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The Real Reason to Write on Hubpages

Updated on February 7, 2013

The Realty of Hubbing

In November 2010, I stumbled upon Hubpages through some research I was doing on Penny Auction Sites. The concept of writing articles and perhaps making a small amount of money kind of intrigued me. So, I wrote a total of 23 articles on various topics I knew and recent travels I made just to see whether earning a bit of income is possible. To really test it out, I left Hubpages alone for two and a half years to allow the test of time to make a judgement call. This Hub summarizes lessons learned through the gift of time. The Lessons learned are:

1. Don’t expect to get rich from writing Hubs. Write to share on what you are passionate about.

Hubpages is a nice way to earn a bit of money here and there. My greatest success has been with Google Adsense. To date, I have received a $100.00 check and are half way to building the other hundred. In short, one writes because they love to share their experiences with others. The small bit of revenue received is simply a thank you from the readers in return.

2. Good Articles crafted with love are read for years to come.

The articles I wrote that have stood the test of time were the travels I made in Hawaii. It seems people like the midst of scandals as well. My research on Penny Auctions gained some attention and assisted in providing "caveat empter" to some. Also, sharing my experiences on how to quickly market my articles were well received. All these articles still receive hits, increase followers and positive responses to this day. Having that impact is rewarding enough for me.

The learning here is that your first priority is to base your writing on the experiences you have and the memories you relish. Your passion will shine through and the results will be well-received and long lasting.

3. Good Articles build a reader base naturally over time.

I remember an old saying, "If you build it, they will come." Naturally, the building must have a solid foundation and good building materials. Hence, don't write because you need to build articles for cash. Write because your experiences were of value to you and hopefully will be of value to others.

4. Keep your articles crisp and to the point.

The articles where my responses were most positive and still produce hits are those that were to the point and didn't ramble on. Articles that ramble are now being deleted.

5. Time produces Ideas

What I have done is listed all the experiences and fond memories I have had during my leave from Hubpages. This will (hopefully) produce quality works that will benefit others for years.

The Verdict

I returned to hubbing after two and a half years because I hope to share my experiences with others and learn from them as well. To me, this is the reward I seek. The money from advertisements is second. As Bill Gates once said, "Follow your passions first and the money will just follow. Forcing money to follow never works."

Why do you write hubs?

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    • JessBraz profile image

      JessBraz 5 years ago from Canada

      Very nice hub! And welcome back! Your hub caught my attention because we share a similar story.. I joined hubpages two years ago and had been idle up until this start of this year.... I'm back and find that it's been more rewarding this time around (not financially though. lol. So far I've earned a total of 7 cents. lol) ... but when I first joined I had delusions of grandeur and thought I would make money, when I didn't, I kind of forgot about the site...

      Now I've come back and I'm not concerned with making money (that's what the full time job is for) .. This has just become a wonderful place for me to get back to something I loved doing when I was younger, and that's writing... Anything else that might come as a result is just gravy.

      Awesome up and I wish you continued success and fullfillment here on Hubpages!


    • twoseven profile image

      twoseven 5 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      I agree! It's really nice to hear your perspective and I needed this reminder since I was just feeling a little sad about not making much money yet. Thank you!

    • Doodlehead profile image

      Doodlehead 5 years ago from Northern California

      I spent a fair bit of time writing about financial things, and have enjoyed traffic from these hubs, but the hub that gets me the most views is the one I wrote about my favorite vacation spot. I think people can tell what you like

    • Hideki-ryuga profile image

      Hideki-ryuga 5 years ago

      Your story with hubpages is like mine. I left after writing two hubs only. This was two years ago. I returned last month with 4 hubs and now I intend to continue writing whatever it takes. I know that real money will only come with heavy SEO optimization . I don't want to pick up my topic based on low competition and keyword search. I want to enjoy writing what I want to write and not what I have to.

    • profile image

      Educateurself 5 years ago

      You are hundred percent right.Write what your passion is not to write for getting rich.

    • JimTxMiller profile image

      Jim Miller 5 years ago from Wichita Falls, Texas

      Nice little writers' village we got going here, don't you think? As for the money, well...this beats pickin' up cans along the highway!

    • kellyteam profile image

      Willette 5 years ago from Michigan

      Welcome back! Enjoyed reading about your experiences. Writing for joy and sharing is far more fulfilling than expecting monetary gain. That's just a bonus. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Welcome back. After almost two years and more than one hundred hubs I've been dormant for the past three months due to family concerns. My viewership has only risen. You reach a tipping point after a certain amount of time and work. Glad you've had the same experience but it will be good to hear from you again.

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 5 years ago from Thailand

      I certainly write for the enjoyment and interaction with fellow hubbers. The money is a nice benefit and follows when you enjoy what you do. But the interaction and education here is worth far more.

      Sharing, up and awesome. Welcome back.