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The Three Essential Tips to Make Women Want You

Updated on May 4, 2016

What we will discuss here are tips on how to get a girlfriend. Most men seem to believe all the wrong things about dating, and we will correct those mistakes here. There is a quote from an anonymous person that says: My boyfriend used to ask his mother, 'How can I find the right woman for me?' and she would answer, 'Don't worry about finding the right woman—concentrate on becoming the right man.'" And that is just what you will be the suitable person.

No Wash-o-Phobia Guys

The first thing to remember on how to get a girlfriend is hygiene. Always make sure you are clean and that you smell great. You are not a college guy sharing his dorm with his fraternity brother whose noses are practically dull. Women have an adamant olfactory sense or feeling sense. A bad smell is a major turn-off, and it is almost impossible to reverse this first impression.

Keep in mind that impressing women require excellent hygiene especially in the mouth, especially if you want the woman to get her mouth near yours. Brush your teeth and make sure you use a powerful mouthwash before getting too close.A few drops of cologne would also be great but please, make sure that the perfume does not bombard her nose with the overpowering scent.

Keep your hair neat and your clothes clean. Studies have shown that in a situation where there are lots of potential dates, people choose or judge others based on their appearance and attributes. That can be decided quickly, most especially so if a woman has more than one man to choose from, and this typically happens on any given day and singles bars, you are likely to shoo away the girl if you smell bad.

Queer Eye for a Straight Guy

Nope. We are not telling you to be a metrosexual or anything close to that. Being a metrosexual is just like one meter from being gay. Don't even get there. What we want you to do is to establish eye contact before approaching the girl. Do not just barge in or the woman would think you are a conceited bastard who thinks he is God's gift to women. Eye contact allows you to assess if the woman is interested. If she looks at you and maintains her gaze, your loins are in for some surprise. If she stares away, do not even bother. Your chances are slim, and you are just about as good as Steve Buscemi trying to squeeze a date out of Charlize Theron. No freaking way.

You Are Not Ramses, the Great Pharaoh

Another tip on how to get girlfriends is to concentrate only on one girl. It is for women to be in duos or groups. When you make your approach, to focus on only one woman. You are not a pharaoh in his harem of marvellously good-looking girls. Try not to look at other women when you are talking to one woman because it is coarse.

Your target partner would notice and conclude that you are just out there picking girls at random, checking who would be stupid enough to open the doorways of heaven for you. Hitting several women in the same group will have you go home alone with your poor Johnny shrivelled in the cold. Make your target feel special and stick with her until the end. She is your target and makes sure you hit the bull's eye

V is for Victory, Not Verbose

Our last tip on how to get a girlfriend to like you is to be your natural self. Stop pretending to be an eloquent speaker. Get rid of the cliché pickup lines that you learned in high school, a time when you were just trying to understand what is a condom? Pick up lines are not fresh and is a recipe for disaster. What matters is your sincerity to have a meaningful conversation. Be humorous but not insensitive. Talk to her about things that she is interested about and you shall stand out among the rest. There is nothing more important to a woman than listening to her.


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