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The Hubmetary

Updated on March 8, 2012

This is Dedicated to The Writers of Hub Pages

This morning I found out in the forums that a hub member passed away. His hubs are still up. He is an amazing writer I never got to meet. Thankfully his hubs will remain.

Most of us are grown ups here really, this is for those who have difficulty knowing where they stand. This is a social community of writers. Every type of writer is here, from techies to trekkies. There is no writer who hasn't seen it all. Don't feel hindered, watched or censored. This is Hub Pages.

There are many who have come and gone since I have been here, and apparently this has always been the case. Please, do not take lightly the words I have chosen to describe the tearing down of your hubs.

Imagine the book burnings that have taken place all over the world. If there is something in your hub that is against the Terms of Service, Fix it. Duplicate = Rewrite it! Adult =Tone it down a bit! Don't post Porn, it's a writing site. There are plenty of other places to get that. It is against the rules.

We all came here with a reason to write. Most of us came here to make money and found a family. Do not think for a minute that anyone takes pleasure in telling you there is a violation, or in flagging your hub.

Commenting, based not on the hub, but an argument earlier in a forum? Really? Childish? Yeah. Grow up we are all writers here. If you don't know how to say something nice, or constructive, leave it to those who do.

I have haunted the forums for weeks watching for the "I'm Leaving" threads. How can any of you chase someone away? Oh yes, some are unclear as to why they never got any traffic. There are plenty of hubs written about how to remedy this. I know about that. It is the ones who have been "hurt by words" that I look for. Don't hurt my PEEPS! It is unbecoming of a writer, and you will be banned from forums and then you too will be committing Hubtricide, out of anger.

It is my hope that the following will make you a little more conscious of your hubactions.

What is the Hubmetary?

This is the place where lost hubsouls go to be buried. Some are the hubs of people who broke the rules until there were no more chances left. These hubsouls will never fly to hubheaven. They have been permanently deleted from Hubpages, never to be resurrected here again. Oh sure, some disgruntled once was hubber, may find a place to resurrect the phantoms, but it will not be the same. Hubsouls live only here. In the vast ether that exists beyond these pages is a wasteland filled with broken dreams and broken promises. Go have a look. You will never find a place like this. I know, I have been looking for this promised land for years.

My Mother was a writer. Before the Internet, when sheafs of paper were lovingly bound in brown paper and tied with string, she wrote on a manual typewriter, all of her dreams in triplicate, with carbon paper in between. They used to save the carbon paper and use it again. Oh, where would all of us be, if things were the same as they were then?

Imagine the lonely hours, with no one to offer a single shoulder to cry on; no pats on the back, like we get in our comments section. And, if you wanted your manuscript back? You had to pay the postage, in advance. There was no copyright. You wrote it, if it wasn't published and someone came up with it ten years later, try and prove it was yours, just try. If you wanted to copyright, you had to pay for that too.

The souls of my mothers works rest in my heart. I read each one. Not so, in the hubmetary. No stones mark the places of those fallen hubs. What battle waged could claim so many. Why would you try to wage war with this Heaven that is HubPages? Do you actually think you can break all the rules and win? Why even come here then? If you don't like Hub Country, go back where you came from?

The Wounded, Die

Unfortunately, some are not rule breakers. These, sad hubsouls, are lost to Hubtricide. Their own hubwriter has become so disgruntled with themselves or another Hubber as to tear their own creations to pieces, and scatter them to the four hubwinds. This is sad. These hubsouls never had a chance to live and breathe as other hubs had. No chance to stand on their own, learn to walk, run, fly through the search engines and end up on top of page one.

It is sad to think what these hubs might have become. If any of you have committed hubtricide, please take heart that the hub lives in you, and only you can resurrect it. We who are bereft of the hub have no hubstone to place flowers at, but your hubsouls are remembered.

Be complete, Don't delete. You can unpublish, rewrite all you like. Don't delete. Your hubcreations deserve better than that.

So, Brothers, and Sisters. Let us gather at the river of lost hubsouls and pray, this prayer of sorrow, from hubscripture 101.

Lead me not into hubvanity. Keep me far from hubscurity. But if I falter, please don't let me hubcend into the depths of hubspaire. I want my hubs to live. Please let all hubsouls have the right to hublife. Lead me not into hubtation, and deliver me from hubevil. Hubmen.

Among The Missing

Sadly, today, I searched for that beloved Hubpages author, MrVoodoo. He who blessed our days with satiric commentary on our own shortcomings, our behavior toward one another, as well as his own, interspersed with sales pitches for everything from rubber duckies to V for Vendetta masks. MrVoodoo, you will be sorely missed, but the loss of your writing makes it all the worse for me. If you are out there, somewhere, in the universe that is the internet, I hope you will comment here so that I can find you and read your writing in the world out there, beyond our borders. :)


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    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Hi Lolie, yeah you've definitely gotten the point. This was because of the senseless destruction of some really amazing writing by some truly great writers here at HP. You never know but the words you say here today might be picked up and help someone on the other side of the planet! It's terrible to destroy the potential for good.

