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The Confession of a Gang member

Updated on March 2, 2016

!My name is Aurthur, my friends calls me Bolo. People look at me and think I am one of the baddest boy in the streets, because of my attitude. I am not proud of myself or my life but I know nothing else.

I wish I could have been that little boy from a nice home with good parents but I wasn't. I grew up in a home with a mom who really tried but her life with my father was abusive and heart-breaking.. Before my grandmother died At the age of 10 I moved in with my grandmother, she kept me on the right until, she died. After Granny died I had to go back home to a drunken father and a mother who was abused every day. Mom did everything he told her to do, he made her drink and do drugs with him until she was totally hooked.

At 15 mom had no interest in me the check she got from the state was used to buy alcohol and her food stamps was sold. There was never food in the house nor did I have clothes to wear. I hit the streets looking for some one to come to me and they did. Hi kid my name is Shic,what can I do you for.? I told him my life story after I finish I knew he felted and told me I could work for him. sorry for me

. After seeing him operate I knew I wanted what he had. I took to the streets with Shic- he taught me take care of myself. Never think you can beat me because you mean nothing to me . I wanted to turn and run but I wanted the belong, what your name kid? Arthur I said in a low voice. This is my tuff I own it; guys work for me but I am the big dog, you got it. Arthur under this thousand dollar jacket I'm wearing is my protection, I'm not out here to hurt anyone, I just want the money.I am a supplier to those big time men and women in high places. Those are the ones who wear three piece suits holding on to their brief cases with Rolex's on their arms. when ever they need me I go to him, giving them what they need. Some of those big time executives are bigger crooks than I am because they are phony's. Very quickly I one of his boys, making enough money to buy sneaker and clothes. I came in and out of my parent house when ever I want without them asking me where I had been.

. When I was 16 Dad asked me to hand him a beer off the table, it slipped out of my hands, it was his last beer. God I was beat a inch of my life, I woke up in the hospital. Mom was question by the doctors and she lied and told them I was a clumsy child all my life. I looked at her with a sick feeling inside, she lied for the old man. The day I got out of the hospital i went to the streets and brought me a piece(gun), all I could do was to remember the beating I got. I went home and got my stuff and was leaving, he walked up to me with his fist ball up. For once in her life I wanted mommy to put me in her arms and tell me not to leave but she didn't.She stood there high not saying a word.

I pull the gun from under my shirt for the first time in my life I saw fear in the old man face. That day I left and never went back I blame her for the way I am, she could have took me and left. I met up with a brother in the streets who took me in and taught me the business, I was a smart kid with no book learning but I could make a dollar. I was told to never take drugs because my body was to pure to be damage by substances. I took over the streets in all communities , with no fear. I was told by the man never plan on a future in the streets because one day someone bigger with more powerful will take over. Shic-Rock my mentor was angry because I was the man on these streets.

I told you boy he pointed his finger at me,. I should have been watching but I wasn't. We had a few words the next thing I can remember is I was in a pool of blood and darkness was coming fast. My Shic-Rock had shot me, a crowd of people stood around me, Shic-Rock stood there as if nothing had happen.

I was slipping away; fast I knew I had to take him with me, I manage to find my gun with my damage hand aimed it at his head and pull the trigger. Shic-Rock fell a few feet from me starring me in the face, I got you I said you go with me. Darkness started to creep in as our souls begin to join as one .My spirit and Shic-Roc are together now we slapping hands and fading away. Before my demises I will say I lived my life by the sword and knew one day I would die by that same sword.


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