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The affiliate wordlist 101

Updated on April 18, 2012
affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

A dictionary for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate is an advertiser or website owner who has a contract with a merchant to promote their product or service. An affiliate earns a small payment for each referral that results in a sale.
Affiliate network offers several affiliate programs for website owners.
Affiliate program offers website owners compensation for sending further visitors that result in sales. Can pay out depending on the PPC, PPS, PPL, and others.
Click Spam / Click Fraud is usually when someone tries to earn extra money on PPC by clicking himself or pay others to click.
CPA (Cost per Action) are translated in Swedish to the cost per event (purchase) and can be both a percentage and fixed cost.
CPC (Cost per Click) is the cost per click and can come from ads in the form of both banners and text links.
CPI (Cost per Impression) is very common and means that advertisers pay for impressions a site has.
CPM (Cost per Mille) is a common method for calculating the profitability and cost of campaigns. Mille word comes from Latin and means thousand. It is used to figure out what a campaign would cost to view per 1000 visits.
CTR (Click Through Rate) indicates what percentage of visitors who click through, or click on an ad. Approximately 0-2% are common numbers.
Feed / flow is an RSS feed which you can subscribe to and then get updates delivered directly, instead of having to visit the page. Popular RSS readers are Google Reader and Feed Reader.
Conversion (Conversion) is a goal to fill the website. It could be clicks, an order, etc..
Conversion rate (Conversion Rate) shows the number of visitors / users who perform a conversion.
The landing page is the page the visitor lands on after clicking on a link or banner.
PPA (Pay Per Action) is paid when the visitor carries out a conversion.
PPC (Pay Per Click) means that the owner of the website gets paid whenever a visitor clicks on one of the campaigns. The largest market within this system is Google AdSense.
PPL (Pay Per Lead) means you get paid by allowing their visitors to meet a requirement. This requirement will usually be a user to register on either side or any newsletter.
PPR (Pay Per Ratio) is a compensation based on percentage. Typically, these are 10-30% per sale that goes through the publisher website.
PPS (Pay Per Sale) is a compensation system with a fixed cost. The advertiser pays a fee for each sale that goes through the publisher website.
Publisher is the person who chooses to use an affiliate program and advertise on its website.
SEO - Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy to make a site become more visible in the search engines.
SEM - Search Engine Marketing - Marketing through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing


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