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The Ph.D Link Building Course - Paid Link Purchases Part 2

Updated on March 20, 2011

It is very important to delve deeply into the site's statistics and it's always a good idea to request the site's traffic breakdown report as well. This should all be finalized well before you finalize the arrangements and agree to pay a specific amount. Since you're dealing directly with the site, unlike a Link Ad Broker, you are also free to try and negotiate the price down somewhat. An accomplished kvetcher can realize significant savings off the site owner publisher's stated "rate card." After all, the realistic and intelligent site owner publisher is well aware that their site is hardly the only one on the web, and that the cash buyer has a very large range of alternative choices where the webmasters will be more than happy to take the money.

The web site publisher already has the website up and functioning, and it costs them nothing to fill in a little space with a link to your site. If they don't sell it to you or to anyone else, they have to plug something else in that space that won't bring in any income. So the site owner publisher is definitely motivated to cut a deal with you to get at least some cash going their way rather than sticking some silly animated GIF in there.

Given that market reality it generally should not be too difficult to lop off a third of the asking price on the original forum notice. Polish up on your bazaar negotiation skills and start saving some big money.

You have to keep in mind that there is absolutely nothing wrong about asking for a discount. Most of your success will be determined as to whether or not you approach the negotiation with good humor and respect. The last thing you should ever do in a bargaining situation is to insult the site owner publisher or the validity and value of his site. If you're trying to save money off the suggested price, you don't want to insinuate that the buy isn't worth it as his site can't generate enough traffic to be worth your while, or anything even remotely in that tone. You might want to parlay a discount by asking about seasonality or longer term commitments. Many site owner publishers will be more than happy to seriously discount their announced stated pricing structure if you are willing to sign a contract that will keep your link on the site longer. After all, once the negotiations are over and the contract is in place, the site owner publisher really doesn't have anything to do but just let the link sit there. It's an empty space anyway and if it can be filled with cash paying content so much the better.

Don't be shy about asking for discounts but don't be overly aggressive either. A lot of people have gotten the completely mistaken impression that in order to get pricing down in a negotiation you should stall. That is going to produce a totally counter-productive end result. Your time is valuable and the site owner publisher's time is valuable. Neither one of you should take any more time off of running your businesses than absolutely necessary to get the desired result. You do not want to spark any animosity in any way whenever you are negotiating a price. Remember that the best deals are always the ones that are win-win.

A bit of good humor will always go a very long way towards easing a negotiation to a mutually satisfactory end. Don't approach the dealings with the site owner publisher as if it were a life or death struggle. Don't be too serious and also don't seem too desperate to cut the deal. They say that dogs can smell fear and seasoned businesspersons can smell when someone really wants what they've got. A negotiation is just that; a conversation between two parties to arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution.

Continued In: The Ph.D Link Building Course - Yahoo Answers

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