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The Ph.D Link Building Course - Using Craigslist

Updated on March 20, 2011

Craigslist is one of those top-ranked sites that receives billions of hits, thus is firmly in the viewfinder of any link builder who is interested in generating traffic for their site. Using Craigslist to build your links can be a double-edged sword, since there are significant advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most infuriating features of Craigslist is that any user can flag for removal any listing. This policy is frequently flagrantly misused in the case of people who seek bargains or juicy job listings. As soon as the ad appears, the person takes down the information they plan on profiting from, then flag the ad for removal. This is a crazy hassle that has been around Craigslist since Day One and there seems to be no easy solution in the foreseeable future.

The problem that presents for the link builder is that the notice you place on Craigslist which is craftily designed to build your links, might only be up on the site for a few minutes.

If you do decide to try your luck at generating links through Craigslist, it is very important to actually have something to sell. The people who pore through Craigslist are basically the same type of people who navigate eBay ceaselessly looking for the bargain of the day. They are not interested in clicking on your link to get some information on that, this, or the other thing. They want to buy something that they want at a low price. If you can offer this specific audience something that fits these precise parameters, then your Craigslist links will be useful. If not, then you're likely just wasting your time.

Be aware that adding a link is allowed only in the Services category. Placing a link in other categories can also be asking for a quick flagging and subsequent removal. It also all depends on what you're pitching and where. There are some areas of Craigslist that are very severely policed and apply a Draconian zero-tolerance policy, while other areas are much more laissez-faire and laid back. It is important to get to know your way around Craigslist before you plunge in and start your link building efforts, so that you can identify the areas where the enforcement is a little more lax than the norm.

The ad you place on Craigslist must be in exactly the right category, or it will be flagged quickly. For impact you should write a comprehensive and very descriptive notice, include a good quality photo, provide all the information on the process required to purchase the service you are selling, make sure that the price is extra-competitive as the Craigslist crowd is addicted to comparison shopping, and then in a rather inconspicuous manner, slip in the link to your website.

Craigslist likes to change its rules daily and sometimes hourly so whatever you likely know about Craigslist is already obsolete. They have entire Google-like teams of experts foiling every attempt to "game the system" so if you're trying to pull a fast one, it is certainly a case of caveat emptor.

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