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The Importance of Adding Payoneer as A Payment Processing Method in Hubpages

Updated on November 22, 2014

Current Situation

Hubpages is a great platform for talented writers to flourish and show their talent. Hubpages has been paying a certain amount of money regarding writing success. But in order to get the hard earned payment or even to set up the payment processing account, one needs a Paypal account.

The Reason Why Payoneer Should be Considered

Paypal is certainly the giant of giants when it comes to transact money online. And there are countless users who might choose Paypal as the first preference. But time is changing and a few other platform is also making a notable growth. These companies are providing some valuable services and they are making the use of their website colorful and easy. One of the mediums which has gained a worldwide popularity is Payoneer.

In countries like Bangladesh and few other, there are a lot of talented freelance writer. In fact in platforms like Odesk, Elance and Freelancer there are a considerable amount of freelance writer who are giving the market a huge boost. Now most of these freelancer would love to find places like Hubpages to write. But when they will see that they don't have any other alternate to Paypal they will just simply ignore the platform. Because the service of Paypal is not available in Bangladesh.

Payoneer has the upper hand here. They provide a Pre Paid Master Card to more than 200 countries worldwide and they have instant payment processing options. Many freelancers of Bangladesh recently used "Local Bank Transfer" option to withdraw their fund. But now they are using Payoneer. Because the service is excellent and their customer service always comes up with a solution.

Now, why Hubpages should only think about Bangladesh? Well it's not about a particular country. There are countless talents and if anybody googles about the population of Bangladesh, it means countless possibilities. It means countless quality writers to flourish and countless number of traffics to catch.

What would be the best part of Hubpages to get associated with Payoneer?

Currently Payoneer is offering a great affiliate program. If you are an affiliate of this company and anybody signs up using your link, you will get $25 for each successful affiliate. Besides, when that affiliate will receive their card, they will have the website name of Hubpages inscribed just above the name of the cardholder if Hubpages is an affiliate of Payoneer. So, it also serves the purpose of marketing and branding.

Adding Payoneer shouldn't be a hard effort for a platform like Hubpages and it is high time that this platform thought about adding Payoneer too as one of the options of transacting the earned money of Hubpages. Hubpages can also think about becoming an affiliate of Payoneer to discover the possibilities in this proportion.


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