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The Ph.D Link Building Course - Blog Commenting

Updated on March 20, 2011

One of the best, easiest and most effective link building techniques is one of the most overlooked: Commenting on other Blogs to get links back to your site. Your "surfboarding" topic likely has hundreds of bloggers covering it each and every day. Seek out these bloggers and start posting.

There are various steps you should take to prepare for the most efficient use of your time and energy instead of just starting to post buckshot helter skelter across the blogosphere. So many people are still convinced of the effectiveness of the explosive technique. They blast a completely untargeted generic message to a completely untargeted generic list of spam "victims" and hope that their particular pitch will be successful. This sort of viewpoint is completely myopic as it doesn't take into consideration that your "victims" have been exposed to barrages of similar untargeted, unsolicited and largely undesired pitches for many years and have either implemented technological barriers against receiving much of it, or have just learned to ignore it.

Buckshot, spam, or whatever you choose to call it, is no way to derive any form of effectiveness to accomplish your desired goals. In link building almost the exact opposite approach is desired. You want to carefully target your prospects with a very specific and relevant message which will be in their best interests for them to accept. Therefore, the bottom line is simple. You need a list and it has to be a quality one.

To start compiling the list a good idea is to start at blog communities such as the one you're on, however there are various online tools that can help you find targeted keyword blogs that match what you're looking for. Just look for them in Google and lots will come up.

Of course, you need to be crystal clear on what your target keywords are before you take the plunge. Deriving and applying specific and directly relevant keywords is easily the most important part of your search engine optimization process. Many of these keyword generation tools can provide important statistical data on the effect of these particular keywords that can then be included in meta tags, title tags, text links and of course in the body of your web page. Needless to say, you are searching for the keywords that will provide the highest selling effect possible. There are various online keyword suggestion tools and they are all quite adequate.

The next tip is so obvious that it doesn't really even merit mentioning: You should only post comments on blogs with the highest PageRank, Technorati ranking, and Alexa 3-month rank. It's a really good idea to stick to the blogs that return at least a PageRank of 4 or equivalent figure from the other ranking services. Don't waste your time and posts on bloggers that no one reads.

Be very careful not to spam the bloggers and ensure that all your comments are custom-written and relevant to the topic at hand. Don't just hit and run as not only will you be accused of spamming but your comment may never appear as the blogger may delete it outright.

Continued In: The Ph.D Link Building Course - Blog Commenting Part 2

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