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The Google Panda Algorithm Duplicate Content Debate Goes On

Updated on April 9, 2012
Repeat Duplication Offender
Repeat Duplication Offender

Duplicate Content

I must admit that I am not well versed on Google Algorithms and such, however, just purusing through many of the Hubs here has definitely alerted me to the dreaded potential of being severely punished by a breach of posting duplicate content or articles within the wide world of the internet. The warnings are everywhere, and I started to wonder if there could possibly be a "Google" jail for serious repeat duplication offenders? This is what made me think I better do a little research on this subject before I unintentionally breach the Google protocol. Don't get me wrong, as the "theft" of other writer's work is not only dishonest and low down, it can get one's ranking lowered for duplication and the writer was totally unware that her works had been compromised. Perhaps this would be one justification for "Google" jail! My reference here refers to those of us who have websites, blogs or participate on other sites and wish to use our works on more than one of our sites or submit our published article elsewhere. I couldn't imagine that if I spent hours researching and then composing a written piece that I used on my blog could not be used by me to submit elsewhere in which it could gain further exposure. This seemed to be an on-going argument and for which there are many opinions.

So What Do the Experts Say

This is a direct quote from Site Reference:

"One camp is adamant that duplicate content is a sure-fire way to earn a fierce Google slap for your entire site. The other is hell-bent on the theory that duplicate content does not damage your site in the least. Since Google jealously guards its algorithm, it’s not telling, and this makes both theories precisely that: theory."

Well that wasn't exactly the answer I was looking for so I decided to keep searching. When you need information it is usually wise to go to those known to be experts as that is where you will get the best answers. Matt Cutts is known as the "webspam extraordinaire" and offers advice by way of his You Tube videos. Matt's videos offer lots of good information for those, like me, that don't know a lot about this tech stuff.

Matt Cutts YouTube

Rand Fishman Weighs In

Basically, after reading the entire article and Rand's analysis of duplicate content, to me it suggests that if we use our articles for different sites, and it is our own work produced for quality content sites, not junk sites, you will not incur the "wrath" from Google. I am posting the link here to the full article for those who may be interested.

Site Reference Article


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    • TravelAbout profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from United States

      Leslie - thanks for commenting and I appreciate hearing from others as that helps me learn!

    • Leslie_Siegel profile image

      Katie Seagal 

      6 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      I've had this problem since the old days of google. but when I have content, like a novel or story on my blog, and I transfer it to Hubpages, they slap my wrist and won't publish it, but I think if it is my work (and it is) that it should be posted. It's not so much dub content, as Hubpages has a high rate of SEO power, engine food, engines love it, like cake! So they eat up Hubpages. So it's not really about stealing content, it's about gaining a better ranking in Google, usually first page, and hubpages allows me to do that easily without having to post the same in 3 different spots. But that's the way it is with SEO. I think by now they've gotten that dup content mixed up with SEO rankings. Thanks for this article.


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