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 

      8 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      Hi Faybe! I was perusing articles written about the HP community, and there you were! This is such a lovely treatment of the lostness one can feel on the Internet-I hope I've gotten your point...This community is very special to me. I do feel like I've found my home!

      Thanks so much.

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Michael. It was inspired by true events.

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 

      8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      cool hub.....

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Shaz, FGaul, and Skyfire! I am typing in the dark at my daughter's house! LOL. I am glad you all enjoyed this and got the point. Hubdestruction hurts no one hut ourselves. Art is a living embodiment of what you felt and thought at an individual moment in time. As the song said "We may never pass this way again" We leave our mark here.

      Skyfire, you will, when you are ready, amaze yourself, and everyone else with how well you put your feelings into words. I have been writing for 36 years. Trust me when I say, you will be "writing stuff like that" just wait and see.

      I have looked at the Elite, I cannot fathom doing work of that caliber... Maybe if someone teaches me to. I am a bit simplistic in my hubs. Thanks for the compliment though.

    • skyfire profile image


      8 years ago

      I see future HP community elite after reading this hub...You put emotions into words, I can't write hub like this.. hats off :)

    • FGual profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      Started reading, and could not stop. Lots of wisdom and encouragement. Thank you, and keep Hubbing.

    • shazwellyn profile image


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      'Karma is a female dog!' haha! Great phrase mywebs! lol... Yes, and I agree with him... 'the return of the rottweiler - grooooowl!'

      On a serious note, I cant see the point of 'closing' a hubpages account. It is, indeed, wasted - unless you are going to post your writings elsewhere of course.

      Our fellow hubber that has passed has left a legacy. This is what our 'art' is about and as his body has now been left, like his soul, his words are still said.

      Thanks for publishing this and helping us all to keep the legacy alive! x

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Rembrandz. I hope everyone will. It is sad that often we don't know someone until after they are gone. He has over 100 followers now and rising.

    • rembrandz profile image

      Remy Francis 

      8 years ago from Creative Zone Dubai

      A very thought-provoking and thoughtful hub too. Thanks Faye.

      I join your tribute to our fallen hub-friend.

      Am reading his hubs while we speak!!

      Thanks again

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      I agree, MyWebs, and if they try you can always run to me. My email is always open. No one can chase me away, or drag me away either.

      That goes for everyone here, now or in future; if you need me, my e-mail is here for you. Vent if you like, cry if you need to. I am here for you. The money isn't making me write or stay, it's all about you.

    • MyWebs profile image

      Anthony Goodley 

      8 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Great tribute to those who have given up or been chased away. Those who are so mean cruel will one day pay, karma is a female dog.

      I can't believe others would let someone run them off from here. Good luck ever getting rid of me. No way.

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Thank you for reading and getting the point. This is a wide wonderful place, you only have to try to do some research for a hub to see, all others pale in comparison.

    • Hummingbird5356 profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for writing this hub. It is full of feeling. It is true if people stop writing there will be nothing to read.

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      This is a fascinating read. Thanks!

    • earnestshub profile image


      8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Faybe you make a very valid point in this hub. Wonderfully said.

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Thank You Ann. I was afraid everyone would think me foolish, but if I am, who cares? My daughter's dream is to have a Library one day, of all hard cover books, like she's seen in the movies. Reading is so important; writing more so. Without writers, what will there be to read? Thank you for understanding.

    • Ann Nonymous profile image

      Ann Nonymous 

      8 years ago from Virginia

      An absolutely beautiful heart rendering tribute and piece, Faybe! I am so proud of you for writing this up and you are right...Hubpages should be a loving community and yet we in our pride scare others away, killing their desire to write and then they might die.

      You did a tremendous job on this and I applaud you for raising awareness on this subject. I hope EVERY hubber reads it and thanks you! Well done!



    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Pamela. I was raised to respect writing and raised my children to do the same. My own mother, never in her life had as many readers as I have in one day, and she told me: "even if nobody ever reads it, it's a piece of you, don't ever throw that away". I know, it's sentimental, but I've even picked up boxes of discarded books from the side of the road. Writing is precious.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      8 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Absolutely lovely and sad tribute to those who pass before us. This was a very thoughtful hub and I thank you for writing it.

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      I love you too Pinkylee. No tearing down of hubs! Words are sacred, they're all that is left of us when we are Hubgone, or otherwise.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      faybe this is awesome! you truly are one of the most caring people i have met here and i am proud to call you a friend

      love ya babe

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      8 years ago from Florida

      I love yours too Blondie! Always kissing the boys until they cry, oops, did I say that right? xoxo :)

      But seriously you are a sweetheart, thank you for understanding me.

    • blondepoet profile image


      8 years ago from australia

      A beautiful tribute. Love your heart Fay. xo


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