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The Ph.D Link Building Course - Web Directories

Updated on March 20, 2011

A superb source of quality links can be found in the category of Web Directories. It is obvious that your site has to be submitted to all of the various Web Directories for inclusion before any other steps are taken. In the majority of the cases these Web Directories have human editors who actually confirm all the information, review the site, and conduct a thorough evaluation in order to conclude its level of genuine quality content before they approve it for publication.

Web Directories are categorized under various groupings. A common category is the Free Directories which is usually the web site owner and publisher's best choice since they will accept a variety of listings without any payment whatsoever. The drawback is that many of these Free Directories do not rank very highly with Google, thus having your web site listed within one of them can result in very little linkage traffic. is the 400 lb. gorilla in the market and it is thankfully still free, therefore it has become an obligatory stop for anyone interested in gaining linkage back to their sites. The other Free Directories range in Google importance all the way from the almost mythical levels all the way to completely disregarded.

The higher ranked sites naturally have the most pressure in the submission arena thus you should be prepared to wait weeks or months for your particular web site to be reviewed and accepted. Submitting your web site to and the other giant Free Directories is definitely not designed for the web site owner and publisher who is trying for the quick score. The benefit is that if your site is approved for one of these authoritative and conclusive Free Directories, you will get a plethora of links directing traffic back to your site.

The links that you receive from these various Free Directories are also of great strategic value as the linkage that they provide is strictly one way from them to you, and this carries weight with the Google ranking algorithms. These Free Directories are mostly not interested in getting links back from you, as and the other major Free Directories already have a very high strategic profile of exposure on the Web and there is little that you could do to assist them.

Whenever there is someone offering something for free, there will always be someone asking you to pay for a similar service and in the case of Web Directories that is also quite true. There are a large number of Paid Directories that work along these lines: Your submission is free of charge, but if you want them to actually review your site with a human editor, then you have to write them a check. The catch is that you pay before the human editor reviews the site and your payment is non-refundable under any circumstances, including if the human editor determines that your site does not fit the quality standards that this particular Paid Directory likes to maintain, thus refuses to run your review. Why would any web site owner and publisher want to take a chance like this? The larger Paid Directories such as have extremely high PageRankings and can be a source of significantly weighty linkage that can benefit your site greatly.

Continued In: The Ph.D Link Building Course - Web Directories Part 2

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