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The Mafioso Marketing 2 Connection

Updated on April 2, 2015
Mafioso Marketing 2 is coming!
Mafioso Marketing 2 is coming!

Mafioso Marketing 2: It's Time to Connect

The Godfather is back, or should I say the Godson is back! Rhys Davies at 17 is back with Mafioso Marketing 2 aiming to beat his $100,000 sales from the first Mafioso Marketing edition.

Mafioso Marketing 2 is a simple lesson on three letters of the alphabet called the MIF Formula. MIF stands for - Monthly, Instant and Future depending on how you want to rake in the money. People can choose techniques and strategies that suit them. If they want monthly income, they can go to the Monthly section. Supposed they want instant cash? They can go directly to Instant section. What if they want a secure future? Well, the Future module is for them. No matter what they want, they can pick and mix different strategies for them to utilize.

Rhys explains in detail on how an Internet Marketer, experts and budding marketers alike, can build a membership sites for that monthly income in any niche market: Right from choosing the niche to keyword research, from website creation to marketing the site. He goes to great lengths to elaborate on how a marketer can earn instant cash by flipping websites. This means buying sites cheap, improve them and resell for a good amount of profit. Rhys has discussed every minute detail in simple language what one can do to pull in at least a 5 figure income by building one simple business module that brings in the huge haul, the big payday that everyone aspiring for financial independence is looking for.

Rhys Davies held nothing back as he gives out the MIF Formula from getting a membership site started, to finding the right affiliate programs to succeed in, to even flipping small websites for instant cash.

Mafioso Marketing 2 is going to be launched on September 22, 2009 with a pre-launch on the 17th. If you want to be kept on the loop, please contact me for more updates on this great product! And while you're waiting until the product launches, be sure to get a free copy of The Last Affiliate Standing.


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