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The Dummy's Guide to Writing on HubPages

Updated on December 5, 2011

While doing research and writing, I have compiled a number of hubs that provide a sort of step-by-step guide for the new huber. These hubs, some my own and some written by other authors, provide a introductory guide to writing at HubPages.

The articles are grouped by category, and I have included the best hubs that I have written and found.

Setting up a HubPages Account

The first step in writing for HubPages is to set up a HubPages account. If you have not already, you may create an account at the following URL:

When you arrive at the HubPages home page, click on the circle on the right that says "SIGN UP NOW" or you can click on the "join" link at the top of the page.

Create Your First Hub

You either joined HubPages to engage in a meaningful writing experience or to leave comments on other peoples hubs.  If the former is the case then you need to create a hub to practice your writing skills.

Learn the Strings

You would not want to violate any rules as a new or experienced huber. Gain insight into what is and is not accepted on HubPages.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Practice, practice, practice. Each hub that you write should demonstrate some natural improvements over previous hubs. The way to improve your writing is to practice writing and when you think you have written enough, write some more.

Earn Money with Your Hubs

If you are looking for a way to earn a little home income then HubPages could be the right place, as long as you follow the practice step above. However, do not make the author's mistake. The chances that you could write a single hub and earn a sizable home-income from that hub is quite low but the possibilities increase with each hub published.

Promote Your Hubs

Nothing will increase your confidence more than the feeling you experience when visitors read your hubs and leave positive comments. However, to experience this feeling you will need readers and that means visitors to HubPages must visit and read your hubs. Promoting your hubs is a must -- you can become your own best traffic generator.

Stay Focused

One very natural feeling when things do not go well is that the results are not worth the effort. This is especially true in the beginning of an endeavor. An author starts writing and feels that those efforts should lead to an immediate reward; when they do not, the desire to give up or quit may take over. These feelings can be overcome by staying focused on a goal with the knowledge that the effort will pay off in the end. Learn to stay focused.

Soft Skills for Everyone

What are soft skills and why a module about soft skills here?

Soft skills are those skills outside of the technical arena that most people lack to one degree or another.  A quick list of soft skills would include the following:

  • Time management
  • Personal relationships
  • Stress Management


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