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The Ph.D Link Building Course - Blog Commenting Part 2

Updated on March 20, 2011

Once you've generated this list you want to see both a high PageRank and a busy community of commenters. Some blogs may have a high PageRank and then one or two comments per blog. This means that the traffic just isn't there, so pass on it. Seek out the bloggers that have dozens or even hundreds of comments as these are your hot targets.

Then you should double-check once again to ensure that the chosen blog shares your target keywords, and the more the better. Once you've gone through that process, it's imperative to ensure that the anchor text link you are intending to use is relevant to the same target keywords.

It's even more important to have the subject matter discussed be precisely pertinent when trackbacking than when simply blog commenting.

You don't want to dilute the relevance of "surfboarding" by linking it to a discussion of "water sports." If you can be even more specific and precise, then better yet. Drill down a level or two in the surfboarding topic and make your comments center around surfboard wax or boxy rails. You always want to drill down rather than become more horizontal in your keyword strategy. There are several billion web pages out there and it's quite likely that whatever you're covering in your own particular enterprise is almost exactly duplicated by many other sites. That is why the Web rewards the Ultra Specialist. There may be thousands and thousands of sites that deal with "surfboarding," however, if you can present relevant and informative content on the particular reasons why to choose which type of triple fin, and you incorporate that profoundly into your keywords, then the consumer who is looking for that information is going to likely come knocking on your door. The argument that there aren't that many people interested in information that specific could not possibly be more fallacious. You will draw far more people onto your site with clearly detailed data that applies to microcosms of interest rather than trying to appeal to everyone and get no one.

Your "surfboarding" topic likely has hundreds of bloggers covering it each and every day. Now that you have identified the most effective, authoritative, busiest and highest PageRanking of these bloggers you can now start posting relevant, concise and appropriate comments. "Awesome blog, dude, now check my site at..." is emphatically not an example of an appropriate post. You want to slip in your anchor text link back to your site organically and without being overly obvious. The perfect comment is about two to three sentences long and asks questions or provides feedback, and preferably both. Make sure that you have your keywords incorporated as much as possible into the name and that you are using a real email address that you actually check regularly.

Before you post anything make sure that you read and thoroughly understand and follow the comment policy if any. You do not want to anger the blogger with inappropriate comments which are strictly against their posted policy standards.

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