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The 52nd Hub

Updated on October 6, 2012

“Whatever is learned deepens the mystery of the Tao ...

“Whatever is learned deepens the mystery of the Tao. Who can find the whole in parts? Somehow each understanding makes the Tao deeper and more elusive.” –Ray Grigg

Looking in retrospect over the past fifty-one hubs, I would say that these were mostly a journal of experiences, insights and lessons being learned from them. There seems to be a different lesson each time or a different take on a same lesson on subsequent hubs. As they say, it’s all amazing and yet not surprising to find so much adventure when one is determined to be a lifelong learner.

Yet as in the cycles of the seasons, there is time for learning and time for rest, attending to the obvious rather than the subtler lessons of the spirit. The 52nd hub then in contrast to the previous hubs will focus on the process (the more obvious, in contrast to delving upon spiritual lessons) of improving a previously published hub, The Lord's Prayer: A Contemplation, in the light of the advice provided by How to Update Hubs to Increase Traffic.

Determining Which Hub to Update

The advice is to choose hubs that “have been published for over a year, are already seeing traffic, AND haven't been updated in the last year.”

Updating the “The Lord's Prayer: A Contemplation

1. “Analyze your keyword data”. This referred to keyword data and title tuner, which I did not consider necessary considerations, as it seems that the title of this hub has sufficiently attracted readership and keyword contents of the hub have already been captured by search engines (around 50% of views came from successful searches).

2. “Add new content to your Hub.” The plan is to add some links and/or videos. Remains to be seen, but seems to be the most applicable action item.

3. “Add original photos.” Doable as well.

4. “Add a poll, table or other meaningful capsule to your Hub”. Add a poll to ask whether reader has ever contemplated on The Lord’s Prayer and if another perspective or insight into the prayer was revealed from the contemplation.

5. “Remove or fix broken links.” Not applicable. No broken links to fix.

6. “Answer your title's question.” Not applicable. Title is relevant to hub body.

7. “Analyze your view duration.” This is something quite surprising to learn, but disappointing at the same time. “View duration … If you have three or more stars, congratulations! You have created an intriguing Hub!” The hub qualified and this whetted my appetite to check the stats for the other hubs as well. But to my frustration, I get “-not measured yet-” as information for view duration for the two other year-old hubs I checked.

8. “Reduce eBay and Amazon offers.” Not applicable. To this day, I do not understand the advantage of including such offers in a hub, except maybe to refer to a book that is relevant to the hub topic. Since there is a disadvantage to including these offers, I decided not to include them among the updates.

9. “Comments. … Comments Capsule: Change your comments capsule to display newest comments first. Many Hubbers have older Hubs that have been around for years. Comments that are new showcase fresh and up-to-date thoughts and ideas.” This is very applicable and something I will definitely apply as update. It is definitely practical to see the most recent comment at the top of the thread, to be able to respond immediately without needing to scroll further down the page.

10. “Write original summaries.” which referred to … “ Learning Center guide on writing a good summary.” Hmmm. This I really have to learn then apply. Read through the guide and voted it “Useful.” My summary then goes: “Contemplating on the Lord's Prayer is one way of allowing God to communicate to us, through the context of our own life experiences.”

There are still advice items numbers 11 and 12, but they do not seem applicable, so will skip those.

This hub then is a commitment to update “The Lord’s Prayer: A Contemplation” as mentioned above.


Special thanks go to fellow hubber, pennyofheaven, for leaving an inspiring comment, providing gumption for me to keep right on when it is much needed---for the fourth and final hub of four, over a weekend hubbing marathon (considering that my normal rate is one hub per weekend)!


With all that said and this hub done, I hereby grant myself the privilege to reward me a new pair of tennis shoes! … On the occasion of my 52nd hub which I hereby post a few weeks before my 52nd birthday.


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    • Quirinus profile imageAUTHOR

      Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 

      6 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

      Same here, Julie! There's a lot to learn from the community Learning Center (I haven't even touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg), so certainly lot's to share. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Julie DeNeen profile image

      Blurter of Indiscretions 

      6 years ago from Clinton CT

      Ooh I never realized you could change the way the comments show up. Thanks! Voting up! :)


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