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The Google Wonder Wheel

Updated on January 9, 2011

A Useful Tool For Keyword Selection

If you haven't already discovered the google wonder wheel, you are missing out on what can be considered to be the fastest way to select keywords on the internet.

To access this tool you simply just need to follow the instructions below.

Open a New Browser Window


Step One :- Open a new browser window and type a key phrase that you want to search for.

In the pictures above you will see that I have typed in the keyphrase 'how to do keyword research'.

On the left hand side of your screen you will see the google browser tools menu.

Find this menu and click on wonder wheel.

Here is what you get!

Further Research Using The Wonder Wheel

Now that you know where to find the wonder wheel, you can begin to use it for your keyword research. The reason that this tool is so useful is because the results are for phrases that people are actually looking for at the current time.

To get more phrases - all you need to do is expand the wheel by clicking on one of the branches.

See image.

As you can see, I clicked on free keyword research tool and ended up with a brand new wheel and more related keyword phrases...


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    • mothercristina profile image

      mothercristina 7 years ago

      nice to hop onto this article. I hadn't taken note of this before. Will check it out