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The Ph.D Link Building Course - Yahoo Answers

Updated on March 20, 2011

One of the most popular social media question answering services that operate on a peer to peer basis is Yahoo Answers. The participants in Yahoo Answers engage in asking and answering queries in a very wide variety of topics. Once posted, the other participants can vote for their favorites and thus end up with a ranking system.

Of greatest interest to the link builder is that these queries are constantly being indexed by Google, thus posts on Yahoo Answers can form a valid part of your overall link building process.

Yahoo Answers is quite particular about the site not being used for self-promotional purposes however as in many other sites it's all a matter of degree. A reasonable measure of self-promotion is overlooked if the information that you are providing to the site is accurate and informative.

As per normal procedures required to build a network of quality links, it is important to submit quality and accurate information and not just meaningless spammy content. Fortunately there are no rules to prohibit linking back to your own website in the "Source" area if there is pre-existing legitimate content on your site that can provide valuable additional information to the topic being queried.

A very frequent abuse of the Yahoo Answers process is to have an associate post a question which is derived from your own site so that you can jump in, provide the answer and the link to just the appropriate amount of additional information. That tactic can only work for so long, as sooner or later someone will realize that what you're doing is shameless self-promotion and then the jig will be up. Again, don't go try Black Hat stuff on Yahoo or anywhere else, as you'll just regret it later.

Affiliate Program with 301 Redirect

It is a regular feature of web surfing to type in a domain name and have the navigation automatically redirected to another site. The name of this process is "301 Redirect," which is a way to redirect a browser to a different and specific location.

If you have:

All of these different URLs can be considered separate by Google thus will end up splitting your PageRanking between them if various websites are directing links to any one of them. Another problem is that if Google indexes all of the variations of the same content as separate URLs, you might end up being penalized by the duplicate content filtration system and other potential duplicate content issues.

A 301 Redirect creates a channel so that all inbound links to go one single centralized URL, which is usually the:

as most people still use that configuration when typing in domain names.

This can be of particular use if you have an affiliate link that is receiving a higher PageRanking than the central website. By placing a 301 Redirect inside the affiliate script or going right to the server level by using an .htaccess to 301, this will redirect all the traffic to the specific homepage that you want to get all the hits.

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