses humor and sarcasm to get her through the day, and the cold of Canada. She adores her dog, tolerates her kids, and enjoys poker, Harleys, yoga, dancing, horses, shoes, and words. She specializes in human psychology, fitness, current events, celebrities, fashion, and men. Her mission is to learn, inform, and amuse. She tries to be grateful for every single day, and believes that life's too short for envy and anger. Her wish is that people could be kinder to one another. She would like for you if you absolutely adore what she writes to feel free to share it with all your friends and neighbors.

#94 Lipnancy - She's from Hamburg, New York, and is an average person just like you. She hopes the information in her articles are educational and entertaining for you and your family. The main theme throughout all of her articles is not to be the expert or know it all on the subjects, but to provide simple truths to make your life easier. She says that after 21 years in the professional world of social work and fundraising, she teaches average people to earn income online and make information available for healing their lives. Her three main teachings to everyone that will be expressed in her writing are, there is always a solution, knowledge is power, and never take yourself to seriously.

#95 DFiduccia - He's from Las Vegas, Nevada where he & his wife just love it, and in the early sixties he helped form a duo called the Romancers. Sometime later he was apart of a quartet named the Paramour who signed a contract with Mercury Records on their subsidiary label Smash Records, and they had some guest TV appearances. His story with music gets even more fascinating in his BIO, which all could easily be turned into a movie some day. He finished college, became a teacher, started writing, and with his first manuscript he earned a contract to publish the book, Incidents at Balboa, with Siren BookStrand. With writing he says he found the good life.

#96 billybuc - He was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, and he has lived in Washington, Oregon, Vermont and Alaska. He graduated from Seattle University with degrees in Marketing and Economics and from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Education. He was a classroom teacher, owned and operated three businesses, and held 25 other jobs over the years. He has a son, and is single but is in a serious relationship that will last a lifetime. He's a student of life who's interested in anything and everything. His hobbies include hiking, fishing, exploring, reading, gardening and writing. Writing at one time was a hobby for him, but it has since developed into a passion. He tries to capture the emotions in life, and find humor in most situations.

#97 old albion - He's from Lancashire, England, and his name is Graham. He's now retired and has been married for 44 years. He hopes to make new friends, have a few laughs, and help a few people along the way. He intends to write on various topics and themes, and hopes that you find all of his efforts interesting. Graham and his wife are both young at heart and treat every day as a new opportunity, and they were in the Ladies Hairdressing business for many years. Graham was also in the civil engineering and construction business, and his work took him to Europe many times as well as visits to Southern Ireland.

#98 Efficient Admin - Her name is Michelle, and she's from Charlotte, North Carolina. Her interests include swimming, hiking in the mountains, wave runners, dogs, designing documents into camera ready format, interior design, cooking, and touring historical architecture. She has many years experience as an Administrative Assistant and she's currently building a Freelance business on the side. Her experience includes event planning, teaching computer software at basic and intermediate levels, project management, facilities planning, designing and formatting complex documents using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

#99 jenubouka - She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and she can see herself someday heading off to a tropical land far away from the states. She has spent the last ten years as a chef, and her knowledge in the culinary arts reigns high. She also knows a little bit about other topics and random uselss information. She welcomes new adventures, and reminiscing the old. She says readers will detect some level of dark humor through it all.

#100 Ella Quirk - Ella who's my very special 100th follower gave me the green light to finally write this hub for all of my followers. She writes in various places across the web, but began her own online writing journey right here at Hub Pages. She says if you feel you have something to say, then why not write it down, and get it off your chest here at the hub pages. That's great advice Ella for stress relief!


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    • kj force profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      KangaYankeeDoo...WOW....I must have been very new here on I never saw/read this...Thank you so much for your beautiful words and recognition .guess I'm still wandering in the halls here at " HPU "....saw this open door and walked in. glad I did... will check out your other writes..

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you so much for the tribute to all of us....this was very thoughtful, and I enjoyed reading it very much!

      Take care,


    • profile image

      Lady Wolfs 

      7 years ago

      Really nice hub. Thank you much for writing this for everyone. That was really kind of you and I know that was a good amount of work to do for each follower. I didn't notice it before, sorry, and I have since redid my profile with Lady Wolfs instead of wwolfs. You did a nice job.

