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The Sailor celebrates 1 year on Hubpages

Updated on May 30, 2011
A Sailing SHIP
A Sailing SHIP | Source

Wow! It's been a year and this writer, thesailor, is celebrating his 1st year anniversary on Hubpages. Where's the toast and champagne?!!!

I was mesmerized when I noticed on my profile page an accolade that I'm on my 12th month this 18th day of March, 2011. It's been a year and hubbing can never be interesting such as this!

To make you aware of my presence, let me share with you my worthy hubs that became the source of inspiration to some of my friend-sailors.

A year of hubbing

Concentrating on recounting my experiences as a sailor brought strings of challenges on how to remember the facts vividly with a goal to reach the readers by understanding the life of a globetrotting mariners.

Many will say that being a seaman is already an edge to all other professions because I can travel the world without the worry of spending money. Yes, it's free to be in the places where even rich people have not been into. From port to port, a sailor, like me has been exposed to different experiences that others would not want to be involved with.

Being a sailor is a very challenging job. Whether you're on deck, engine or catering assignment, the rigors of the sea is out there.

There are lots of stories to tell of my being a seaman, but some are still kept locked in my mind, waiting to be opened again as I continue writing on HubPages.

My original plan was to start my recounting of my seaman's tales since the start of my seafaring career. There are places to be remembered and others put to oblivion; the latter must require thorough thinking before I include it here on my HP account.

With all other things in mind, I'll continue revealing something derived from my exposure to the seafaring world. It's worthy of recounting it, so that, others may learn a thing or two about my world.

Sailing onwards

As the first light of the sun

signals it's morning time;

another day of work to start

is always etched in my mind.

I dressed and went

outside my cabin

proceeded to the galley

and prepared the coffee

I heard the stirrings of the ship

as the waves slap its deck

we're at sea after all

sailing on the next port.

One by one, they appeared,

joined me at the mess hall;

prepared themselves

for another load of work.

It's always a routine

to see us like this,

it will only cease

if our contract ends.

The isolation makes us closer. The camaraderie plays on in our lives. Family problems and other personal things were always shared during happy hours every Saturday or night outs during sea voyages.

Sailors have their own idiosyncrasies. It's not easy to understand them because of their works. But if you're one of us, you'll know and explore the world of these 'men of the sea'.

Rod Stewart - Sailing c/o skytrax1


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    • thesailor profile image

      thesailor 6 years ago from Seven Seas

      @ Denise Handlon: And the hermit crab , too! Haven't you noticed? LOL! Hello there, Ms. D! Glad you dropped your anchor near my ship. Celebrating my first year here at HP is very rewarding. Just like yours. I may not be as active as anyone out there, but I will always stay here as long as I can share the adventures in the water world.

      PS. Thanks for the nice comment on my avatar! I added it to my collection. ^-^

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Hello, sailor-I see what you mean-yes, we are sharing the 'one year' anniversary experience. Great hub-voted it up. Loved the poem. Thanks for coming by my 'port' and greeting me. Happy one year Anniversary to you and may you have many more hubs posted here. Safe travels. BTW: I love your avatar. Stones have a special meaning for me-especially the ones found on beaches or in the shallows of the ocean.

    • thesailor profile image

      thesailor 6 years ago from Seven Seas

      @twobmad: Salamat, Ron. I hope we could meet up in Manila once I go back in May.

    • twobmad profile image

      Ruatte 6 years ago from Myanmar(Burma)

      Hi Kuya Sailor. Nice journey of A year at Hubpages. All your hubs are well-read. They inspire me to travel on the sea. I would love to try sea voyage though I have seasick.

      You are a great poet. I love your poem too. Good luck and God bless the Seaman named the Sailor.

    • thesailor profile image

      thesailor 6 years ago from Seven Seas

      Thanks, Seafarer Mama. Your praise accepted in a jiffy. Okay, I'll be writing some of my terra firma (solid earth) experiences but my agua (water) stories are not finishes yet. I may incorporate some and hpe you'll enjoy reading it, too. :D

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 6 years ago from New England

      Hi Sailor,

      Great hub. Love the poem and the reflections...and the music video. Wow - speaking of memories...Rod Stewart with the Twin Towers in the background. Blew me away.

      Looking forward to reading more about your adventures of sea on Hub Pages...and to return to read some of your writing from terra firma, too. :0)