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The 30 Hubs 30 Days Challenge Experience

Updated on March 31, 2012

In light of the HubPages March 2012 Know-It-All Contest, I decided it was time to do the the 30 hubs in 30 days challenge. This was the perfect opportunity for me to be motivated by the chance of winning cash prizes and inspired by questions from others. I could branch out of my usual niche and show the community that I know more than just what the dozen hubs I previously published suggested. I had a few goals for follower count, networking, and hub views already lined up for March and the challenge in combination with the contest would be an awesome way to reach those goals.

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I Can Totally Do This

With my goal set to write 30 hubs in 30 days answering 30 questions, I started March off great! I had spent the few days before March prepping hubs by finding questions I knew I could (and wanted to!) answer easily. I started some outlines and knew I would have plenty of hubs to write. If I was lucky, I would even have some left over to start April off with a bang, too! I felt inspired by the number of fellow hubbers who heard my call and joined in on the adventure. I was realistic enough to know that things would come up during the month to slow me down, but I knew I could knock out all 30 with no problem. For the first nine days, I was moving along, publishing a hub a day. Nothing would stop me from meeting my goals.

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That's Life, But I Can Make It!

Then came day 10 and all hope was lost. The roommate that moved in during the first few days of March did not work out. His alcoholism brought about very dark memories and emotions I have not had to confront in several years and put me into a state of high anxiety. On day 10, I kicked the roommate out and was far too rattled to concentrate on the nearly completed hub I had lined up for that night. I told myself I would give myself the night to get my nerves straightened out and catch up the next day.

It would take me a couple days before I could sit myself down calmly to write, and I knocked out two more hubs. As if a message to just quit while I was ahead, the 11th hub was met with a troll (or at least a hubber wearing a troll costume for the night). Given the emotional state I was in, this tore at me even though I normally shrug such irrational thinking off. Instead of laughing about it, I found myself ranting instead. This sparked an interesting discussion among hubbers about this sort of negativity that is more common than I first realized. We shared opinions and advice on the matter with one another. Some of us differed as to whether we agreed negative, even hostile, comments should be blocked or not, but we all shared the belief that HubPages is meant to be a positive community for writers who are professional.

This community support sparked my second wind. I took my birthday off away from the computer to completely unwind so I could get back to work on my writing. Coming back to see all the birthday wishes reminded me that I had a whole network of fellow writers there to keep pushing me forward. A few hubs later and some comments on that same hub from before was bombarded with more irrational negativity. When the question of why I blocked a comment came up followed by more of the same negativity, I decided at least an answer to that question was deserved. I stood my ground and shared my stance on why I censor hubs including points brought up during the earlier discussion. With that out of the way, nothing would stop me from meeting my goal.

Wait! Where Did March Go?

The rest of the month turned out busier than anticipated. Trying to juggle my usual lists of priorities with some unexpected tasks here and there and attempting to avoid burnout while enjoying the great weather, the days went by quick. Everyday I sat down with my planner and outlined what days I could write which hubs. Each time, I was fully aware of how easy I could fit the last hubs in. I was behind, but I had plenty of spare time before the the 30th to reach my goal.

Then, completely out of nowhere (or so it seemed), it was the 28th and I had written only 23 hubs. I had three days to knock out seven more hubs. Unfortunately, I ran out of time among other tasks that day to complete any writing. I figured I could knock out four on the 29th. I even got quite a bit done that day. But, alas, no hubs were complete enough for publishing. Then came the final day, the 30th. By the time I returned home from work, I looked again at the deadline of the contest and sighed. Only 23 hubs where I had planned for 30.

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In terms of completing the challenge as I had laid it out for myself, yes. However, I look at all my goals and know this month was a huge success! I wanted to reach 100 followers and 50 hubs by the end of March prior to beginning this challenge. I also wanted to raise my traffic to provide earnings at least twice that of the previous month. In doing so, I wanted to do some networking. As these goals came first, they were to be the end result of completing a 30/30 challenge.

On March 31st, 2012, I have 103 followers (had two more but they apparently decided they did not like me as much as they thought at first). I have published 50 hubs (this hub marks 51). My goal to earn at least $2.68 (double February earnings) was blown away. As of March 30th, the March earnings are $5.67; more than twice the goal! As for networking, I did not make only a few new contacts, but have met dozens of new hubbers and am now part of a fast-growing network of writers who take their craft as seriously as I do.

I may not have completed the 30/30 challenge, but I met half my goals and far exceeded the other half for the month. Had I not participated at all, I would not have been so fortunate. Despite all that has gone wrong for my personal challenge, the experience has definitely made an immensely positive impact. If you have not given the hub challenge a go, you may just want to step up to the plate and see how many of your goals you can knock out of the stadium!

Hub #26/30 for March Challenge.

© 2012 Evylyn Rose


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    • Evylyn Rose profile image

      Evylyn Rose 5 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Turtlewoman, thank you! That I encouraged others is perhaps the best part of the whole experience. ;)

      bred, Welcome to HubPages! I felt the same way when I first joined. A couple months in, though, I realized I wouldn't know until I tried! Thanks for the comment and good luck when you embark on your first challenge!

      DMartelonline, congrats on completing your challenge! Thanks for the comment. :)

      passthejelly, Thank you! ^_^ I may not have completed all goals, but accomplishing all the rest is definitely in the right direction. We can't all excel at everything. I'm not about to lose motivation when I met all my other goals. ;)

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 5 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Wow! Congratulations on your success. Truly great people are able to set goals and achieve them. Fantastic work!

    • profile image

      DMartelonline 5 years ago

      I think you did just fine. I did manage to get mine done but I really blew the questions ;)

    • bredandagnes profile image

      bredandagnes 5 years ago from Ireland

      wow i'm exhausted just thinking about it! have recently joined and thinking about 30 day challenge-but no way ready yet!Well done-great read

    • Turtlewoman profile image

      Kim Lam 5 years ago from California

      We're proud of you Evylyn! What's more important is the outcome; you've successfully reached important goals that really matter in terms of earnings, followers, and all that good stuff! And you encouraged 30 other hubbers to meet their goals! Keep trekking! :-)Thanks