      Voted up!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      7 years ago

      Hello, Kanga. Honored to be a part of this tribute. I enjoy your posts and look forward to many more to come. You gave some wOnderful followers here and I recognize many. Thanks.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      KangaYankeeDoo you are such a Charmer!!! I feel so guilty for being MIA for so long and not catching up with my ol' mate sooner ... please forgive me (although I know you will).

      I absolutely love this Hub Article, which you have written with true compassion and wit, without a $-sign in sight. I too am so glad that we crossed paths and become great friends in doing so.

      One thing for certain that I can rely on when my world is crumbling through being in pain is being 'loved from afar' by my good friends, KangaYankeeDoo, TheHoleStory, Goody5 and a whole bunch of other Hubbers.

      Thanks mate for bringing a tear to my eye and a smile on my dial ... you truly are a most inspirational friend. :-)

    • TheHoleStory profile image


      7 years ago from Parsons, West Virginia

      This is the first time in almost two years since I've been on the hub pages, that anyone has went to so much trouble to mention me in one of their hubs. You went through a tremendous amount of work to create this wonderful hub as a tribute to ALL of your followers, and I for one would really like to thank you.

    • Teylina profile image


      7 years ago

      Believe me, I believe you when you say that's what hubpages is all about. It's natural to follow/meet up with some more than others--that's what friendship's all about! We're like a big family--we even criticize and disagree with each other without fear! Fab hub! And thanks not only for my inclusion, but giving me this awesome list to check out some I don't know!

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      7 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Your writing and creativity is what draws so many and the future is bright for more.

      Congratulations and many blessings!!!!

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      7 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      Congratulations and Thanks for the mention.

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Congratulations on 100 followers, you have put so much work into this hub, it's a wonderful way to say thank you to your followers, thank you very much for my mention.

      Happy writing to you and voting up!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      7 years ago

      Kangayankeedoo, you have moved me with your touching tribute. I thank you for the honorable mention here and for your support. Your hub allowed me to know some of my fellow hubbers in a more personal way. I do follow many of these and have them as support of my writing. Great way to thank those who are loyal to you. May God bless you richly on your life's journey. Voted up!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Thank you and congratulations. Wonderful tribute..Cheers

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi my friend, yes followers is what makes HubPages so wonderful and i always enjoy meeting new followers. Thank you to for being my follower has well and wishing you much success here on Hubpages ! Looking forward to read more of your hubs . :-)

    • breakfastpop profile image


      7 years ago

      Congratulations and thank you!

    • snowdrops profile image


      7 years ago from The Second Star to the Right

      Wow! Amazing! Congrats for 101 followers now!

    • phoenix2327 profile image

      Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      I couldn't agree more, KangaYankeeDoo. The community here is like none I've experienced before. Everyone is so supportive. So Google can do it's worst; as long as we have each other we'll do fine. (Good God, how cheesy was that?)

      Oh...and thanks for including me on your list. That's really nice.

    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 

      7 years ago from UK

      This is an outstanding way to thank your followers- wonderful tribute and nicely done Kanga. I think I am about to become your 101. voted up!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi KangaYankeeDoo

      It was very kind and thoughtful of you to thank your followers, one that I am happy to say is me. We have a great community of kind and caring people here on hubpages.

      Glad to be following you and I look forward to reading more of your hubs.

      Voted up and away

      Have a good weekend. :)

    • flashmakeit profile image


      7 years ago from usa

      It is a wonderful feeling to follow someone so considerate of other hubbers. I am number 31. Thank you so much for all your hard work and I happy you now have 100 followers and hope you get many more.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 

      7 years ago

      Very kind comments. Thank you very much. You have much to offer.

    • A K Turner profile image

      Joseph A K Turner 

      7 years ago from West Yorkshire

      I love inKarn, one of my heroes, she is part of a writers co-operative on facebook I am in. Such a cool way to spread the word, what a wonderful way to celebrate getting one hundred followers!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      7 years ago from Olympia, WA

      You have a pretty impressive group of followers! Thank you for this; I follow almost all of these people and they are quality for sure. Well done!

    • drmiddlebrook profile image

      Sallie B Middlebrook PhD 

      7 years ago from Texas, USA

      So true, all. And what a wonderful heart you have, to say thanks in such a creative, memorable way. Thank you for this!!!


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