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The Ph.D Link Building Course - Web Directories Part 2

Updated on March 20, 2011

There are a large number of General Directories which generally consist of several various categories of products, services and/or themes. These categories are always further divided into a vast number smaller sub-categories, such as Science, Communications, Entertainment, Business, Health, and all of the usual subdivisions. Many of these General Directories are absolutely huge, covering many millions of websites, and continue to grow in size every day.

Where the General Directories are constantly in the process to fulfill their mission statement of incorporating as many different sites as possible, there are the opposite type of directories which are known as the Niche Directories. These Niche Directories focus on a single specific category of topics or themes. Unlike the General Directories, these Niche Directories drill down into only one particular subject and thus do not essentially duplicate the type of coverage that a General Directory would give to the same subject matter category. There are significant advantages to successfully submitting your website to any one of these Niche Directories since the visitors are searching for explicitly specific types of information within that greater subject field and are more likely to click on your link if they can deem it to provide the particular detailed data they are seeking, thus generating some very highly targeted and relevant traffic to your site.

As in any other case of web presence, there are the inscrutable and authoritative Web Directories and then there are the ones that are simply a fairly translucent cover for a scam. It is important to be able to make an independent determination as to the value of any one particular Web Directory on the strict basis of the value and quality of the sites it incorporates. Another tipoff to the scam-potential of any Web Directory is to note whether the emphasis is on selling some particular product or services that is affiliated with the Web Directory. The really important Web Directories have a specific focus on providing the right type of information to the end user, not in pitching them product sales. The really top Directories meet their operating expenditures from the source of the fees that they collect from submitters, which gives you another reason to be especially wary of the Free Directory operators.

If you want to benefit from the linkage potential of one of these Directories you should concentrate on making an exceptional effort to enhance and enrich the quality and breadth of the content of your website. This is just another example where quality is the best driver of linkage to your site. Since each and every website is reviewed thoroughly by the human editors of the particular Directories prior to it being bestowed a submission approval, you'll find that these editors are fairly well-trained and experienced, thus it will be rather difficult to pull the wool over their eyes when it comes to quality website content.

Keep in mind that someone along the way figured out that starting a completely useless directory is a good way to get traffic thus there are literally thousands of directories which are nothing more than a waste of bandwidth.

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