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The Hubpages Amazon program

Updated on March 2, 2013

Your ability to make money online as an affiliate of Amazon can be enhanced if you have a very strong Hubpages presence. With a Hubpages account that brings in some good traffic, you can easily bring in a lot of sales to your Amazon affiliate account.

The Hubpages Amazon program is one that helps Hubpages members to make more money as Amazon affiliates by promoting Amazon with their hubs or writings on Hubpages.

Hubpages plus Amazon works fine

Amazon has an affiliate program called the Amazon associates program and this, just like every other affiliate program allows one to make money by earning a commission for every sale they refer. One way through which Amazon allows affiliates to drive traffic is by making use of content sites and that's where Hubpages comes in.

Why Hubpages? What is the benefit of using Hubpages to promote Amazon? Well if you ask me, I'll tell you that Hubpages has a way of getting more organic traffic from search engines than most personal blogs would. Most search engines tend to love websites with a lot of useful content and with a community of writers as large as that of Hubpages, it only makes sense to understand why it is capable of driving more traffic to your affiliate links.

I've tried promoting Amazon products through my blog as well as on Hubpages but I've found out that I make more sales from my Hubpages account than from my blog.

A single article could work wonders for a niche product while multiple articles would only increase your chances of getting more .

Tips you can use to promote Amazon affiliate sales on Hubpages

There are lots of ways to improve the traffic going to your affiliate links from Hubpages. There have been certain hubs I just wrote without Amazon in mind and later added Amazon products to them after finding out what keywords were driving traffic. If it is a product related keyword like Apple ipad accessories or car security, then it's best to add an Amazon affiliate product to it.

Here are some things you can do to promote your Amazon links.

  • Niche content writing
  • Doing product reviews
  • Writing Multiple hubs
  • Making lengthy posts e.g. 1000 words
  • Adding pictures to your hubs
  • Linking to your niche blog from your hubs
  • Including Amazon capsules and links in your hubs
  • Adding capsules related to incoming keywords

Hubpages allows you to earn some income from your amazon affiliate account. Why not take advantage oft the traffic you already have to target buying customers?


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    • felix09 profile image

      Felix Okoli 4 years ago from Nigeria

      Actually, this is just an introduction. I do wish to write more hubs related to using Amazon capsules on your hubs

    • Page1 SEO tactics profile image

      Page1 SEO tactics 4 years ago

      This is some pretty good advice on how to earn more income through the Amazon affiliate program. (Though your title had me thinking that this hub explained a little more about the HubPages Amazon connection, such as how to connect your Amazon affiliate account with your HubPages account as well as the advice you've given on adding Amazon capsules to your hubs. I do realize that HubPages has a FAQ that explains connecting an Amazon associates account to your HubPages account, however I just wanted to let you know that maybe you should add something about that, to give the newbies a quicker start at earning more money with Amazon.)